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  1. Life... Just realised that it will be 4 years for my lapbandanniversary in January 2016. A time I would really like to be at goal weight. I think my weight is between 102 and 105 kg right now and I need to work on being back to 97kg ASAP so i feel and know that i am back to my second pre preg / 6 month band success weight before I fell pregnant. I feel so blessed as I type this, I am sitting next to my beautiful 2 daughters 4.4 and 2.6 years old. My beautiful girls for whom I want to live as long as physically possible and to be healthy and a wonderful role model. So its time to hop on the bandwagon. I joined the Glen Iris braiatic centre and saw doc there about 3 times so far for band adjustments.. I lost about 6 kg in a year which i am happy about but when i was scared to eat solids I went and got band a bit loosened. I need to consider nutirition, calories, exercises, water drinking etc. I am eating yummy home cooked meals made by mom so i cant complain and band is definitely giving me signs on when to stop eating. Started eating what a normal person would eat though and glad not over eating but definitely need to start eating like what a banded person should be eating. I am feeling utterly completely exhausted most days. I am not sure whats bringing this, i did blood tests and its all fine. I am starting to feel as tired as i was feeling when i decided i needed this surgery, I really need to lose weight and get back to my goal weight so my body can function at its optimum and mind too. I feel like i am not letting ppl complete their sentences, getting v impatient, jumping a bit from topic to topic, not able to maintina house clean/ have 0 motivation and all that jazz. I actually went on youtube to watch what is involved internally when they do the lapband surgery. certainly has put things in perspective and i need to start working on this lap banded body to get to my goal weight. my new mantra is you are lapbanded to lose weight so eat like a lapbander. I am not watching what n how much n when am eating, i need to go back to my fitness pal for calorie counting and do a log of all i am eating so let me start by writing and being accountable for each day : Today I woke up at 8am and between getting 2 kids ready for kinder , packing lunch boxes, giving them breakfast and all I made myself an instast coffee with 1 sugar but i hated it so didnt drink much. instead i took mum out for brunch. I had 10am COFFEE WITH 1 SUGAR, 2 SOURDOUGH TOAST WITH AVOCADO FETA N TOMATO. Then for lunch 2pm I had SCRAMBLED EGG ON A BROWN TOAST. For early dinner 4.45pm 3 POORIS, CUSTARD WITH FRUITS. Then i took my daughter for her dance class and was angry n hungry at 8pm so ate 4 POORIS, CUSTARD WITH FRUITS. WATER = 1 glass. I need to use smaller vessels to eat in and follow all lap band rules.
  2. I was at 5.9ml and lost another 2 kg (sitting at 103.9 kg) but this morning I got .2 ml out, making a healthy decision not to be too tight as I was scared of eating salad and trying most solid foods, i started looking for only sloppy foods and soups and thought thats all I could/ should eat. Just ate 1 and half carrot and god i loved chewing it and knowing it went down without a worry. Feeling alive and eating healthy and walking.

    1. duckie


      Congrats to you for making the decision to unfill. I have done the same. The reduction in eating stress has been great. Life is for living!

    2. sexyvic


      I know exactly what u mean, just means we have keep making healthy and good choices.

  3. sexyvic

    Handy Hint

    Thanks everyone, all great tips, all taken on board
  4. is there a place to log breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and also see what others are eating to get ideas for the meals mix etc

    1. Sara M
    2. tishtish


      There's also a few threads on here about what people eat. "Food Porn" is one of them and there's other threads where people list out their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. Plus, you can check out the recipes section.:)

    3. sexyvic


      thnk u tish tish.. finally found that thread i started BLD 2 years ago :-)

  5. i had a coffee n opti all day till 2pm we went out to lunch at pappa riches i was so hungry .. my husband ordered himself a beef rendered with roti chanai and a fruity juice drink. i ordered a plain roti chanai and coconut juice thing for me then ordered a mango juice tihingi and nasi goring veg for my 2 daughters to share 2 & 4 year old.. my husband started at me and then i said i have ordered too much ( i took offence and in front of the wiaitress i said to him i have ordered a roti cha...

