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  1. downsize

    Hcg protocol

    Has anyone tried the HCG protocol?
  2. downsize

    July 2012 Bandits

    All good. Have had no fill in for a month now and have not gained so I am super chuffed. Also no PB'ing, no reflux, able to eat healthy stuff like salads. I am really happy with the way I am travelling. My weight is still not moving but I know that is because I need to start exercising more but due to time constraints it is a bit difficult. Stopping work soon so then I will definitely be able to give the exercise a huge push and hopefully starting moving the last few kgs.
  3. downsize

    perth drs for full body lift question

    I went to see Dr Mark Lee at SJOG Hospital. I am only having the procedure next year but he was really great and gave me a quote straight after my appointment. I asked about 3 different procedures - 1. Body & outer thigh lift. 2. Inner thigh lift 3. Boob lift and getting rid of bingo wings. After taking off what I would get back from Medicare and getting the hospital paid by my private health fund, the 3 procedures come to about $36K. He gives substantial discounts on subsequent procedures.
  4. downsize

    July 2012 Bandits

    I must agree JouJou. I had to have all my fill out for surgery and I am able to eat much healthier food. I still have restriction and can still only eat a cup of food or a small side plate and I am not getting hungry in between meals because I can eat more proteins and not always filling up on crackers and easy to digest carbs. More fill definitely does not necessarily mean more weight loss. I am going to try and see if I can keep exercising restraint and self discipline and keep the fill out. It is just glorious not having reflux, PB's, stuck moments, night coughs, almost vomiting in my sleep. It is a mind shift though because the band becomes like a crutch but I know I can do it with just the band's restriction. Having fill in it just makes it too uncomfortable.
  5. downsize

    Empty Band = No Reflux

    Hi All 2 weeks ago I had to go in for a laparoscopy to sort out some adhesions (from a few abdominal surgeries) and endometriosis. When I went to see the Anaethetist, he told me I had to have all the fluid removed from my band. When I told him I was taking Nexium and having really bad reflux, he was even more adamant and explained to me that if I had any undigested food hanging around and it went into my lungs, I would die. At first when he told me I had to have all fluid removed I went into a flat panic. What would I do? How am I going to manage? I am going to get fat again. Never mind the fact that the reflux has been so bad, I was having night coughs and if I ate too late, I would even wake up sometimes and almost vomit in bed. Anyway, I had all fill removed and OMG, it is amazing. No reflux, no heartburn, no night coughs, no PB's, NOTHING. And on top of that I am still eating the same amount of food, not getting hungry and I can eat healthy stuff that was difficult to digest before eg. proteins like red meat, chicken as well as salads. I am going to see if I can maintain my weight with an empty band and if I can, I will leave it that way. I only have about 6 - 8 kgs to go so I am not too stressed. I have to exercise more and then I am sure those last kgs will start shifting. Hope everyone is travelling well on their weight loss journeys.
  6. Well done. You look amazing and it is amazing that you finally made it happen. If you could do this you can do anything. I am really keen to hear how your surgeries go when you have them as I am keen to do the same ones as you but am really worried about scarring. Keep us posted.
  7. downsize

    Not far from goal weight...

    Well done. You look amazing.
  8. downsize

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    Hi Contemplating I was banded in July 2012. I weighed 91.3kgs, my BMI was 36.6 and I am 1.58m tall. Since then I have lost 17kgs and my BMI is down to 29.8. The doctors goal weith for me was 70kgs but because I am so short I want to get to between 60 and 65kgs. I am currently in a size 12 which is great. Just loving the shopping!! When I started my journey I was on medication for high blood pressure, my sugar was high, my cholestrol was high etc. Since starting my blood pressure medication has been halved, my sugar has stabilised, my liver is much healthier, my cholestrol is down but not enough so need to watch that but the doc said it may be hereditary. Besides making me healthier, my band also saved my marriage. So I am absolutely happy I had it done. XXX
  9. downsize

