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  1. He's my doctor and he's fab! He's very easy to chat too, and does not over fill! He's a string believer in slower maintainable weight loss. Some of the comments I've seen on the green zone scare me a bit cause I am eating 3 good size meals a day and loosing slowly, and Mr Yong won't put in more fill, which I like. If I can't change my eating habits for the long run then the whole thing is a waste of time! Anyway my rant, Mr Yong is fab!
  2. kellyanna78

    Flipped Port Again!!!

    How do you know if you're ports flipped? I have alot of port pain and I'm scared of going backing again! Cheers Kelly
  3. kellyanna78

    Wil I be OK alone after surgery?

    Hi Emma, I've been home while my husband is at work all day and I'm ok! I'm 6 days post op now and still really sore at the port sure, but I had a hernia repair too. I wait till my hubby gets home to shower as I have been a bit faint, and really tired but other wise all good! I've got my water and panadol next to the bed, and go for a walk every hour or so to move that Nasty gas! You'll be fine, make sure you freeze lots of soups etc beforehand. Cheers Kelly
  4. kellyanna78

    Lunch at Glengarry

    Hi all, ate you planning another Perth lunch soon? I'm 5 days post op and would love to meet some others! Cheers Kelly
  5. kellyanna78

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi November Bandits, I was banded 23rd Nov in Perth, I'm 33years old. I met a few fellow bandits in the hospital which was great to be able to straight away be able to chat and see how we were going. Im still having heaps of pain around my port, it feels like lots of pinching and stabbing around the site, but otherwise Im enjoying the time off work for the next few days. I've been enjoying reading the posts here and seeing how everyone is going, what a great place to be supported and support others. Thanks for starting this feed! Keeping in touch, Cheers Kelly