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  1. thanks for your replies ladies... im been trying to drink more water and hot teas, dont think its doing anything, think i need to book myself in for an appointment to discuss it with Dr Dolan, think something might be wrong.
  2. Hi everyone I have a question, lately i havent been drinking nearly enough water, sometimes only 1 glass a day, i know this is bad, just seem to forget about it. The last two days i havent been able to keep anything down, the smallest bit of food hurts and i have annoying gurgling sounds for ages after as it goes down. I am thinking my lack of water has somehow made my band tighter. Has anyone had this or know if its right? Contemplating going to get some fill taken out while i try up my water in take. Appreciate the help Thanks
  3. tash88


    i mix half hilo milk and half water and add ice, love the coffee flavour! choc is nice too.. strawberry will get a bit sickly after a while i think!
  4. tash88

    What are ur trouble foods?

    white bread is a big no no for me... tend to stick to multigrain but can only have it really toasted or soaked in my soup, any other way it seems to get stuck and ends up having to come out. Also BBQ chicken from coles or woolies gets stuck, used to love adding that to my salad but no can do... chicken breast seems to be ok though!
  5. tash88

    Op Date

    goodluck and all the best!! i was banded by Dolan end of Feb, very happy with him and his services!
  6. Hi Copycat Glad to hear you are doing well! I was banded end of feb and getting my first fill on Monday, can't wait for this. My incision where my port is isn't looking the best, I took the best care of it so don't know why it's a bit funky. Other than that I'm about 7kgs down with another 23 or so to go. How have you healed?
  7. tash88

    Severe pain since banding

    Hi there, I was banded last Monday and I had the exact same pain... Felt like something was in my throat / esophagus... But it has since passed and don't feel it anymore, hope urs goes away soon too! Good luck with everything
  8. tash88

    Post op dressings

    Hey amy, just rung dr Dolans rooms, the dressings can come off now but as long as they are clean they can stay on for a few more days if you like but the steri strips leave on until they come off themselves. Think I may leave my dressings on for a few more days....want to make sure I'm all healed
  9. tash88

    Best lap band book?

    I got knife fork and band as well, what a fantastic book full of info and food plans for every stage. This should be given to every lap banding patient!
  10. tash88

    Vomiting 2 days after banding

    Pains still there Amy... Pretty annoying. Will start on liquid Panadol later on tonight. I had a moment last night where I said to myself "why am i doing this" but I know in the end it will be worth it. I think I wasn't leaving enough time between water and that with the oxy crap was making me vomit. Haven't vomited since lunchtime today. Hoping tomorrow feeling better! How r u doing with it all? Found a comfy spot to lay on?
  11. tash88

    Vomiting 2 days after banding

    Yeah I thought it was a side affect to the pain killers, not taking the oxy norm anymore just going onto liquid Panadol. See how the switch goes thanks!
  12. Ok so I was banded on Monday by Dr Dolan and want to know if this is normal, most times when I move to get up or do actually get up I want to vomit, I immediately start dry reaching and of course only saliva comes up. Have rung Dr Dolans office if it continues I am to ring tomorrow. Did this happen to anyone else? Please tell me it's normal
  13. Thank you... Glad to hear! All The best to you
  14. tash88

    Today is the day!

    Thank u op went fine, just now is a bit painful and a bit annoying. Everytine I get up to go to the loo I dry reach and my body wants to vomit, so scared im going to cause Damage by doing this but can't help it did anyone else get this?
  15. All I went to was my initial consult with Dr Dolan and on that day we booked my surgery which took place yesterday. Other than that there was no other appointments I went to. Maybe every hospital is different, I went to Glengary and the nurses there were amazing! Everyone was so nice, couldn't speak more highly of it! Good luck with your op in march!