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  1. pennyj

    Eating in public...still awkward.

    I agree Lily-Belle, for me, it has nothing to do with what other people think of me, rather...just mind your own business! I also get tripped up when wait staff ask my if there was anything wrong with my food!
  2. pennyj

    Eating in public...still awkward.

    3 years post banding, and I'm constantly awkward and embarrassed when eating out. No one knows I'm banded and I'm always getting comments on how little I eat. I'll eat half a plate of something, and there's always someone who comments. When I take my time, and I'm not feeling stressed, I can usually manage half to three quarters of a (not huge) serving and someone will no doubt query why I haven't finished everything on my plate. I don't know why everyone is so concerned with how much I do or don't eat! Worry about your own plate! I've become the queen of sneaking food into napkins and into my handbag I'm actually considering asking my surgeon for some fill out to make social occasions less awkward. Everything is about getting together for food these days, and there's only so many times I can use the excuse that I've not long eaten/had a big lunch etc without people questioning me, or just pushing me to eat more. I'm pretty happy with my weight, and have remained stable for over 12 months, if I find it negatively affecting me I'll just get it put back in.
  3. pennyj

    November 2012

    Oh wow, I haven't been here for the longest time (my screen name used to be pnj). I got an email from my surgeon's clinic telling me I need to make an appointment for my three year check up and it prompted me to check out what been going on here. I've been a pretty stable weight for around 12 months (SW: 110kg, CW: 73kg), I'd love to lose another 10kgs but if I don't, it's not the end of the world. I struggle regularly with people noticing how little I eat (I'm a secret bander), which then stresses me and forces me to eat faster than I know I should and then I end up in the bathroom! Those banders who told me no one paid attention to how little you do or don't eat evidently don't have such nosey people in their lives as I do in mine! I've resorted to stashing food off my plate into my handbag a number of times! I often don't realise how long it takes me to eat (I know I should be stopping after 20-30 mins! But then I find myself hungry soon after!) and then 2 hours have passed and I've finally finished my food. This banded life has certainly been an interesting one. The scars have all disappeared aside from my port scar. At my check up when I finally make my appointment, I'm considering getting some fill taken out, but I'm also scared to tempt fate with what has mostly been working for me. Something to ponder I guess. We really have dwindled down in this little group.
  4. pennyj

    A million questions!

    Hi Jenna, Welcome! I've answered some of your questions below in italics, hope it helps 1 - I am wanting to withdraw from my super how long from seeing the surgeon did yours get released? From the time I put in my application until when it was released was about a month. However I had to get my GP to rewrite the recommendation letter as it wasn't worded correctly. If that hadn't happened, it would have only taken a couple of weeks. 2- Has anyone borrowed through MAC Credit? My debts outweigh my assets but my income covers everything with plenty to spare so I can afford to repay. (I am looking into this as backup if he can get me in before July and my super hasnt been released then i can use the super to repay the loan) I used my super, but I think I've heard of super funds not releasing money if you've already paid using a loan of any type, as if you can get a loan, you shouldn't be accessing your super. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but I believe I had heard someone mention it happen to them on here. 3 - How long after your first appointment with your surgeon did you have surgery?? I am unable to take leave in July/August from work and really dont want to wait until September so I was wondering if there are cases were he could get me in within 4-6 weeks of seeing him? I saw my surgeon in September 2012, and if my PHI 12 months was up, I could've been booked with a couple of weeks. However, I had to wait until November of 2012 once my 12 month waiting period was up. 5 - Has anyone been with CBS? Do you have to pay for your Optifast or is that included in the cost? I went with CBS, and my surgeon was Professor Paul O'Brien. Off the top of my head I believe the out of pocket expenses when I had surgery were $4350. Which covers surgery, and aftercare for life. I wasn't required to do Optifast, but I believe that is an additional expense if you need to. 6 - Has anyone paid with their super or self funded for lapband with CBS and if so how much did it cost all up? My PHI covered most of it, I only paid the out of pocket, which as I mentioned was $4350 via early release of super.
  5. pennyj

    Keeping it secret.

