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  1. my nutritionist explained it the best to me like this...your oesophegus (?) is a muscle and like all muscles in our bodies if we are stressed it will contract ....to a point where nothing will go down, so she advised me to always try and stay relaxed when eatting. Maybe subconciously your body is stressing everytime you eat in front of people who aren't aware of the band. I know I do :)

  2. Hi all, how is everyone??

    I am doing well, just over 13 kgs lost now, and I am really starting to notice it in my clothes. Not many people have noticed a change but I guess when you are this big it takes awhile for a difference to be seen lol

    I am looking forward to christmas, I was meant to have my first fill next week but they rang and had to change the appointment, the only one available was the 21st of Dec, but I am unable to make that, so looks like it will be the new year before I get any in.

    that doesn't bother me at all, because I am still losing, still not getting hungry between meals and a small amount easily satisfies me. It will be nice to be able to eat at christmas time, I will need to ensure I don't go overboard though...my willpower is stronger than ever though at the moment :)

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend



  3. Hi Tuffy, I have six scars too. A small one right between my boobs.4 just below that (2 on each side of tummy - sort of) and a big long one on the left hand side a bit lower down - this is where the port is. - The port scar is quite yucky really lol

    hope its all going well with you!!



  4. Hi Everyone,

    So Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, life has certainly got back to normal after all the disruptions of surgery etc.

    I am doing great, have lost a total of 11.8 now and am starting to notice it in my clothes a little, and I am getting comments from anyone that hasn't seem me for a while about how much I have lost. Still along way to go though, but I am so glad I am on the way!

    Loving being on "normal"foods as opposed to soup. loving introducing things back into my diet slowly. Still don't have much hunger, no fill yet and I thought the swelling would have gone down alot by now so I thought I would be hungrier than I am.

    Hope your all doing well, Tuffy I hadn't even thought about using Bio Oil, but I will look into it, as my port scar is quite big and ugly :)



  5. that trapped gas can be a pain, much better out than in I say....even if it isn't very dignified :)

    I went and saw a fantastic nutrionist on Tuesday (who is reccommended by Steve) and she said I can start on purees this weekend (instead of waiting till Tuesday lol) you wouldn't believe how much I am looking forward to some mashed vegies! I am thinking I will make a big casserole or something to puree as well, craving some meat hehe

    I really look forward to working with her on my journey towards becoming healthy. I even mentioned that my mind is often my biggest enemy so she has given me the details of a psycologist to have a chat to.

    The next 2 weeks for you on liquids will really fly by Tuffy, I thought 4 weeks would drag on forever but once I was feeling better and got back into day to day life the time has actually gone pretty fast.

    Take care


  6. So glad to hear from you Tuffy!

    Glad everything went well, I had quite a sore throat for a day or so after the surgery and they put it down to the tubes. And like Claire said make sure you use the triflow to help get you back into deep breathing, subconciously you shallow breathe after stomach surgery and you almost need to re-train yourself o breathe deeply.

    Rest up now, I enjoyed lying in bed watching dvds....I never get a chance to do that anymore with bub so I relished in the time to just be lol

    i look forward to hearing your updates...and good work with recruiting a new bandit too :)



  7. Wow!! your mind must just be going a million miles an hour. It must be so nice to have an answer to all the symptoms that you were experiencing. I am sure that given the right treatment you won't know yourself!!

    i have been tested a few times for thyroid problems but they have always come back clear also, I think I wanted to have a reason for my weight..,.I always thought there must be a reason why I eat so much, why i am tired all the time etc....but turns out its just me :)

    Good luck with it all, wishing you all the best for the journey

    Never be sorry for jabbering, its what we are here for!!


  8. hey Tuffy so sorry not to inform you of the tri-flow breathing exercises, in all honesty I haven't been doing mine as much as I should have :)

    Whilst we are on the subject of post op things, I am not sure if I mentioned that I had to give myself anti-clotting injections for 5 days after I came home, do you have to do that too?

  9. Wow it is so hard to keep up with all these posts now, it is fantastic that we are all on here and can chat so freely and honestly.

    Good luck with the dinner tomorrow Tuffy, will be interesting to see if they notice the change in portion size. I wasn't going to tell my partners family but I have told a few and they actually suprised me and are being fantastically supportive.

    My movement the immediate days after surgery was a little limited....ok to sit or stand or lie but changing between positions strained quite a bit. But after a few days I was walking around etc quite well. If you find a comfortable position when packing the boxes you should be fine.

    I have been doing alot of thinking and researching about restrictions too lately, I guess because I am dreaming of the day when I can have something other than soup lol

    Everyone I have spoken too has said basically trial and error with the type of food and to make sure you chew chew chew and eat slowly, just like Claire said.

    I have noticed that a few people (who I know personally and on here and on facebook) believe that the tighterthe restriction the better as they lose weight faster, but I read a brilliant thread on here the other day called "still searching for restriction" and it talks about how the band is designed to work....by decreasing your hunger to eat, not your physical ability to eat.

    So I have decided that rather than lose weight fast by restricting to a point of ridiculousness I plan on using the band to help me teach my body to eat better, so that long term my mindset will have changed to a point where hopefully the band is just a back up and essentially I am doing it on my own. This is my theory anyway lol

  10. well Tuffy, 2 weeks of soup done....another 2 to go :(

    the thought of it makes me cringe but it has to be done, I am not going to cheat and start on mushies too early... I can do it for another 2 weeks.

    The dietician has taken me off dairy for a trial period so that really narrows down my meal options.... I was loving my banana and yogurt smoothies for lunch.

    The next week will go so fast for you, you will be a bandit before you know it


  11. Tuffy, that would be great if you could forward me the link. At the moment I am struggling to understand why my doc says 4 and every other doc seems to say 2 weeks. I know he must have his reasons and he isn't just doing it to torture me :)

  12. yeah Claire thats what I like about it too, you can talk freely about issues you may have lapband wise without worrying about anyone reading it.

    I have only told a handful of people, some are extremely supportive and others not so much :)