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  1. lucky.charm

    Funny PB foods

    Wow seems like a lot of people are different. i don't eat much take away because of the calories and I'm so scared of it getting stuck as some days i can eat pretty much most things and other days i can't. i never eat bread(even recently had to give up wraps), peas, corn, eggs, roast meats (when bought out somewhere, if i cook it myself i seem to be okay), rice, most fruits (skins; i miss cherries, oranges, bananas), coscos, passionfruit, pomogrates, i got allergies to mushroom for some reason, dairy (anything dairy other than parmesan cheese), soft drink as i don't want to risk it. sounds a lot but i can eat pretty much all meat as long as i chew heaps and go slow... except when its well done like a steak i can't eat it but i like medium rare so doesn't matter. by the way can anyone be stressed and drink or eat? i can't get anything down even after 3mins of stopping stressing. it takes around 5mins before i can even have water.
  2. lucky.charm

    I'm holidaying in QLD next month - clinic locations?

    also good luck with finding someone within the more north areas... they don't always have someone who specialises...
  3. lucky.charm

    I'm holidaying in QLD next month - clinic locations?

    there is also Dr George Hopkins who goes between The Wesley Medical Centre which is located very close to the brisbane city. Then he also runs out of the Chermside Medical complex right across the road from the Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre and also Holy Spirit Northside Hospital... Their phone number is (07) 3861 4677.
  4. lucky.charm

    The start of Optifast !!!

    Try the optislim honeycomb shake... it is extremely delicious and it needs to be with very cold water and ice if you want to...
  5. lucky.charm


    my fav is not an optifast but of the optislim life ones it is a honeycomb flavour shake.... it is so yummy i could live on it! A hint i found is the colder the water the better the shake tastes... the warmer the water the weirder they taste! i also had the chocolate optifast and it was delicious but it is nothing like nutella, or our dairy milk chocolate but its not bad... i never tasted the strawberry as i don't like it and the vanilla is nothing like vanilla in anything I've ever tasted and wasn't very nice... by the way the optislim life shakes are a bit more expensive to buy but it is so worth it if you have the money... if you want to lose the weight fast i don't suggest you have the shake with anything else other than water....
  6. lucky.charm

    Finding that green zone....

    its been a couple of months now and i believe i have found that spot... the green zone.... its amazing... i was so sick and tired of getting jabbed every two weeks, then every month.... so far i haven't had a fill in about 3 months... I'm still losing weight... even though i am occasionally having an alcoholic drink or having some fattening food... i just find it amazing that i can do so.... sometimes i have been on nearly 4 days of eating rubbish and i still seem to lose weight... i know I'm not eating as much anymore but i still seem to be able to continue to lose the weight... some people say it is my age... some say that its luck... what ever it is I'm happy to be at the spot where i can lose weight, eat healthy have my occasional bad day and still continue to steadily drop the weight.... sorry to all those who have not found that spot.... took them over a year to get there and well now I'm there! im so excited to nearly have lost 50kgs! at the moment I'm at 47kgs weight loss since banding... so I'm not far from it... I've always wanted to be under 110kgs.... then under 100kgs... to be only 2 digits would be the best feeling ever!
  7. lucky.charm

    First post! I am 75% of my excess weight down!

    wow this is amazing! eating certain foods all disagree with us some way or another. i haven't had to cut out all bread i am still finding the wraps are okay but i can only eat those mountain bread ones as they are thin.... i can't eat those round big thick ones... i haven't cut out mince from my diet as i am still able to have any kind of mince but there is a lot of chewing involved. i don't eat any pastry or deserts at all... i don't eat much fruit as all the skins affect me and there is no nutrients in the soft part of the apple compared to the skin... sorry to babble but its great how far you have come... can't wait till i get that far or close to it anyway... i got my banding done last year Feb 9th and i was 19 when i got mine done.... all the family still isn't happy i got it done but i was at 162kg and it isn't a healthy place to be... not sure what i weigh at the moment went to surgeon a month ago and i was 122kg so I'm down 40kg... just back from a sydney holiday and i didn't have to use the extender!!!
  8. I'm going to be honest I don't think it is the fluid going in the band. I hear every needle I get like the flu shot or something and I heard a similar thing when I got a few of my first fills... I knew something was wrong.... The surgeon checked my fill level and there was quite a bit missing... He had hit the port and he felt it but didn't actually latch on and was putting it in my stomach... So it is very likely that he was missing it!
  9. lucky.charm