  6. sexyvic

    Handy Hint

    Thats so true... i had a coffee n opti all day till 2pm we went out to lunch at pappa riches i was so hungry .. my husband ordered himself a beef rendered with roti chanai and a fruity juice drink. i ordered a plain roti chanai and coconut juice thing for me then ordered a mango juice tihingi and nasi goring veg for my 2 daughters to share 2 & 4 year old.. my husband started at me and then i said i have ordered too much ( i took offence and in front of the wiaitress i said to him i have ordered a roti chanai for me can i order for my children if thats ok with u.. he was embarrassed of course and said yes.. he knew i didn't like it. my girls hardly finish their food. out came roti chanai .. i felt stuck on 1st piece of paratha... so once its passed through came the big plate of nasi goreng.. lucky my kids ate half of paratha and about quarter of nasi goring rice. i was trying to eat fast as was hungry to fit more and to make a point to my husband and got so full ( takes ages to pass through ) on about 5 mouth full and felt so stink i couldn't eat more and there was all this food lying around. Ofcourse he finished it all but I felt stink and real food envy and that he was right I did order too much!!! I don't know how to deal with this... can u guys pls give me some tips. My daughters and I are vegetarian and we have this problem everytime we go out to eat! needless to say my husband is getting fatter hehe
  7. Thanks everyone.. how do I find these semi organised catch up groups in and around melbourne pls ?
  8. I have got my first fill after baby number 2 and am back on the bandwagon. Also having moved from Perth to Melbourne, I am new to everything at CBS. I am looking Is anybody here registered and goes to the CBS in Glen Iris or any CBS ( if there are more than 1). I would like to make some friends and share stories, have coffee catchups or go for walks together. Pls let me know. Thanks Vicky
  9. got my fill in on 9th feb now to 5.8ml in 10 ml band. did a day of opti and now back to eating 2 small protein meals per day and 1 opti :)

    1. Kimmykay


      That's great, wish that was all I could eat. You'll be a goal in no time at all.

    2. Jacqui66


      Me too Kimmykay I seem to nibble all day and all the wrong things!

    3. sexyvic


      Thank u yes its doing its magic, i just need to stick to it now.

  10. sexyvic

    February Bandits 2012

    Yes Sara, would love to catch up, should get us all together soon, I will arrange that x
  11. Happy 3rd Bandanniversary to me, back to track :)

  12. sexyvic

    February Bandits 2012

    Hello the lovely Feb bandits! I remember your group being the only one where ppl were constantly in touch and writing and I had requested to be a part of it just after being in JAN 2012 bandit group for few days. Anyways if i remember me, Sexyvic is back! Tomorrow 31st January makes 3 years for my banding. So much has happened since banded 3 years ago.. I lost 30 kgs in 6 months and fell pregnant again and took fluid out etc. Gave birth to my second beautiful angel Dharma... Move interstate to Melbourne. I met the lovely LBA & Maryann once in person .. Got made redundant from the corporate world.. staying home with my 2 wee girls and started my own business. Life has been FULL ON. I am still learning to calm down and stay in control I was 127 kg when I first saw my surgeon and this morning I am 109.3kg. Thanks to the band! I want to be back to my pre preg weight of double digits come April when my Dharma turns 2. So here I go again made an appointment to join the CBS in Melbourne so I can get a fill & get back on track! All the best everyone.. lets get to our goal weight.. Pls keep posting you lovely ladies..Vicky X
  13. sexyvic

    Time has come...

    So my beautiful daughter will be 1 year old in 2 weeks....what better than kick starting this countdown by going on an optifast intensive phase of 3 meals replaced by opti per day. I probably get hardly any protein and vitamins in my meals these days while caring for 2 little daughters of mine. have 11 kgs to get back to my pre preg weight. i weighed 110.6 this morning ..thanks to the band for helpnig me lose 7 kgs preg without any effort at all..been at 110 for over 6 months so body needs a bit of shakinng , moving and being in control! i have also joined a gym so i will be exercising atleast thrice per week. be it zumba, yoga or swim. After 13 years of working in corporate world, I have been given redundancy package just in time for me to concentrate on my health and raising my 2 beautiful girls and help hubby! The whole menality has changed.. i will get the help i need to lose this weight and shake off thijs feeling on being out of control! i will make an effort to look after myself , dress up well, makeup and anything that will make me feel good about me. if i feel good...my chldren will feel good and i will be a good at raising them. I will be cooking them healthy balanced meals. keeping my home clean ( with a cleaner if it gets too much). have a routine and enjoy life! Today is the 1st day of rest of my life... we have a trip planned overseas for nov .. so have good amount of time to get to my goal weight.. i just cant wait!!
  14. Started Optifast 3 meals per day for 2 weeks, I already feel great and back in control!!! My body needs this....

  15. sexyvic

    Loving the band

    I lost 30 kg in 6 months too then had a baby number 2 and have 10 kgs to lose to get to my pre preg weight. I weighed 111.1kg this morning and weighed in 127kg when I was pre banding! Even after the baby later and being eating MOST foods in moderate amounts I cant complain... Getting stuck reminds me to eat slow and to chew chew chew,... I have lost 6 kgs in last 8 months since bubs ..its going slowly but surely!! I LOVE MY BAND..