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  1. I've been away for nearly 2 1/2 years. In that time I have had 6 miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy. And have not lost any more weight. 4 weeks ago I weighed 116kg, I'm now 108kg due to the Cambridge program- which I can stick to. Just about anything goes through my band except shredded meat, even though it is apparently fully inflated. My advice to anyone considering this surgery? get a sleeve. A sleeve will restrict fluid, food, anything you try to put down it. Whereas a band only focuses on satiety, and allows a lot to pass it. Considering I'm the sort that ate a lot of processed convenience food - it was doomed to fail. Dietician explained that processed food has already been partly 'chewed' in the manufacturing process - which is why biscuits/cake etc go down so easily. So there you go. I have learned a lot about excuses this past year: I believed in my own physical weakness. I saw a minor setback as an excuse to give up and turn back I was afraid of failure so didn't even try, or never celebrated even the smallest of successes I wanted a quick fix I wanted a quick fix I really wanted a quick fix I was focussing on other people to take the attention off me and what I was doing I believed people when they said I would never do it I'm bone lazy and hate exercise. But, this year something snapped when I realized that I have about 3mm of cartilage left on my right hip, and if I don't lose this weight, i face a painful life of osteoarthritis and facing an early hip replacement. This time it is about health and longevity.
  2. scarlet_artemis

    What do you do to get yourself out of a rut?

    I go back on Optifast and start the whole process again -
  3. scarlet_artemis

    Do i need to get a fill?

    the doc will ask you how hungry you are between meals - as the band is about satiety and not restriction
  4. lol, I've been put back on it to kick start the second phase of getting this lard off, and I'm experiencing the same runnies and farting- pretty good in an operating theatre where everyone has a mask on anyway I maintained the first 20 or so kilo weight loss to let my skin recover and now I'm going for the last 30kg and to be under 100kg. Am looking in this forum for some way to make the green vegie phase taste any better - onions!
  5. scarlet_artemis

    back on Optifast

    so far so good, cancer wasn't back this time, and hubbys main issue is oesaphageal reflux causing all that chest pain - Nexium has seen him come good - and we've moved house in the middle of all that, so stressful I missed a period and was 3 weeks late - and am always a 28 day cycle, so now that is all out of whack too but I'm not pregnant! lol, that would have been the icing on the cake if I was though. We're just going to strip the rest of this weight now and then start trying next march. Hopefully cycle will be back to normal. How are YOU going, more to the point? Has chemo been hard on you? I've been thinking about you and the others on here, .Kylie has done so well, she's amazing.
  6. scarlet_artemis

    bit of a lonley journey

    I live in kings langley not too far from you, are you going to Circle of Care in baulkham hills or the O Clinic? Circle of Care were brilliant, I had a band though, and the sleeve experience is very different- but just so you know we're out there lurking around in suburbs near you )
  7. scarlet_artemis

    illnesses post banding

    thanks guys, we've moved house now and everything has settled down, husband had an angiogram and despite his 140kg size has absolutely no coronary artery disease - he is a lucky lucky man, he's also only 35 so that luck can change within 10 years. I had a breast carcinoma in situ a few years ago and I was afraid it was back again - have had some prophylaxis drugs for the past 5 weeks and lump has gone down - biopsy showed a mixture of cells, so they are just going to keep an eye on it. Going for a pregnancy now, have to get the rest of this weight off
  8. scarlet_artemis

    back on Optifast

    I've been maintaining between 105 to 108kg for almost 6 months now - time to shake things up - so went back to surgeon and had more fill put in and am now doing Optifast again. I'm too tight, but I need to strip the weight off as we want to be pregnant, I'm 40 1/2 and haven't that much time left to give my daughter a brother or a sister. Optifast again is going to be fun, wonder if I'll end up too scared to look at a potato or a piece of fruit like I did last time
  9. scarlet_artemis

    jaw ache

    go to GP for a checkup- could be heart, gallbladder, pulled muscle, reflux, infected tooth - any number of things - just for your peace of mind.
  10. scarlet_artemis

    Strange Hunger Pains

    I did get that too, its like a gripy pain under your diaphragm that won't go away? I had to get up and have half a banana and it would go away and let me sleep - told doc about it and he said to have protein with the evening meal - i started doing that and it fixed it
  11. scarlet_artemis

    45kg's down... time to put my face out there!

    you're an inspiration- keep up the good work!
  12. scarlet_artemis

    illnesses post banding

    I've lost 33kg or so in 8 months -- I have found out that I have a bursa on my hip which needs injecting, fair enough, I'll get that done after we move house (have to, owner wants to occupy it) and after husband has a heart attack scare on the weekend, I have just discovered a painful lump the size of a ping pong ball in my left armpit and it appears to be attached to the muscle. I have a two year old I want to be around for, why me? :....( I thought losing weight would minimize the health worries, it only seems to be making them worse and I'm only uncovering a broken and manky unhealthy diseased body underneath.
  13. scarlet_artemis

    35 kg down, halfway and 102kg

    its taken me about 6 months so far and I did get all my long dark hair cut off. Bit of a funny story with the hair....my daughters daycare had a new staff member who doesn't know me and wouldn't let me take my little blonde curly haired girl home - I had to prove who I was by giving her birthdate and pulling out my licence.... with her asleep and a glass of wine in me later, and feeling lonely and bored because husband was away on business - I put a box of Loreal Superblonde through my hair, thinking it would dye the exisiting dark color and grey hair back to something lighter...well, I had black ends and a bright orange skunk stripe that was my grey roots...I had to go to hairdresser and get hair (like straw by now) cut short and then foils put in to correct the color...LOL
  14. scarlet_artemis

    Do people notice you've lost weight???

    I was so fat people didn't notice until I had lost about 18kg or so, and then they told me the weight loss seemed so sudden!