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  1. MissA

    One spoonful too many

    Milly, I am having intolerance to some foods as well since being sleeved four weeks ago. Dairy and eggs both not good in the morning for me. It's bizarre isn't it!
  2. MissA

    Cover Story for surgery

    I am not honest to most co workers. I have both times advised my line manager so I could use my sick leave but as I work in HR, it would be a breach if they shared this information with anyone. First time round in 2012 with my band going in I told people I had a hernia removed. i had to have my band adjusted after a slip and I just told everyone I was taking annual leave for some r&r. earlier this year I had band removed and didn't say anything other than taking some leave. i recently had a sleeve done and just told people I went to hospital. Didn't tell them why. None of their business. I've lost some weight and someone asked the other day if I had a band put it to which I said no- cos I hadn't! The reflux thing sounds like a good story and then when you get your sleeve done make sure you start 'dieting' well before you start Optifast.. Just makes the story a bit more believable.
  3. MissA

    One whole year

    Well done!!
  4. MissA

    Back to Basics!

    I've lost 3kg in the week I've been home from hospital but I'm still on post op liquids so kinda doesn't count! hanging for the mushy stage to start Tuesday... Bring on scrambled egg!!!
  5. 3 nights for me but I was done in the arvo and due to some scarring from when i had my lap band, the op was quite tricky
  6. MissA

    Here we go again!

    6 days post op for sleeve and feeling pretty good! My only gripe is that the liquids just go through me (sorry tmi) and this is more annoying than anything else. havent had painkillers other than panadol and generally feeling stronger each day!
  7. MissA

    New and Looking for Advice.

    Welcome! After 2 slipped lap bands I would suggest a sleeve. Whilst I lost 50kg with my band, having it slip out of place twice and all the complications that go with that I would consider looking into the sleeve instead.
  8. MissA

    Back to Basics!

    I am back to basics as well - after 2 slipped bands I was sleeved last Wednesday. Thankfully I didn't put all the weight back on but enough to make be in the same boat as you t-Elle clothes aren't fitting etc. So given I am on post op I'm on liquids currently so im going right back to basics really! on a side note I am obsessed currently with looking at recipes and things. I've just whipped up some slim cookies for my partner for his arvo tea when he gets home and I'm looking forward to cooking him a good meal tonight. I can't tell if im just bored or I am missing food but I'm substituting wanting to eat with feeding him!
  9. MissA

    When bands go bad

    Wow what a story Vicki. I have a story of my own but not that bad I don't think. banded 2012, lost 50kg in 11 months and the band slipped.. I'd lost weight too fast. So went back in in 2013 for band removal and replacement. That band didn't work as well as the first one but still gave me restriction. I just had to work harder with exercise to maintain weight I found. cut to Christmas last year I'm chucking up every day. I put up with it til January cos I didn't want the band gone over Christmas and in hindsight it may have done more damage then good. band was removed in February and the damage to my tummy was pretty bad. I had to wait longer than the standard 3 months to be sleeved so my tummy could repair. Contact health insurance knowing I had contacted them in june last year to upgrade to top cover and low and behold I'm told I'm not covered to get the sleeve. We argue back and forth cos I made the call and they sent me an after call survey to complete via email which I still had. They tried to turn it on my saying didn't I notice that the change in my payments had not been made to which I said no- I don't check my account regularly and have direct debit set up on most things. We then reviewed the initial phone call to which they said they would send me an email confirmation I needed to sign. I never got that confirmation email and working a pretty busy corporate job and the other ins and outs of daily life I was not exactly sitting waiting for it. Like I said I had an email asking me to rate the phone call service initially and then I got a second one after my second call. So they never sent an email and I forgot to chase it up so I guess there is fault on both sides although I think mostly there side. So when it comes to getting a sleeve around this time now I'm not covered to do so. luckily I had enough money in my savings to cover it as I reckon I put on about 8kg since the band came out til surgery which was 3 days ago.. And I'm sitting here waiting to be discharged from hospital now. On a side note seriously I have barely been able to leave the vicinity of my bathroom for 2 weeks pre op and still to now. over it!!!!
  10. MissA

    Band gone! Now sleeve or bypass?

    A girl I work with eats so much and is a nice size 10. No exercise.. It's just she can eat and not gain. Lucky thing. I just need to look at food and start gaining. I was sleeved yesterday. So far so good. I had a lot more pain when my band was removed. I just can't sleep!
  11. Personally I'd do the 10 days on optislim. My surgery says you can have either of the two and I'm meant to do it 14 days. Just start now cos 10days is still a decent amount of time. its not about weight loss it's about getting your insides ready for surgery. Some may disagree but that's what I would do.
  12. MissA

    Band gone! Now sleeve or bypass?

    After 2 slips my band came out in feb and in being sleeved in 1 day time. Woo hoo. I'll let you know how it goes! Can't say I even considered a bypass to be honest
  13. You wouldn't believe it. Heading home after our weekend away and the car breaks down. Given it was 5pm on a Sunday it was assessed and can't be fixed til the following day. so in another hotel for the night. There was a subway next door so I went and got a salad with the vegetables that I am allowed to have so that was nice. I then spent most of the night in the bathroom after that so who knows. just gotta put up with it til I can get home!!
  14. To make matters worse im 3 hours away from home currently! Weekend away for my partner who has some sporting stuff on so I don't have access to all the good stuff at home. Berocca is a good one I might have to pick up some. Yep I'm allowed veggies and was thinking about a vegetable stock and veggies when I got home later today. So hard when you're away for the weekend as im in a hotel so really super limited. I had about 300ml of Coke Zero yesterday and it picked me up a lil bit. I've only been drinking water or plain mineral water so maybe the caffeine from that gave me a little boost.