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  1. 2 year anniversary on 11/11 and I am back to square be. Never think its hopeless always go back to ur DR!!! I'm starting all over again starting weight 111.5kg

    1. dondon


      Good luck!! And good one you for going back!!

  2. Tamara

    New dress

    It's pretty and you look good at the size you are now so don't beat yourself up. You will get there
  3. I need help.... Before it all goes to shit.

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    2. Tamara


      I have gained weight but am fearful to go back to dr for more fill cause I have gained but every time I try to loose I end up gaining more. Now I just feel hopeless tired and drained. Worst thing is Christmas is soon and what's playing on my mind is everyone seeing that not even a band could help me I'm just lost.... I don't know how to over come this anymore and I'm sick of fighting. Perhaps I'm fearful that there is summing wrong with my band as I don't have private...

    3. Mookie


      Tamara, please don't be afraid to go and see your doctor. Between the 2 of you, you can try to figure out what's going on and why you're not losing. There could be an issue with the band that needs to be addressed or it could in fact be your diet. I have found that talking to a professional always helps in some way, either investigating a possible band prob or motivation to get back on track. And Tamara, if there is something wrong with the band, it can be attended to at a public...

    4. Chicknpok


      Hi Tamara, im just curious to know where you are at now??

  4. Tamara

    Husband BIG problem

    I had this same problem. It turned out my husband was fearful of the word surgery and thought it to be drastic and life threatening he was fearful of loosing me through a complication in the surgery or of a complication from having the lapband all for my own vanity as he thought it to be. Try to reassure him and provide him with all the facts Nd information. At the end of the day he prob just loves you
  5. Tamara

    I'm an idiot!

    Your not alone! I'm going through depression too and finding it hard to look forward I have gained 8kg in the last two months and still can't find it n myself to stop. You will get there it has to click in your mind I don't think anything anyone else says will get you there till your ready nice again. Good luck
  6. Tamara

    November Bandits 2011

    Leanne, That's wonderful and I hope all goes well. However this is november bandits banded last year in November not ones waiting to be banded. Howev we wou.d still.ove to support you in anyway we can! Just thought I'd let You know Xoxoxoxoxoxo
  7. Tamara

    November Bandits 2011

    Well I was down to 77kg and soaring to m goal I was so happy and felt like I would reach my oal of 70 by my wedding back n August. However as wedding approached I became stressed with work and family balancing and managed to maintain weight of 80kg on my wedding day gaining 3kg in the months before wedding rather than loosing. Now wedding is over I am in a position of authority t work but yet suppressed by a control freak manager so not respected by others and made to look stupid long story short I hate my job now! Wedding is over been trying to get a mortgage which has fallen through so I've been comfort eating I know it's cause I'm not in the green zone I could eat large meals and still feel hungry s it my head my destinity to fail or a inner hate of myself I don't know. But I'm fearful of going back to the surgeon as I'm now 85kg I've gained I'm a failure and I can't face that.. So I keep fighting saying ill loose the weight get back to 77kg then go and ask for help cause then I would have just maintained and not gained and failures. But problem is I start then day three I feel sick with hunger and depressed and it all takes ver and I give up again oly to restart the following Monday. Problem is this has been my life since August an I'd can't pull myself out. I don't know wat I want to do...well I do I just want to sit cry and be miserable but that's not normal behavior and I think I'm stuck in slf pity mode when all I have to lame is my self. I spent all this money on getting this yet I'm allowing obesity to still win. I have the tool but I'm allowing myself excuses to not use it. Well that's my story of failure.... Hope everyone out there is doing better and I wish you luck. I had such sucessful to begin with now I. Just another looser who sabotaged myself. The band was never a cure a tool and I have not used it to its full ability in recent months.
  8. Has sabotaged herself and now feeing depressed is there any appoint to it all anymore just tired of the battles of life..... Don't know what to do anymore.

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    2. Beth


      Try again tomorrow. xx

    3. eviljoy


      Hey Tamara. Come back to the Nov Bandits and lt us know how you are going. We are here to support you in any way we can.

    4. Shorty


      Put today behind you and start fresh tomorrow! It's a tough journey.

  9. Has sabotaged herself and now fee

  10. Over the struggles of weight loss.. Seems like a non stop fight

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    2. Mookie


      same here girls!

    3. Chantilly


      Yeah...it would be nice to not be on a diet for a while....

    4. aus6andit


      Always remember the band was just a tool to help you....believe in yourselves set small goals then make them harder....small steps this is for life and i believe you can get there

  11. Is sabotaging herself now the wedding is over.. But it's so hard to sto and get back. Trap making myself miserable yet cant overcome it wats wrong with me!

  12. Finally got a dr to listen and agree that having a period every other week is not just normal cause of loosing weight! I'm not going crazy

  13. Finally got a dr to listen and agree that having a period every other week is not just normal cause of loosing weight! I'm not going crazy

  14. Tamara


    I believe it gives to the strenfpgth to achieve ur goals. I use it for a week when I loose motivation to get me back into exercise and good thinking eating. Then I stop no problems however I normally take it at 10pm when I got to bed then my body is awake at 5am ready for the gym only side effect is dry mouth upon waking
  15. 14 days till cruise and getting married so exciting

    1. jan123


      Enjoy .... Have a fantastic cruise and wedding day x