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  1. Just watched these again after being banded for 3 years. I am a poster girl for sitting in the red zone for over a year...I have regained all my weight. watching the video has reminded me of what I need to do. So it's as simple as following the eight rules. Can I just say I am thrilled at the "you can have a glass of red wine" part. Oh the guilt i have been carrying for having my glass wine and now i find I've done nothing wrong (well yes I have lots of wrongs but not wine)
  2. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hey Sara well here goes a check in for 2015. The good: Love rules my heart and house. Same guy same feelings. The bad: I've put on alot of weight in the last 8 months (20kgs)...meds and feeling sorry for myself so shitty food choices. Was in the red for too long..I got in trouble from my surgery for it. The ugly: I am suffeting migrane head aches since easter lsdt year (yep a bloody long time) and have been put on epilum and isoptium for them. ..weight gain overnight.I have a torn medial meniscus.....so no exercise. MRI next week. Heres to a great 2015 for us all. Thanks for the reminder to post Sara, hope all ends up OK with you slip. Cheers QB
  3. Quietband

    sick of clexane injections!

    Good to know all event well Kazbo ....just imagine each stinging clexan is one more kilo off ... yay you
  4. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hello my lovely fellow Bandits What a year 2014 is turning out to be ... I like a couple of others am still fighting the "fat/tasty ones" Will need to pull my socks up and truly get back on the wagon...might join misskezz with the shakes. Not sure what else to do ... lots of chewing still leads to the more than occasional pb on my part. But on a far brighter note I am head over heels in love ...just can't believe I am lucky enough to have found this most wonderful man and am getting to bring our "jigsaw" family together. Spent the 6 weeks over christmas together in a Big/ small/ couple family dynamic and all went exceptionally well/. For a woman who didn't want to date a man with kids "cause its way to complicated" I am like Miss Piggy in the mud with Kermit absolutely love it when the 5 of us are all together and have even expressed to my work colleagues that happiness is a full station wagon. Love that you are all still here QB xx
  5. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi All Thanks for the reminder and the bump Sara. I will recommend that my man give my boobbies a through going over. Yep still in love and having the time of my life. Ok ladies so here it is I was really brave last weekend and let my honey know I have a band, as you can imagine (or not) this was a big moment for me. Soo stressed I even started to cry as I was explaining why I don't/can't eat breakfast and why sometimes I have to disappear during a meal (to throw up). I had worked my self into an absolute state with all my negative talk of he'll think I'm weak that I can't lose the weight myself and want to leave me etc (all the stuff I have always known not to be true but the "general public" seem to think is). Well ladies my man is not "general" he responded with I thought there was some diet thing going on and I think its great, I'll support you anyway I can and you need (To which I responded "don't feed me"). He went on to tell me he knows a couple of banded people who have done really well, in fact he thinks one is now too skinny (can't be true). I got him to feel my port - can't believe he hasn't felt it accidentally before , drew him a diagram of my GI system with the band explained how it all works and that was that. Then he gave me a cuddle told me he loves me and he'll support me. We are both going to do "No Grog November" _ this is my annual clean my liver before the festive season so I am hoping to knock a couple of extra kilos off in the process - will be a nice bonus if it happens. I have had a terrible diet the last couple of months work has been so stressful that I have spent today in bed with a belly full of painkillers and slept most of the day - bloody headache is still there I just can't seem to shift it. Argh. Hope you are all well and happy Love to you all QB xx
  6. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hello Team Good to know we are all battling the same old demons .... at least we al know what it feels like and there are no "juddy eyes" here. God how your coping mechanisms resonate with me time I went for a wee fill as well i think. This is just such a wonderful supportive place to come and chat about the good bad and ugly I love you all even though I have never met any of you face to face God love you brave ones that have profile pics up (still a scardey cat) Well life continues on for me Work is just one massive ball of stress at the moment and will continue on that path for another couple of months ... but on the bright side I just had my Christmas leave approved I head off on Christmas eve not to return till the 4th of Feb ... sun and surf here i come. Just had 4 days in ballina to celebrate my baby brothers 40th ...way to much drinking...but I went topless for the first time in maybe 25 years ... my sister inlaw said once you get to 40 you don't need tops anymore... not sure my son agreed with her....lets just say there will be a whole lot more of that going on ....if they sag and don't look great at least they will have a tan. Ladies I'm officially in love ... I am one lady hanging around in a bliss bubble... my new man is just wonderful ... gush gush gush ...enough said. I just want to share the good as well as not so good with you all. Bloody hell I have been looking for this chap all my life and now I've found him, how good is life sometimes. Ive decided Id like to lose some more weight but how to do that when i love chocolate and red wine, oh and lets not forget beer and chips so at some stage I will need to forgo these pleasurable activities ....but just not yet. I know I know its all about choices. Love to you all QB xx
  7. 4 sleeps till I walk on the beach in a t-shirt and shorts

  8. 4 sleeps till I can walk on the beach in a t-shirt and shorts

  9. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Team Feb Just a gentle reminder that that feeling of a loser band may be to some of the fill being reabsorbed. My lovely fill guy said we needed a tiny top up every 6 months once we hit the green zone because of the little bit that gets absorbed. So if you haven't had a fill for a while Lozza that may be what is going on and not a matter of "just" old habits. I agree with you all bring on summer some warm weather and the thought of a swim at the beach is great motivation. QB XX
  10. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi All Columbine be kind to yourself, don't rush all will work out in time. Samuel is a beautiful name. I hope all is continuing smoothly with motherhood. Josie can I just say the last month has been absolutely amazing. All is going well with the psychologist although quiet confronting at times. The biggest news I have is that I have been swept away by the most amazingly wonderful man. I have never met anyone quiet like him, lets just say he gets my crazy and to top it off I have lost 3 kgs ... maybe its nerves but my band has been that little bit tighter. Wow life is amazing I am just hanging on and enjoying the ride at the moment - no over analysing and questioning every little moment. I am continuing to build my summer body (big guns) and managed to do a total of 85 full push ups last night at training - amazing and unheard off 12 months ago. Bring on the sunshine and heat I can hardly wait I am well and trully over the minus temps, fog and rain all I want is sunny hot days. Josie enjoy the winter comfort don't be too scared you will shift that 1.5 in no time - you are one amazing determined lady. Love to you all (yep I am a smiling cheshire cat) QB xx
  11. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Sara your hair is sensational I love the curl. xx
  12. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Congratulations Columbine as all have said before me well done and welcome little man what a wonderful addition you are to our team of bandit families. QB x
  13. Quietband

    Why Are People So Delusional??

    Head QB is a total bitch and you know what sometimes I let her out .... oh the fun.
  14. Quietband

    Greg's pics

    Fingers crossed the wound heals up for you Greg. QB x
  15. Quietband

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi fellow Feb bandits well my journey with the psyc has begun and not a moment to soon. In the lead up work has become very stressful so much so that I have had my first tension headache in over a year I have almost knocked it out but there is just a little left waiting to take hold again. Other than this I can report that I am still managing to hold onto all of my weight ...ha ha ha .... as if thats a good thing I have upped my exercise but know I need to give up some of my luxury items (wine,chocolate and did I mention wine) thank god Dry July is almost here I will once again be ho[ping on that band wagon and it may kickstart some weight loss for me. Hope you are all fairing well, now we have passed the winter solstice the sunshine for a little longer each day. Yay I know I need those rays to make me a happier person. QBx