    I had my surgery with Prof O'Brien as a day surgery (was first off the rank at 6am) and caught a cab home that day around 3pm with no issues.
  6. pennyj

    deleting posts and accounts

    I think it's just the nature of the beast. People will come and go, sometimes over a period of time, sometimes only once. I don't think it would be fair (or effective) to follow up inactive accounts. IMO just leave them be, it's not really hurting anyone having their accounts/posts lying around.
  7. If you click on the blue t in the options on the top of the message box, it will give you the option to select from a drop down menu called BBCode, and from there you can select a member and type in their name. It will display like this
  8. pennyj

    Why is it so, no shoulder pain

    I never had any shoulder tip pain post surgery, but in the early days if I'd eaten too much I'd get a pain in my left shoulder, which I found was odd. I still get it occasionally now, I'm not sure if I'm better at not eating too much or if it just decreased over time.
  9. My motive behind posting the video wasn't endorsing that artificial sweetener is good for you, only that there's no credible studies that prove cancer, insulin resistance or any of the other supposed negative impacts. I completely agree with KeepStrong with regard to, if you have something sweet, then you start the cycle of craving more sweet. But given the choice, if I have to have sweet, I'm going to go with the lesser calorie version of sweet. I just find it interesting that people hear these theories and run with them, without looking for something credible to base upon. See autism and immunisation...however, I'm not going to stir that pot! But all of our bodies react differently to so many things, you're best to know what works for your body and run with it.
  10. I found this video (and the sources it was based on) very interesting regarding artificial sweeteners. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf82FfX-wuU
  11. pennyj

    How's Everyone Going in the Heatwave ?

    I'm in Melbourne and am still struggling with the heat the same at 76kg as I did at 110kg, which is disappointing. The only thing that has made is more bearable is the fact I don't feel like I need to cover my fat self up. I'm happy to wear singlets in public, short shorts etc, where as previously I'd still wear cardigans in Summer to hide all of my rolls!
  12. pennyj

    In The News...

    The best diets of 2014 and worst diets of 2013. No surprise Ashy Bines is in the worst! Also, with so many freakin' diets around, no wonder we're confused! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/health/the-worst-diets-of-2013-and-the-best-for-2014/story-fni0diei-1226797295697
  13. pennyj

    In The News...

    I have no issue with this suggestion, love avocado! But agree the prices are crappy at the moment.
  14. pennyj

    In The News...

    I saw an article on news.com.au today and thought I'd start a thread to share different stories we find around the place regarding WLS, food and anything note worthy. A woman in Portland, Oregan ate a 2kg steak in 2 minutes, 45 seconds. If you what the video, it's absolutely insane! As I was watching it though, I feel as though my band what tightening while watching her eat at such a speed. I could almost feel the pain of a stuck moment. Just a year after being banded and my mindset on how to eat has completely changed (mostly due to the negative reinforcement of the consequences if I don't eat the way I'm suppose to, I imagine!). But I found it interesting my reaction to the video. Would love to hear others thoughts. News article: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/molly-schuyler-beats-record-for-eating-2kg-steak/story-fneuz8zj-1226799081859 YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuqPL6X-aCc
  15. considering calling my clinic for an appointment tomorrow to reduce my fill so I can actually eat at Xmas lunch as I've already had my dad (who is staying with me) critisize me multiple times for not eating enough :(

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    2. kazbo


      I got really got at moving food around my plate, will that work for you?

    3. pennyj


      I've become quite adept at that also! But seems he sees through that. It's just one lunch, hopefully I can make it through. Luckily it's a seafood lunch, which generally plays nice with my band.

    4. KeepStrong2012


      I'm in the exact same position. Except it's my mum and sister that tend to notice how little I eat. My game plan- Luckily my sibling has a newborn baby, so I figure I can hold the baby and take long breaks between eating. If you're having dinner at your house, just get up during the meal to help out by getting people drinks etc. If it's at someone elses place, I'd suggest putting small amounts of food on your plate or load up on food that looks bigger. E.g. Food with bones