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  1. Maryannstime

    Laser Hair removal

    Hi everyone, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been here! I just wanted to share something with you all bc i know how hard it was for me to find someone for laser hair removal due to my body shame issues. Like many of us here, we are body conscious and I wanted to share a resource to those of you wanting permanent hair removal without feeling bad about your body. I have a beauty therapist in Vermont Melbourne and she is the most kind, loving and accepting person I have ever met. I am overweight with all the skin issues you could imagine, through my chaffed thighs, excessive hair growth and scars this woman truly overlooks all of this and makes you feel so comfortable during treatment. I found kerryn initially bc she is a hypnotherapist and deals a lot with people who have weight issues - she gets us. I since then discovered that she is the most technically advanced laser hair removal therapist around. So I wanted to share my little secret beautician with you all. She is kind and understanding and if you have always wanted hair removal but have been too embarrassed, then Kerryn is your girl. Mention my name Maryann when you have your booking with her so she knows you might be feeling a little nervous about having treatment. Her details are Kerryn Bolton at skin face body Vermont. She is helping me currently with my present food issues too through hypnotherapy. Contact Details 98733444Skin Face Body:Shop 2 580-584 Canterbury Rd Vermont 3133Phone:(03) 9873 3444
  2. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Kiwi Vic. This has happened to me too. I've had my second surgery. My biggest fear was being told i would lose my band but the prof assured me that would not happen and it didnt! I'm out at the moment but ill fill you in more tonight xxxx
  3. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Kiwi Vic. This has happened to me too. I've had my second surgery. My biggest fear was being told i would lose my band but the prof assured me that would not happen and it didnt! I'm out at the moment but ill fill you in more tonight xxxx
  4. Maryannstime

    Melbourne meet up in October in the City

    Amazing.. I met Paul at our clinic some time ago and he has really come a long way - very inspirational.
  5. Maryannstime

    Let's celebrate!

