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  1. JodieC

    Can't keep anything down

    This happened to me I had fill out let the swelling go down and start the rebuild I went for a week not being able to eat and barely drinking cause I didn't want fill out again.. But lil set backs happen and I am on the mend and it's great to be able to drink without crying in pain !!
  2. Well this Bander only half way threw my mission to loose weight has fallen Pregnant. Only early days at the moment had no fill removed and feeling good at where I am. Any advice from pregnant Bandits on here that I could use ?
  3. JodieC

    First fill - what to expect

    It's only a lil but of fill you will Only notice it very slightly they only fill a lil at a time so you don't notice a huge different. Just remember chew chew chew you food
  4. The more you exersize the hungrier you get the more you eat. Exersize I find strengthens my body make me feel alive tones me and helps with inches but it does nothing on the scales at all. So don't look for kg look for inches if you look at the scales you will get disheartened I know I do. And I know all this is true but having a blurrr months where I just can't drag my but out to where I am Exersizing which is walking up 100,s of stairs up a mountain side and then running down the other side It kills me but my ass says thank you as it lifts up off my thighs : )
  5. JodieC

    Foods you cant eat

    I was finding this so I over cook it and I can carrots on the other hand forget it
  6. When I first lost my weight it was quick 15 kg in what felt like weeks. But it was months lol I found I was a rolley dog loose skin hanging everywhere I was devastated as I tried to tuck my bat wings into my bra and hide as much of it as I could over the past 7 months I have weighed the same but noticed my skin is retracting and sizes are going down. It's like ya body needs to catch up. So be patient it will retract and catch up to the rest of you. This is why losing weight slowly is better then too fast. Too fast sometimes leaves you soooo saggy your body just can't catch up and surgery is needed
  7. JodieC

    Plastic surgeons/surgery

    Hi I am in Cairns I have had 4 friends operated on my Nita Ling she is amazing. Two breast reductions two boob jobs and one tummy tuck. The ladies are extremely happy with the new them and Nita has nothing but the best reputation.
  8. JodieC


    Yeah needed a change from porridge and been fine with weetbix right up till this last fill feeling the force of my band again. Once was further but had a very bad stuck moment that refused to budge and had fill removed but I could eat my bix before. I was thinking how weird it was. And maybe I am Too tight but I can't eat other things still ok.
  9. JodieC


    I am having trouble eating soggy old weetbix after my last fill does anyone else struggle with them
  10. I got so stuck once I had to go get fill out to pass it. Was they yummy soggy pastry on the pie lid that got me. Now it's carrots no matter how I cook them they refuse to go threw
  11. JodieC

    Stuck moments when stressed

    Yup I do it. If the kids play up at the dinner table forget it I am out no dinner for me...
  12. Do you have brekky even if your not hungry or lunch or dinner.I keep telling myself its time to eat and eat most of the time i not hungry but i eat cause its lunch time or dinner time..What do you do and why ??
  13. ThinKjng of going back under and getting sleeve what's your story and why please share. I have feeling the band is done all it can and I have been the same for 4 months plus and I have been doing all I can feels helpless like I was before the band
  14. Hi guys I have been the same weight for over 4 months now eating clean doing everything right. I am feeling I made the mistake of choosing lapband over sleeve. Please can you tell me if you feel you made the wrong choice and has anyone ever gone back under and got the sleeve after having the band !!!
  15. Maxie I am having what my portion plate says and don't always finish it all. It would be more then half a cup and its what I eat 3 times a day. Before I had fill out I was having less then half a cup and hungry constantly but it's all I could handle at one time