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  1. Lindy

    February Bandits 2012

    Happy anniversary bandees, I have not been on the site in a very long time. I am glad to see everyone is still here and keeping each other motivated. I could do with some motivation to get back into losing weight. I have lost to much in the past year and now I have picked up 5kg which is not good and need to lose it again. I was under 80kg and now I am 84kg and not feeling good about myself, it is amazing how a few kilo's could make you feel depressed again. I have started optifast just to get me going again. I can't believe how quickly the weight has shifted in the first year and then nothing really. I had another fill last month and I think because I have really been cheating I have done something to the band to give me heartburn so that is why I am trying liquids to see if that will help. I don't think I need to take any fill out because I can really eat without any problem. Goals loose 5kg by April 14 use my gym membership stop eating chocolates drink me water It would be great to hear everyone's goals, come on feb bandit we have done so well so far let's keep it up. I will do it and I can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lindy

    Recipe for Xmas

    You can also have a cottage pie (mince in gravy with mash potatoe on top) or some cauliflower and cheese sauce which you can use some skim milk, corn flour and low fat cheese to make the sauce with some salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Lindy

    Adelaide get together, 11th Aug @ Glenelg

    Hi Ali - I agree with Nic about the 4th day blues, we all get that but it all goes away when you see how much weight you start loosing. Take it easy over the next few days and I hope things settle down soon. Also don't worry if you are not drinking a lot the first few days that is normal. I drank a cup of liquid a day for the first few days. Good luck
  4. Lindy

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Josie - I am still here just been very busy. Loving the new me, I have so much more energy during the day. Off to see the surgeon on Thursday and hopefully get another fill. I have now lost 28 kg in 6 months and that also works out to just over 4kg a month. Time has gone so quickly, I am excited to see how we look when we are banded for 12 months Glad to hear that everyone is doing great with their weight loss. Sara, sorry to hear that you have to go through such an awful thing, be strong and I know you will bounce back because you are a very strong person. I wish you all the best and remember we are here for you. Lot of hugs!!!! Good luck to all the Feb Bandits for the next 6 months
  5. Lindy

    Adelaide get together, 11th Aug @ Glenelg

    It was good to catch up with everyone again and nice to meet some new faces.
  6. Lindy

    Before and Now photos

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.
  7. Lindy

    Before and Now photos

    On the 16 August I will be banded for 6 months, I have lost 28kg and am really feeling good.
  8. Lindy

    February Bandits 2012

    Congratulation on your 6 month bandit anniversary Epic & Lisa(LPA)
  9. OMG You look amazing, great work.
  10. Lindy

    Adelaide get together, 11th Aug @ Glenelg

    I am happy with 10:30 at Cibo
  11. Lindy

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Everyone - I hope you feel better soon Josie. Well I have not lost that much in the last two week but I am just glad that I am under 90kg. I rewarded myself this weekend by shopping for new work clothes and of course a bra. Now that I have lost some weight I have started going camping more, it actually feels good to be outside.
  12. Lindy

    February Bandits 2012

    Hello February bandits I hope everyone is well and staying warm. I have not posted in awhile but been reading everyones message. Congrat to our new Nana and well done Maryann for reaching the 20kg mark it is a great feeling I thought I will give bit of an update - I am officially under 90kg so I weighed myself this morning and I am 88.7kg, in total I have lost 25kg . I have been having a few stuck moment especially when I take the first bite of meat. I am still batteling to get out there to do some exercise it seem to be to cold. I have been avergaring about 850-900 cals a day that is only if the old habbits don't kick in and it seem to happen more now that it is cold. Still looking for the hot tea and biscuits at night, so now trying not to have tea before bed. Good luck to everyone and don't be to hard on yourself.
  13. Officially under 90kg - weighed this morning 88.7kg Yah.

    1. -kirsty-
    2. Nicolalia


      Go team Lindy!!!

      we'll have to catch up soon - officially back in adelaide

    3. Ali2012


      Well done Lindy im officially banded now 😄 no dramas at all and just a little uncomfortable

  14. Lindy

    Evolve Me Dietitions

    I also had a group session with Penny at Evolve Me and it was good. I still go to her for follow ups now that I had my band, I have appointment with them next week.
  15. Lindy

    South Adelaide - Get together

    I am up for a get together but it will have to be on a week end. Let me know the day and time.