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  1. Caughtbetween

    Bariatric Eating Website

    Thank you, I'm going to take a look. Unfortunately I have regained some of my weight so I'm really interested in the getting back on track stories.
  2. Caughtbetween

    G'day from Gippsland

    I'm pretty sure Mr Chan does not do sleeves. If you ring his offices they will let you know, and perhaps you could then ask about a referal to someone who does. All the best.
  3. Caughtbetween

    Donation info for BandingTogether

    Done! Thanks Dave for this site.
  4. Caughtbetween

    Thermomix users - opinions needed

    I am a new thermomix owner and love it. I would be interested in a lapband Thermo book.
  5. Caughtbetween

    What do the Losers Eat?

    Have a look at the "Food Porn" thread in Normal Recipes. It has some great ideas, complete with photos.
  6. Caughtbetween

    from 163kgs, currently 96kgs

    You look lovely, well done.
  7. Caughtbetween


  8. Hello band, welcome back. 1/4 ml fill today, hopefully enough to curb the hungries. I never want to be in the red again but I think my pre Christmas unfill was a little too much.

  9. Caughtbetween

    Food Porn :)

    This is my brunch, fried ham, egg and tomato. Unsurprisingly I couldn't eat it all lol The egg was so big I thought one of my chookies had gifted me a double yolker. The little orange tomato is from my vege garden and was sweet and delish! Because I was at home I had no hesitation in spitting out the skin lol We are still eating Christmas ham but I think today I will dice up what is left and freeze into bags for cooking things like fried rice.
  10. Caughtbetween

    Surprise!!!! Skin Surgery... Done!!!

    Wow, well done! Look after yourself and heal. Is the hot weather difficult with your compression garments I wonder. I would love a little tummy tuck. Not too much overhand but just enough to make the side profile padded, like a low, small pregnant tum lol.
  11. Caughtbetween

    gippsland bandbuddies

    I had Mr Chan for my surgery. I liked both him and his wife/nurse Lee. Some people have commented that he doesn't explain things enough. I didn't find this, but I had my list of questions and he answered them. I think the office is closed for the first couple of weeks of Jan. It was very frustrating until they finally put an answer phone message up telling the date the office would reopen. Keep ringing. He operates at Maryvale Private which I found very good. I had a two bed ward to myself, and found the staff to be friendly and professional. I was self funded and was banded over 2 1/2 years ago. A down side: The office is small with very little waiting space. Another specialist consultant also uses these offices so sometimes it is very 'intimate'. The office staff have to confirm your details, referrals, Medicare etc with you and everyone will hear. All the best.
  12. Caughtbetween

    Long Time

    Hi Marion, lovely to hear from you. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. Caughtbetween

    Goals for 2015, both weight and non weight related.

    Sorry I took a while to get back. I haven't had a sleep study done. My sleep patterns aren't really bad, just not as good as when I was younger. I used to go to bed, shut my eyes and next thing the alarm was going off. Now I am more aware of the passage of the night. My right hip aches if I am on it too long. I snore (apparently). And I am not as refreshed by sleep as I used to be. I sit up too late and often snooze on the couch before dragging myself to bed. There are definitely things that I can do to improve my sleep. I would also like to add a weight related goal. I had some fill removed a couple of months ago due to unexpected tightening. As a result of overeating since then (and loving it unfortunately) I have gained three kilos. I will work on halting the increase and retraining my eating to band friendly habits and have a tiny bit of fill put back at my appointment at the end of January. Then I will slowly work at dropping the extra kilos plus two more. I would like to achieve this by Easter.
  14. These were my goals for 2014 Posted 28 December 2013 - 07:12 PM My goals are: To increase my cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. To tone up large muscle groups and increase my core strength. To achieve more restfull sleep. To use laser technology for hair removal. To look after my hands and feet more and reflect with smooth skin and healthy strong nails. To save $10,000, half of which I plan to spend on a lounge suite/dining suite It is interesting to look back on these. I didn't actually record them anywhere else so I was working from memory. I think my CV fitness is improved, but not markedly. My work towards this goal was sporadic at best so I will keep this goal going for 2015. I have also achieved some improvement in strength of my core and large muscle groups by doing Pilates/yoga/Thai chi classes. I really enjoyed this combo class which is a bonus. Improved quality of sleep is a work in progress and won't be fully realised until I stop drinking wine! I keep researching tips on sleep but every one says not to drink alcohol . I love my wine. I have been having IPL on my face, and just started on the underarms. It has been great. Hands and nail care has been hit and miss. I will keep this goal for 2015. I have savings, and I have a new dining and lounge suite! Yay. I also managed to get the matching coffee table and buffet. Just need the entertainment unit so will save for that now. Career wise I landed a contract in oncology which I love, so will focus on studying and improving my knowledge in this field. How did everyone else go with their goals for 2014, and what will you aim for in 2015?
  15. Caughtbetween

    Lack of Support

    I was thinking that having your own spot in the pantry and a shelf of the fridge for your own food would be a great idea. Angel has already mentioned this. Then you could meal plan and prepare your own stuff. Perhaps get some of your own Tupperware as well. Treat the house like a share flat situation and get on with your own life. Discuss your successes and challenges with like minded friends (like us!) You cannot change how your family are, only how you react to them. Good luck.