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  1. Lizzy51


    Life is so short we should live life to the fullest. We have all made a huge decision to have WLS and we should give it our best shot. Hagrid also made that decision but life unfortunately was not so kind to him. I hope his parents and family are able to remember him with beautiful memories. RIP Hagrid.
  2. Lizzy51

    Christmas whine (non weight related)

    Bergman58 and Kazbo I am not sure if your posts are having a go at me but if you are just let me clarify a few issues. "What is it with parents that gives you the right to make us travel, if it upsets you why don't you come and spend Christmas with us" If you read my post you will see that two years ago my husband and I did travel to have Christmas with them. We also continually travel every couple of months to spend time with them. In fact on our last visit we paid for them to come with us and stay at a resort for a few days so they could relax. The last time my daughter in law and grandson came to stay with us was last July. My husband and I are always the ones travelling their way and while I don't have an issue with that I am disappointed for my daughter (who is a single mum) and her children who don't get to spend quality time with them at Christmas. She doesn't have the money to be able to just pack up and go their way. With our support she just manages to keep her children fed and clothed. "Those that get snotty about not having their kids/grandkids come to stay are being selfish" This comment really hurt because if you knew me you would know that I would give any one of my kids or grandchildren my last dollar or for that matter my last breath. I have spent my life financially, emotionally and physically helping all my kids and will continue to do so. I have tried to instil in them by example that life is just not about them. While I appreciate some people don't get this I hope my children realise that at times you have to consider other people and make sacrifices.
  3. Lizzy51

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I went to the shops this morning. Crazy I know but I needed just a couple of things. All the checkouts were full with people and loaded trolley's. I picked one with just one person but who had a very full trolley. To my amazement the man who was unloading his trolley saw I had only three articles so he put his shopping back in his trolley and let me go before him. The Christmas spirit is still alive.
  4. Lizzy51

    Merry Christmas Bandits!

    Merry Christmas Dave, Nonny and Princess. Thank you for all your support this year and providing such a supportive forum. I hope everyone has a wonderful and magical Christmas. Liz
  5. Lizzy51

    Christmas whine (non weight related)

    To me Christmas is very special and always has been. I think it is the time of the year that I love the most. As an adult we have to make sacrifices but is really difficult when you have grandchildren who still believe in the magic and don't understand why they never get to see their cousin and spend special time with him.
  6. Lizzy51

    Christmas whine (non weight related)

    My whinge.... I am a MIL and I have tried my hardest to be the best MIL I can be. What ever I give to my daughter and her children I reciprocate to my son and his family. On a whole my DIL is gorgeous and I love her but I am a bit disappointed with her in regards to Christmas. We have a thing where the kids swap years e.g. one year Christmas with us next year with their in-law's. Three years ago it was the in-law's turn and seeing as my son and DIL had a new baby my husband and I booked accommodation and went and celebrated Christmas with them. They live four and a half hours away from us. By doing that we missed out on spending time with my other family members but so be it. Last year was our turn but her cousin was coming home from Canada and because she hadn't seen him for a few years she wanted to stay home for Christmas and spend it with him. Okay I was frustrated but went along with it. WELL... this year her sister is coming home from Europe so guess what.....yes they are staying home again so we miss out on spending Christmas with our grandson and son. Next year it is our turn but to be honest I am over it and if they come so be it if not well nothing has changed. I am hurt with what I feel is a selfish attitude but there is nothing I can do to change this. So if you are a DIL maybe try and look at both sides for your husband and children's sake.
  7. Lizzy51

    Sign In not logging out of the Forum

    Hey Jules, Thank you for that I didn't realise I had that ticked. I have unticked it so hopefully it will stop automatic signing in. Liz
  8. Is anyone else experiencing logging out but the next time they come back on the forum they are logged in. Is there some sort of technical hitch causing this. I am just a little concerned because of the amount of spam lately and I don't particularly want a virus on my computer.
  9. Lizzy51

    So much spam...

    Dave is normally on the ball. We may have to be a bit patient as he could be in the middle of exams. My nephews partner is studying to be a Doctor and right now she is up to her eye balls in study and exams. It is a bit frustrating but I am sure it will be gone soon.
  10. Lizzy51

    cant find the calorie value of something

    I am like Beth I tend to stick to foods that I know calories of but I also don't worry if I have something that is higher in calories. E.G. Leanne I wouldn't worry about having a Green Curry every now an then as it is not going to blow your weight loss. I find if I deny myself too often I end up binging on it.
  11. Lizzy51

    Flying with the band

    Sorry to hear you have to travel for sad news. My advice would be to just not have anything to eat on the flight. Most trips within Australia are only a few hours. Have something before you travel and wait till you land. I had I mil out when I went overseas recently but I am going to Melbourne in two weeks and I am not having anything out. I will just have a milky coffee before I leave and get something in Melbourne. I leave a 6 am in the morning so I will need to have something otherwise I wouldn't bother. Currently have 5.75 mils in a 10 mil band. Hope this helps. Liz
  12. Lizzy51

    Greg's pics

    Wow that is amazing. You look fantastic.
  13. Lizzy51

    Fill question

    You don't need to have all your fill removed. I went away in January and had 1 ml taken out. I had 6 ml at the time so I went away with 5 ml in my band. I was able to eat most foods in small proportions but also had the backstop that if I ate too much my band certainly told me. My Dr said next time I travelled he wouldn't take anymore than 1/2 ml out unless I was doing a long haul flight to Europe and then he would only take out 1 ml. For anyone worrying about over eating and blowing your weight loss, fill in the band is not going to stop you drinking cocktails and eating slider foods. So the reason I took the fill out was in case something happened like getting ill and having dramas in an overseas hospital.
  14. Lizzy51

    Lost 80+ kgs and it's ma B-day!

    Happy birthday. I hope you are doing something special to celebrate. You are a beautiful woman and deserve all the accolades for your achievement's.
  15. Lizzy51

    February Bandits 2012

    Thanks Josie. The hard part now is maintaining it. I have let two kilos creep back on so I need to re focus and get them off.