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    2nd time lucky?

    Hi all I'm new to the forum but just wanted to see if anybody has had similar experience with the band. I was banded 14 mo ths ago with initial weightless of 15 kgs. However after the 1st fill and any other fills I would feel restriction for 2-3 days and then this would pass. This meant that I have today lost in total about 9 kgs. The strange thing is the scar around my port has expanded as a result of a leaking port and my port is actually upside down! The site around the port has an infection and I can now visibly see (and touch) the cable connecting the port and lap band! Tis sticks out more and more during meals. Fearing band erosion all the fill was removed from the band and I was sent for a gastroectomy which confirmed the band has not eroded or slipped. I'm going to have it removed on Wednesday with a new band for the 1st week of December. Understand that there ar complications with the port however I can see the white cable sticking out and staring back at me when I look at my abdomen. It's basically broken through the abdominal wall... Has anybody else been through this? It's been painful to say the least but just glad some light is hopefully at the end of the tunnel!