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  1. Marie Walding


    Hi Danielle, THATS AMAZING!! congrats of your loss!! i didnt even know about lap banding untll my doc said about it!! This tuesday i get my opp date
  2. Marie Walding


    hey LaniBani, congrats with your opp date!! a 1 month we be over before you know it lol.. good luck!
  3. Marie Walding


    Hi Nadia, yes i too have strugled with my weight because of an accident when i was 3. i was burnt on the feet and up my legs. so after many opps and not being able to play lots of sport and with the help of depression i loaded the weight on :/ ...... congrats with your opp date and hope all goes well good luck!!!. ...... this tuesday i get my opp date
  4. Marie Walding

    Port Pirie Bandits

    Hi Amy, i live at morchard near orroroo i am an hour 1/2 away.... i go to port pirie to go shopping and get my nails done XD
  5. Marie Walding


    YAY Finally some one who had it done at 16!! WOW awsome loss SamF!... how did u find the lap banding?? was it alright? im getting my date tuesday next week but i have a load of questions to ask my doc now thanks to this website!!
  6. Marie Walding

    Country Folk

    wow krilynn ......i never thought about it!!! i will talk to my doctor now about it! seeing him next week and yes i live in a rural area too, im 4 hours away from my doctor. Thank you so much Kristi !! for bringing this topic up!
  7. Marie Walding


    thats AMAZING!! band101 70kg WOW!! yes i have noticed there is a green zone for the fill to be just right for everything to work. OMG congratulations!! yes i know what you mean. The mind does play a big part! eating when your bored, not hungry, just because its there, feeling down, stress ect. I cant wait to get my lap band not only to lose weight but to stop my bad habbits. i hope you get back on track soon and have an amazing day in 8 weeks time!!!!!
  8. 2 more weeks and im on the optifast :)

  9. 2 more weeks and im on the optifast :)

    1. Tamara


      Good luck I have one week left!!!

    2. TK2982
  10. Marie Walding


    BeeBop thank you, for the info!!! 7kgs is awsome!! your doing really well keep it up! hee hee my dancing isnt a pretty sight either lol thats really good about the fills!! thanks so much!! u have been a big help
  11. Marie Walding


    WOW!!! u all done so well pinkkat, sarahh83, TK2982 congrats on your loss
  12. Marie Walding


    haha lol...im seeing my doc on the 25th to start the optifast! i wish all the best in 3 weeks time let me know how u going
  13. Marie Walding

    Who's from South Australia?

    hey, im from Morchard in the Flinders Ranges but im originally from the river land waikerie. wow!! well done on yourloss Time2Change thats great!!
  14. Marie Walding


    lol XD i guess it does 103toomuch haha thats a good one
  15. Marie Walding


    thats great Moneek well done 10kg yeeha thats awsome!! im in SA im in the Flinders Ranges a TINY town called Morchard lol hope all goes well with your next fill coming up soon ps. does it hurt i hate needles :/