    Fills :/

    Well fills aren't always good.. When it gets tighter things can happen such as not being able to eat properly for days. Just make sure you can drink the water before you leave!
  10. lucky.charm

    Is it normal to feel the port?

    wow i get people to touch my port... they also think i am some weird alien and want to get their hand away as fast as possible lol... dont do it as much now i just dont want everyone to know and show off to my friends i havent seen in awhile how much i have accomplished!
  11. lucky.charm

    Any info appreciated

    ok well i didnt have IBS but i used to get the symptoms all the time but never was diagnosed... dont really like doctors much! anyways now because i dont eat much i dont really get them except when i eat those foods that always upset it.... for me it is cheese, corn, peas, wheat, etc.... i think that it is fantastic... life is so much easier now as i dont have to worry when going out places and i know mine was a bit different i used to be on the toilet for a few hours every morning and always stressed out about getting to appointments on time... now i havent stopped eating my fav foods i just eat them when i have nothing the next couple of hours of that day or the next morning... best advice is keep away from those foods that upset it and you will be fine! once i was on the optifast shakes it took 48 hours for the symptoms to go away then only when i eat the foods that upset it... otherwise it is great! Degas is my best friend... helps a lot when you got that bloated pain in your stomach! at least after the first few weeks when you start to eat normal again it helps... hope this info helps...
  12. lucky.charm

    Foods never to be eaten again

    wow i am so glad i am not the only one who has not given up everything... i thought when everyone got banded they just ate vegies and meat with no fat at all and never ate chocolate, lollies, ice cream or anything... well for me the only things i have given up is normal bread i still eat wraps... i do eat pizza but i can only have the puff pastry one from dominos... but i only eat one small slice which i now feel normal... i used to drink a huge glass of drink what ever it was in about 5mins now i can only have a small sip to what is used to be but for me it feels like a big one... also i used to be able to swig down a bottle of water in about 5mins as well... but now i couldnt do it.... i feel normal!! i fit in with my friends and drink around the same speed of them... well sorry to get off track... i dont eat burgers and tend to stay away from steaks but occassionally will chew it for ages so it goes down (mainly in stir frys coz i love them - home made only) i still eat pies but hardly ever... mainly the centre coz after that i am feeling satisfied...
  13. lucky.charm

    Renting exercise equipment

    wow thanks... will have a look now at them... i love using gumtree and ebay great ways to save heaps of money... i know about not using the exercise machines. i have an exercise bike and i dont use it but its due to my butt is so big and the seat is so small and hurts heaps after only 5mins of using it.... i go walking most days but because of all the rain im just finding that i am not getting out as much.... especially since i dont have a car... by the way i am in brisbane...
  14. lucky.charm

    Renting exercise equipment

    has anyone rented a treadmill?? im looking into renting a treadmill and possibly owning it afterwards... im trying to look for something cheap as i am a student and study full time from home and would like to have a treadmill to get off my ass and do something but find it to much to go outside and walk as i end up out for longer when i really need to get back to my study... i know it is a good thing to go walking for longer but when you are pushed for time it would be nice to have a machine at home to be able to track how long i have been exercising and would find it easier especially with our crazy weather of raining to extremely hot and really cold during the year. also i could exercise everyday instead of waiting for the rain to clear or worrying about getting sunburnt.. anyway just want to know where people got their treadmill from and how much they had to pay (rent and deposits - all of it).. i have been looking at cardiotech just so you know...
  15. lucky.charm

    Interesting News Feed on Lap Banding for Teens

    I was banded at 19 with the support of my aunt who has had hers for 3 years now (back then two) now I'm 20 nearly 21 and still don't have the support of my mother or sister. They have always been there for me and now they cant handle me talking about it at all. The rest of my family are so proud and I thought after a year of having it that they would be ok but still nothing. Being banded young is great with a more positive outlook to the future but it's difficult to be looking at my 21st with everyone talking about a big party drinking heaps and I don't wanna ruin my efforts by drinking a lot. Also having no friends who will hang out before the surgery and now want to hang coz I have lost some weight. What friends are they... Sorry for ranting but it is hard when I feel only family are going to be at my 21st and no friends.... All because of what I look like....