    I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.... Looking forward to celebrating everyone's fabulousness
  6. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Nawwww Columbine.. A little baby boy...what wonderful news ...so happy for you ... Such a wonderful moment to find out bubs gender xxx Thanks everyone for your lovely messages of support....i am getting really excited about losing weight again... Sara, i hope youre day is a good day or at least a bearable...thinking of you.. Lisa, i can easily polish off a heap of icecream too. I still have this late night urge to binge which is dangerous with no fill. My lovely husband craves nothing and never eats after dinner whereas i can be an eating machine... I think once the kids go to bed its my way of unwinding and i think eating crap makes me happy? I just cant work out my emotional eating and why i do it... On the plus side though, a month with no fill and i only put on half a kilo which is ok with me. My hubby and the kids are off in our caravan this weekend for two weeks..We are leaving 3am Sunday hoping that we can put the kids in the car and theyll still be asleep- fingers crossed! We are off to Kiama for a week and then to Merimbula...lets hope a 9hr drive with a 3 and 2 year old is a success.. Food, dvds, toys and pencils are packed!!!!!!! Hugs to you all xxxxxxx
  7. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi everyone and happy anniversary to you all.. I will always be a Feb bandit but it looks like I will be an April bandit too! Went and saw the Proff today and after 6 months of continual pouch problems I am having my band removed, replaced and repositioned all on the same day - April 15th. Of course I never wanted this to happen but I am happy to finally have this sorted out. I still have so much weight to lose and I am looking forward to starting over. I lost a little hope there for a while & whilst I dont want to have another operation, it was the best outcome I could get for today. Part of me was terrified that he would say - its not working for you and we have to take it out. Thank goodness he didnt say that. Depsite all my issues I love my band... The Proff also reminded me of the basics today and I thought I would share them with you as a reminder too. Number 1 - we need to look after our bands! If you feel any discomfort whilst eating, stop eating and wait. Chew small bites and make sure you wait in between each bite. If you eat too fast over time you could develop a pouch so be kind to it. If you are tender from eating or after a PB, go back onto liquids and give the band time to settle down. Even though I suspect my pouch developed quickly bc of my gastro vomiting, I look back now and believe I did eat too fast also. I remember at times having the feeling of food sitting on my chest and its at those times my pouch would have been stretching. I also PB'd a lot. More than I probably should have.. I did PB bc I found it a quick fix and I could do it easily and it never bothered me to do so. I have certainly learnt a very valuable lesson. Well thats my news.. i hope you dont mind me posting these basic reminders but I believe going back to basics is always a good thing to do from time to time. Lots of hugs to my feb bandits and of course to Bellasmum also xxxx
  8. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Congratulations Josie..that is such wonderful news xxx Columbine thats wonderful news re bubs...and how great re your glucose intolerance test.. When ever I hear read or hear anyone talk about babies it always makes me feel so clucky! Lozza I ate a few too many choccies also! Why dont the veggies go down just as easy??? Happy day to you all xxx
  9. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hello lovely bandits.. I have been so slack but i hope you are all well ..Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year to each and every one of you xxx Sara as always I am thinking of you and in awe of how you handle yourself with such grace. You are one super tough lady and I am proud to be your friend. I have read all your updates and as always its great to hear you are doing. Things are pretty good with me. Family is well (Dad is still recouperating slowly but well) and I have tried to kick start my year by going back to basics. Since all the drama I had with my band and its pouch. I managed to put on 3 kgs and not lose any weight for months. So I kick started 2013 by doing Optifast (lord help me) with the support of my husband who only has a smidge to lose and have lost almost 4 kilos! This is the exact motivation I have needed to move forward. I am due for a fill soon, still trying to get back to a good fill amount since being totally empty. I am at 4.5ml and will very slowly work my way back to just over 5ml. Also had a final barrium swallow today to check things and that looked great. I have decided also that I never want to experience another stuck episode again. Had the worst one between Xmas and New year and wanted to rip the band out of my chest. I absolutely hate that feeling and the swelling that goes with it for a few days after. Doing Opti has been great in that sense. It has given my band a good rest and I havent had to deal with any tightness for 9 days! I also went back and reviewed Proff Obriens 8 golden rules and realised that I need to put a bit more thought & effort into how I eat (slower) and what I eat. It has been very hard for me to let go of some foods and even when I know they can get stuck, I still try to eat them -crazy huh? So its back to basics for me. Much love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Just wanted to share this very heartfelt and inspirational you tube video of an American News Anchor who was called Obese by a viewer.
  11. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Good luck Josie even though u wont need it xxx
  12. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hey Sara, hope you are doing ok today xxx
  13. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi all, Lozza I hope your daughters spirits start to lift soon. Way too much for a young girl to endure but so happy she is ok though. Thankyou all so much for your kind words. I have been to see dad this morning and was quarantied away as soon as I got there. He has a real nasty bug which looks like has been left untreated for months (poor diagnosis and wrong treatment O/seas). They with investigate further into the colon and stomach at some point to see if there is anything more serious but I pray its just a real nasty bug. He is an accute section of emergency and there is lots of scrubbing, masks and handwashing going on. Was only yesterday he was kissing and hugging us all and my kids were all over him. Now we have to watch out the kids didnt contract anything. If they do though, at least we exactly know what the bug is. Thankyou for letting me pour my heart out to you..it helped so much. Yes my precious baby boy (now 3) had heart surgery when he was one. I was told seconds after he was born that something was wrong and he was whipped away from me and put into special care. I had no real idea what was going on for over 30 hours or so and just had to wait patiently to find out that one of his arteries was thickened and pumping very hard. this in turn was making other sections of his heart work harder. he had surgery when I was 7 months pregnant with Jacinta (rough time) and they tore open the valve to release the pressure. Normal hearts pump blood in one direction but Jacks heart swishes back and forth through the pumping chambers. He needs to be monitored for life but his condition is now called moderate as oppossed to severe when he was born. Normal hearts are mild. I have no idea what it means at this stage in the future but the doctors always say that technology for the heart is rapidly changing and its looks more and more promising as the years pass. Right now though we consider him a happy and healthy boy. Relating this back to the band...after jack birth is where I gained most of my weight, infact 40 kilos of it. I had PND and was stressed and worried that I ate and ate. I still catch myself pigging out on crap whenever he has the slightest little cold and I am known as the over protective parent. Isnt it funny how the weight always has something behind it. Well there is my lifein a nutsell..lol.. Even with all this going on I feel blessed. I have a wonderful family and my husband is the best. I feel lucky..I guess its how you percieve things and I am grateful I am able to do so. Much love to all my feb bandits
  14. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    Thankyou both - you are just so sweet and I am so blessed to be able to get on here and purge how I am feeling. Its amazing how writing down your feelings, followed by a little cry can make you feel better. I will definatley keep everyone posted and thankyou for your kind gesture Lisa of looking after the kids. My dad adores the children and hates it when I dont bring them with me! Yesterday he looked so very bad and whilst we were waiting for the ambulance, he just wanted to watch the kids play and run wild. Jack is way too young to understand whats going on so my dad will look forward to seeing them in the hospital everyday which I am happy to do. Lisa I completely understand the Lioness inside. I wish you all the best for your appt.. Deep down we know whats best for or kiddies,,its our gut instinct. so be proud of the fact you are this way. I hate those types of appts also.. Not sure if I ever mentioned this but Jack had heart surgery when he was one and each time a cardiologist appt nears Im a complete mess for weeks leading up to it. Its hard when you love your children so much to feel anything but protection. Whats that saying "a change is as good as a holiday"..Hope your hubby finds himself in the most perfect job for you all xxxxxxx
  15. Maryannstime

    February Bandits 2012

    I think its only natural to feel a little spooked Josie.. Everything will be fine I am sure..xx Not that I want to put all my problems on this forum but today I just feel plain old sad. My dad has been very sick overseas and only came home yesterday and I was completely and utterly shocked when I saw him. He has lost over 30 kilos, is so white and gaunt and cant even walk. I just cannot believe how sick he is and we have already had him admitted into hospital. They are not exactly sure what it is at this stage but they are starting to check for cancer. I feel afraid and sad. I must say thought it feels good even typing this and just letting the emotions flow and I know you guys are always here to support and listen. The feeling are probably a little more intensified bc its been a good/bad relationship with him. Makes me also miss my mum terribly who passed 5 years ago. Hope you dont mind me unloading here.. its a safe place for me to fall.. I will be ok whatever the outcome , life does however throw some unexpected curve balls as many of us know...Love Maryann xxxxx