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    I love going to the beach and have not let being overweight stop me, but must admit it feels so much better when I am at one of my lower weights. Enjoy sewing, reading, music, bush walking and catching up with friends.
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    6 Months Post-Op
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  1. jan123

    todays fundraiser!

    Looking hot Kylie, god job!!
  2. jan123

    Lap Band Scaring

    If you are lucky and are operated on by Craig Taylor you get three tiny, less than a centimeter, and one large one that disappears off into your belly button, barely noticeable after a month or two.
  3. jan123

    Before and Now photos

    Looking great, well done, you must feel proud of your achievement !
  4. jan123


    Elyse .... Having a band does not mean you won't be able to eat. I can still eat everything I did before and the same amount if I choose to . The band helps you feel full so of can stop eating sooner. It is still hard work and a conscious choice on you part to stop eating. It makes making good choices a lot easier but it does not fix us and all,our bad habits. Please don't think it is going to make you lose weight...l it will help but it is still all,up to you and a hard journey as we all know, worth it but a journey.
  5. jan123

    The Perfect Breakfast??

    Yoghurt with a spoon full or two of Kapai Puku seeds, they taste yummy and you need to chew lots so feel satisfied. They are also helpful in fibre .....so keep you regular an added bonus
  6. jan123

    Dr Taylor - Crows Nest Sydney

    I am also a happy Craig Taylor bandit, pleased from the moment I set foot at their info evening in November and was banded three weeks later on dec 20th .... He said if I could manage Opti the week before he'd fit me in on his extra list ..... The team are supportive, sensible, friendly and professional and Craig is also a very personable, compassionate man.
  7. jan123

    31 kgs lost...

    Awesome ..... Yo look so young
  8. jan123

    Do people notice you've lost weight???

    I'm with Shorty, people often say, you're looking nice have you had your hair done?! I reply, yes but I've also lost 20 plis kilos It's been hard work and I want to acknowledge that this is what is different, not my freaking hair!!!!! Although I do change my hair a lot too, I am currently red with bright red highlights. Yesterday before the hair dresser I was copper with a couleof blonde blocks of color.
  9. Kylie , you have done so well and I agree with Shorty (again) . I eat anything And everything at home but I have to be so, so , so careful if I am out for dinner. I think I worry and then the band tightens, grrrrr. Can be so annoying when I can still be a slight pig at home!!! Hang in there, you are looking fantastic. Talk to Craig and your lovely mum.
  10. jan123

    Yonanas frozen treat maker

    So guys ..... Did any of you get one and what's it like??!!
  11. jan123

    7 months difference

    Looking great Kylie, you look so different in the face in loads of your pics!! Well done.
  12. jan123

    Sydney catch up- August

    Yeah the All Blacks. We are having my hubbies 50th party in August and changed it from the 18th because of the rugby . He wanted a pirate theme ..... So I am busily sewing. Would love to catch but would need to be later in the month for me.
  13. jan123

    hernia repair along with banding

    I think a lot of overweight, over eaters have small hernias that the nip in the bud at surgery time. I also had a stitch or two in a small one. No additional issues from that. Simple recovery really but I did suffer from port pain for eight very long, annoying and frustrating weeks!! It was not all the time but intermittently very ouchy!! Was so nice when it went away.
  14. jan123

    Bad Headaches

    Yep, sadly your body getting used to shock. It does pass and the weight loss will make it worthwhile but don't be afraid to drink lots of water and take a panadol if you need to.
  15. jan123

    Greg's pics

    Looking fantastic Greg, love the city lights