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hi All Haven't posted in AGES. Well it has been just over 5 months since I was banded and I am 15kgs down now and only have just over 6kgs to get to the doc's goal weight. It is going really well. I struggle to eat many things but have just adjusted as I have needed to and it also changes from one day to the next. I am down to a size 12 or 14 which is amazing and my husband is just so in love with me again. I just don't know what to do some days with all this attention!! Not complaining though. I so should've done this a lot sooner. Oh well, no use wishing for what never was. I am just glad I am on my way to being healthy and slim again. Christmas has actually been fine because I am just not able to overindulge. If I do I just feel awful and it is not worth it. I have not weighed myself for a week or so and I don't really care what the scale says because every day I put on something in a smaller size that I bought recently and it is just getting looser and looser all the time which means you can see the weight loss which for me is so much more important than what the scale says. I am off on a cruise on Sunday and I am so relaxed about the eating this time because I know that even if I have yummy stuff I won't gain because of the amounts I eat. It sure is a great feeling. I hope you are all going well and that 2013 is everything you wish for. Greetings and best wishes Jackie
  10. downsize

    Family & Friend Reactions to Lap Banding

    I have also only told close family and friends and so far so good. They have been pretty supportive. Normally my husband can be a bit painful about what I eat but because he is seeing consistent results and my weight going down it doesn't seem as important to him anymore to be the Food Police. Thank goodness for that. I was really getting tired of it.
  11. Finally in the 70's!!!

    1. Cath1304


      Woohoo. Congratations:)

  12. Thanks for all the responses. So happy I am not alone. Well today I am 79.9kg. Yippee!!!! Hopefully it keeps moving down. I am so stoked. Last night I managed to RUN on the treadmill. On 3 x 1 min and walking in between but I still managed to run. I have always been to scared and self conscious to run. I will keep trying to do that now. A few spurts of running in between walking. It has to make a difference. My heart rate went right up which means I must speed up my metabolism by doing that. Here's to us all continuing to shrink AND get lighter in time.
  13. Hi All Just wondered if any of you are experiencing the same as me. I seem to have been the same weight for almost 4 weeks now. I go up a kilo, down 1 kilo but seem to be hovering at the same weight of 81kgs. I desperately want to be in the 70's but it just doesn't seem to be happening for me. The funny thing though is that my clothes size is going down. I have gone from a 16 down to a 14. I was banded on 11 July 2012 and have lost 10kgs and have just over 10kgs to go to get to the surgeons goal. I have 4.5mls in a 10ml band but don't want to get more fill because I am not hungry between meals and things often get stuck. I am probably eating around 1000cals per day. I am eating good stuff, avoiding sliders and junk food. I also try as far as possible not to snack in between meals. I am also not having a lot of carbs i.e. I don't eat bread, pasta, potatoes, rice etc. The carbs I am getting are coming from Veggies and occassionally from crackers. My doctor has this fancy machine which measures your basal metabollic rate. Mine is 1600+cals so theoretically if I eat less than that I should lose. I am really starting to get upset about the scales not moving. I must say though that I also found it incredibly difficult to move from the 90's to the 80's. It is just so disheartening as so many of the girls that were banded in July 2012 have lost almost double or more than what I have. It would be fine if I was eating junk, then it would be understandable but I am not. I was walking every other night and 2 weeks ago I joined the gym. The first week I managed to go to gym about 3 times but last week due to other commitments, I didn't get there. The plan is to go at least 4 or 5 days this week. Generally I don't really enjoy exercise but I am doing it. I have quite a way to walk from the station to work and then back to the station in the arvo. Then most nights we walk the dogs for about 30 minutes. Any advice or thoughts would really be appreciated. Thanks Jackie
  14. downsize

    Tips for fizzy drinks

    There is a Light Green Ice Tea that is really low in calories and tastes good and if you have it over lots of Ice, it is really refreshing. The normal ice teas calorie counts are also not too bad for the occassional drink.
  15. I wish, I wish that my weight starts dropping off again!!