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    Sunrise today.

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    is a start over possible

    I read your post and thought: this was so me a few weeks ago! I can't band my head, but oh how I'd love to. I am an emotional, hormonal and bored eater: and it was hardly ever the good food I craved. My portion sizes were also ridiculously big- the same as my ore band weight. I made the decision to change once and for all, and forever. For two weeks I went back to OptiSlim and the low starch veggies and taught my body, liver, stomach and head about portion and appetite control again. For the last month I've been back on three small meals a day, plus one snack, and loads of water and herbal tea in between. I'm also tracking everything I eat, drink, feel, any exercise or movement (gardening/painting etc) I do, what medications I take, if I regurgitate or have difficulties... Literally everything! In the last 6 weeks I've lost 6kg and I'm back on track- for good. I'm all for balance, but my balance is a little different. I'm super strict about what and how I eat when I'm at home. When I'm out and about with my games group, my dining out group or my friends (max two meals per week) I have a glass or two of alcohol, I eat foods that aren't nutritionally sound, and I enjoy myself. That's how my world now goes around. I love chocolate, icecream, chai lattes, passionfruit splices, frozen red frogs (don't ask) and all those things... but they dont make me feel better once I've eaten them. I just feel sick, and nauseous that I've binged again. Now, I love being proud of myself for not allowing me to sabotage myself or my health much more than those foods. I want to look good, I want my friends and family to notice, I want to attract a man who is right for me, I want to be fit and active and not ever be afraid of doing things because of how I look. I want my clothes to fit, and for me to look good in them- and I now attach very negative connotations and feelings to those foods- because that works for me. Sorry for my rant, it was very therapeutic for me, and I hope I gave you some food for thought on some level too. Jules xxx In short: I choose me, to be the very best that I can be
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    Who was your surgeon (Melb)

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    For the ladies...

    My GP suggested that if it really worried me I should reduce the amount of salt in my diet (as it causes me to retain fluid)- I still bloat a little but I don't gain weight anymore pre-period. Food for thought xx
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    The whole outfit

    I'm going to play devils advocate and say that I think you need something around your neck, but not the pearls as they don't match your outfit. Do you have a chain with a plunging pendant? Or something sparkly? Just me two cents (and by the way, you look FABULOUS)!
  6. Hi Everyone, I know this question has been asked many a time before, but I have NEVER experienced stuck-ness (I've now been banded for 7 months) because of the type of food I eat, only from eating too fast. For me, various foods are slider foods: milk, yoghurt, icecream, mashed avocado, runny porridge etc Tonight at 11pm (yes I know, I shouldn't snack, especially on this but I was hungry) I decided to mash up 1/2 an avocado with lemon juice, no fat salad dressing, salt & pepper as I'm hungry as I ate dinner early (finished solid food meal at 7.30pm) and I'm trying to write an essay for Uni. It got stuck, totally & utterly. The amount of saliva stuff I produced was more than I ever have, and I had a huge urge to purge, which I did. Hey presto, I don't think any of the avocado mash made it down. I still chewed it so it mixed with my saliva, and I waited the requisite 60 seconds between mouthfuls, yet it stuck. I'm therefore thinking what the heck just happened? I've since been able to drink milk, eat a spoon full of seedy mustard and drink hot tea. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know we can all eat something one day and not the next, but this was a slider food for me. My band hasn't been tightened in over a month either so that's not an issue either. I'm confused. I've read every lap banding book on the planet but none of them cover this anomaly. Any help / suggestions / advice are appreciated as all I get from my surgery is a parroted response from either Paul O'Brien or Helen Bauzon's books and I believe there is more than a one-size-fits-all approach to each individual needed in this industry. Thanks in advance. Jules xx
  7. JulesMelb

    WTF have I done moment

    Hi Kidden, I too had a WTF moment (actually a few) with my first being approximately 5 days after surgery as I was lonely, depressed, hurt, sad and I had high levels of discomfort and pain with the same symptoms as you. I posted on here (see the Victoria thread) and everyone was truly fantastic (and Rach23 is my guardian angel). It was an extremely dark day for me, but one I am glad that I had, as it made me reach out to others' when I needed help (which I am hopeless at). I'm now 6-months post band and I look back and am 1,000,000% glad I did it. To paraphrase Kate Moss, everything I went through and all my pain was worth it to feel healthier, happier and to have lost weight and kept it off. To quote Kate Moss, nothing tastes as good as being thin (and healthy) feels. For me, it really really really was worth it. Perhaps set yourself tiny, easily manageable goals and celebrate your wins with a non-food related treat. It really worked for me. Hang in there, and in 6-months you will be posting something similar for someone else who has a WTF moment post-surgery. Lots of us have had them: they make us human. In laughter & love, Jules xx
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    October Bandits 2011

  9. I get that exact same feeling and when I discussed it with my clinic, they told me that because I had a delayed reaction it wasn't an 'I didn't chew it enough' stuck moment but rather it was an 'I ate far too much, far too quickly' which is often combined with eating foods which can expand once they got my esophagus or stomach. Cake is one of those things for me. Sometimes, one sip (no more than one) of Coca Cola will aid my food to break down, but walking around, deep breathing and having nil by mouth until the pain passes usually works best for me. I have now had 6 fills and I've only had my symptoms recently so it sounds like we both have to learn to work with, instead of against, our bands!
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    You could also try websites that do group buying such as: www.spreets.com.au www.groupon.com.au www.Cudo.com.au They often have deals with really reputable IPL and laser hair removal companies. I spent $299.00 and got up to 12 sessions of IPL (one session per month) on three areas of my body. It's worth it to shop around!
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    Melbourne catch up?

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    Melbourne catch up?

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    hair loss

    I had the same issue and now I take a band buddy chewable multi vitamin daily along with a zinc tablet and a silicea tablet too (zinc and silicea from woolworths). This combo has stopped my hair loss in it's tracks and my finger nails are now strong and healthy for the first time in my life too. My blood tests were all normal also.
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    Melbourne catch up?

  15. Hi Everyone, Im now nearly at my 5-month bandiversary and found that a month ago i had to go back to lapband basics to remind myself of 'what, how & when' to do things. From a psychological/head perspective I have a new 'written mantra' which has been working for me. It is "Positivity. Balance. Self-Belief. = Life Wealth". At home I have a "these are my choices in life" wall where phrases, thoughts, feelings, recipes, photos, pictures etc go up on it which helps me to heal, get motivated or inspired or just to feel instead of always thinking. I'd love to hear what you would put on your "wall" to help you through! Cheers, Jules