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  1. JaimiM

    High School Reunion

    Way to go tish
  2. JaimiM

    Learning to love the weight you are

    I reached goal weight in October 2013 or August really. But since then I've gradually put on a little weight. Sometimes if you take your eye off the prize, or relax you can find it creeps up like me. But other people I know have kept the weight off after reaching a goal weight. Most of them are very restrictive of calories and strict on workouts. Alas I am back into the got to get back to goal weight mode again.
  3. JaimiM

    Back for motivation

    It's been a long long time since I've come on the website. Update is that I've coasted over the past 18 months. I've dropped the ball, so to speak. I think I knew it, but kept saying..... On Monday I'll restart my exercise and healthier eating. I can't tell you how many Monday's were great....but lead to nothing Tuesday's that continued until the next time I realised I was slipping. It's so so hard! I was banded jan 2012 sleeved sep 2012 reached goal weight oct 2013. I thought I would loose the weight, and with my new eating habits/work out habits I would beat the battle for life. Sadly that hasn't been the case. I find myself at mid March 2015, really giving myself the kick in the pants I've needed for 18 months. 9 kilos heavier then my lowest weight. I refuse to allow it to be 10! So today I went back to my half hour treadmill and chucked in half an hour of yoga. I Know others may say omg 9 kilos that's (small/huge) I think it's more about realising I'm heading bAck down a slippery slope, one I have been down and I refuse to walk again. So here I am, back checking up on everyone else's journeys, and trying to motivate myself and draw inspiration from you lovely people again. Let's hope I can turn it around and get back on track.
  4. JaimiM

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Ow ow we have a hyundai I30 hatch, and we went to the drive ins. Me, hubby and 2 bubbies fit in the boot on a mattress with the seats folded down comfy. Yay! @160 it would have been a contortion job to be in there on my own.
  5. JaimiM

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    The first black one looks the best, but I was told black isnt really for a wedding /sigh $99 bucks and $65 down to $10 I was super stoked
  6. JaimiM

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I went dress shopping for my besties wedding coming up, and got 3 dresses at 10$ each and they are stunning. So happy I can shop off the super clearance racks @ Live.
  7. JaimiM

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Sorry in advance for the TMI* I've been in compression gear for about 2 weeks now, and hubby and I were getting into bed (wink wink) and he finally saw me completely naked (post op....not ever). And the look he gave me, THAT was worth the blood, sweat, tears and tantrums. I've always wanted to feel sexy in the buff.
  8. JaimiM

    Magda Szubanski

    She put the weight back on once she stopped being a Jenny Craig ambassador. But she's gone back to do it again. I say koudos for not hiding and going back, it's hard to admit when you let yourself go.
  9. JaimiM

    Op tomorrow feeling emotional

    Pain is minimal. Hubby is taking great care of me. Resting up but feeling good. Tight....like my skin is a size too small, but good.
  10. JaimiM

    Op tomorrow feeling emotional

    All went well just about ready to go home. Thank you everyone for your well wishes.
  11. I have been seeing my surgeon over the last couple of weeks setting up my upper body lift. He has decided he is going to do it no gap, which I was too scared to trust, but it's all sorted and no surgical fees .....like for real! WTF right! So, so happy! I've been waiting to hear from my anesthetist and when I rang this morning to pay/find out what time tomorrow for admission they told me...."ohh your anesthetist is going no gap also, sorry you were not informed" OMG started bawling, that's 16k worth of surgical/anesthetist fees I won't be forking out. Now I'm just excited for tomorrow and ohh so grateful. Can't wait to have it done and on the road to recovery.
  12. JaimiM

    TT and uplift

    Congrats . I go in for upper body lift on Friday. In my lower body lift last year in October my surgeon took 5.5 kgs off my tummy. I would love to get my boobs fixed. So glad your happy so far with your results. It's so important to like ourselves and our bodies.
  13. JaimiM

    Magda Szubanski

    Nothing will work! NOTHING. Unless you choose to make it work. There are many, many different ways to loose weight, but unless you commit to it, it won't work. You don't have to be 100% perfect, but you need to commit to loosing, make it one of, or the most important things to do, and pick yourself up and carry on when you lapse. In the end, it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you stick at it really. Poor magda, I wonder about the Jenny Craig ladies and the biggest loser people, that when the cameras are gone do they have the perseverance and mind frame to maintain or loose more weight.
  14. JaimiM

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I feel like I'm finally happy with my body! I had some tidying up (reconstructive surgeries) to go, but overall I'm happy.....
  15. JaimiM