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  1. Thanks everyone, always good to hear others experiences. I'm looking forward to seeing the Dr!
  2. Hi, Now I know that everyone experiences something different, but any advice would be great!! I am a hairdresser and I have crazy 12hr shifts, on my feet for most of the 12hrs. I have my first consult for Banding next week (super excited) and I would love to have the op done as soon as I can. As a birthday present for myself.....turning the big 3 0 in a few weeks. My main concern is that I have just received a promotion at work- now the manager, and I have been told NO TIME OFF ALLOWED. Now 2 of our staff are leaving on maternity leave until March next year.......I'm scared I'll lose all this excitement and the plan to change who I am if i have to wait 4-5 months!!!! How long have people had off work???