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    Highest weight:117
    01/01/12 - Starting weight:113.7
    04/02/12 - First appt with surgeon: 111.6 (-2.1)
    02/04/12 - Day of surgery 106.0 (-5.6/-7.7)
    15/04/12 - post op appt 99.0 (-7.0/-14.7)
    03/05/12 - first fill from 0.5 to 3ml 98.9 (-0.1/-14.8)
    24/05/12 - second fill from 3ml to 4ml 96.8 (-2.1/-16.9)
    06/06/12 - 3rd fill from 4ml to 5ml 98.3 (+1.5/-15.4)
    27/06/12 - 4th fill from 5ml to 5.5ml 94.5 (-3.8/-19.2)
    18/07/12 - 5th fill from 5.5 to 5.75ml 93.2 (-1.3/-20.5

    Oops I forgot about this.

    02/05/14 - 63kgs
  • Band/Sleeve Status
    2+ Years Post-Op
  • Weight Loss Status
    100% (Goal Weight!)

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  1. Its just me!

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Yep, sometimes it is a bit easier to know you're not the only one. A sleeve just isn't an option for me financially, and I'm also scared how much weight I'll put in between getting the band it and the sleeve done. I don't know about you, but the truth for me is I couldn't do it on my own.
  2. Its just me!

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Hi jewel, I could have written this myself. Almost the same story. Was banded April 2012. Managed to lose 53 kgs buy March 2014. Since then I have slowly regained about 10-12 kgs and just don't know where I'm going wrong either. I also have the not full or vomit thing too. Don't know the answer, just wanted you to know you weren't alone.
  3. Its just me!

    Starting weight - Current weight

    32 year old female 161cm tall. Start weight Nov 2011: 117kgs Surgery day April 2012: 111kgs Current weight: 73kgs Drs goal weight:75kgs Initial personal goal: 70kgs New goal:65kgs
  4. Its just me!

    Next Support Meeting

    I wound love to attend something like this but as a secret bander I'm terrified ill see someone I know. . Stupid I know.
  5. Its just me!


    It really us funny how every one has something to say. I'm a "secret" bander I hate to imagine what they would be like if they knew. Jami I could have written that letter to myself.
  6. Its just me!


    I have to get this off my chest. Hope no one minds. Dear work colleagues, 7 months ago I weighed 117kgs, hadnt excercised in about 10 years. drinking 2 liters of coke every day.schnitzels, pies and every imaginable bad food known to man for lunch not to mention what I would have for dinner and the snacking on crap between, not once did you say a word about what I was putting in my mouth. In the last 7 months I Have lost 35 kgs, work with a PT twice a week and also go to the gym 2 x week for cardio. I haven't touched soft drink & rarely eat crap. So why is it now you feel the need to tell me how bad I am eating? if I also have a tiny sliver of the cheesecake that everyone else in the office is also eating? Or the other day when I was having a small glass of ice tea, yes I know water is healthier but the occasional change isn't going to send me back where I was. I appreciate your concern, but frankly what I do and do not eat is none of your business Regards Mariah x Does anyone else want to write a letter to someone to get it off your chest?
  7. Its just me!

    Driving post procedure

    I was told 2 weeks, I waited until the second week before I did though. I would imagine it would be safer to wait a couple of days at least for the sleep drugs to leave your system.
  8. Its just me!

    April Bandits

    I'm still here. I've been feeling a bit miserable so a little quiet. My loss seems to have stalled. And I keep loosing and gaining the same 2kgs. I have 5.75mls In a 10ml band. I do not seem to have restriction and can eat almost anything. I go back next week for a fill hopefully this is the magic one. Going to the gym several times a week but I can't help but feel that the weight I have lost is more because of this than the band. Good to see everyone else is travelling well.
  9. Its just me!

    Optifast or optislim

    There are 2 types of the optislim products. One is a LCD (low calorie diet) and the other is a VLCD which is the same as the optifast. My dietician and surgeon didn't mind if I did the optifast or the optislim as long as it was the VLCD one. Good luck with what ever you decide.
  10. Its just me!

    just unbelievable

    Height: 160cm Highest weight (mid 2011) :117 01/01/12 - Starting weight:113.7 04/02/12 - First appt with surgeon: 111.6 19/03/12 - Started optifast: 107 02/04/12 - Day of surgery 106.0 Todays weight: 92.
  11. Its just me!

    What weight's your weight??

    I was using the weight from when I first went to the surgeon.
  12. Its just me!

    What weight's your weight??

    Well in that case I have lost 16 kgs. Thanks everyone for your help.
  13. Its just me!

    What weight's your weight??

    Silly question I know But when you refer to how many kgs you have lost what starting weight do you use? . Eg: my biggest weight mid last year was 117. When I made the decision to get banded as a NYE resolution I was 113.7. The day of surgery I weighed 106. I now weigh in at 93.2. So when referring to my weight loss would you say I have lost 23.8kgs, 20.5kgs or 12.8kgs? Remember I did say it was a silly question .
  14. Its just me!

    Clothing Conundrums

    I had the same problem and working in a semi professional environment I ended up having to Get a couple is staples after my boss made an off the collar remark one day about me having a clothing crises. Realised I really had to do something but then had the problem of not finding anything I liked and not knowing what a little smaller me should be wearing. I ended up getting some great bargains at Millers. Go on treat yourself you've worked hard to loose the weight you have.
  15. Its just me!

    12 months and 23kg down!

    Awesome. Well done on the changes.