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  1. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    hi guys 65.6 today. I think thats 200g down from 2 weeks ago. trying hard to stick in the 65 range. Hope all are well?
  2. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Same as last week 65.8 so happy to maintain in my happy place, just looking forward to some warmer weather and going to by some shorts lol. Hope everyone is well
  3. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    65.8 today so 500g down on last week. Right on target now so I really hope I do not lose more weight. The only thing I can put it down to is I am running around a bit founding a new community business venture. Hope everyone is doing well?
  4. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    66.3 so 200g down from last week and eating really well but quite active. hope everyone is doing well?
  5. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    66.5 today so thats 500g down from last week. Weird body eating lots of mini tim tams and weiss bars too. Interesting thing maintenance. I guess I am rushing around a bit atm hope everybody is well ?
  6. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Morning peeps . 67 on the scales for me today so up 100g two weeks in a row. I might have found my happy place. Fingers crossed. Dont want to lose but I dont want weight creep either.hope everyone is going well? Hopefully spring is just around the corner
  7. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Forgot yesterday byt 66.9 100g up I think
  8. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Morning peeps, 66.8kgs this morning so 200g down. Not trying to lose but at least its little numbers only. So all good. Hope everyone has a good week. Once this cold weather warms up I sure it will get easier for everyone.
  9. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi guys 100g down so 67kgs. Seem to be maintaining quite nicely. Hope everyone is keeping warm? Its bloody freezing in Melbourne :)
  10. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    67.1 so 300g down this week. not too bad as I remained the same for 2 weeks, I seem to be getting the nutrition almost right for maintaining. It must be winter as I am the first to get this in today lol. keep rugged up and have a great week all
  11. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Same as last week 67.4 :)
  12. Sara M

    At Least I Looked Fabulous

    Had lots of those, so annoying lol.
  13. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Happy wednesday peeps, stayed the same this week trying to at 67.3 same as last week. I really think I am fine and don't want to keep losing. Especially if my clothes stop fitting lol. I have been losing an average of 300g a week, so trying to get my calories up to maintain, although the doc says it might take another 12mths to stablize. Hope everyone is travelling well?
  14. Sara M


    Yep have had several, no issues at all. Just disclose it on the forms
  15. Sara M

    Weigh In Wednesday

    67.3 today so 500g down. Had to take all my clothes to the tailor again as I have lost around 10 cm from my waist and thighs lol (= no skirts and pants that fit) and curiously off my back as all my dresses were too big on my back, how weird. Teach me to buy quality clothes, this must be the third time I have had of the same outfits tailored Ha, another interesting little story about the tailor, I was getting quite tired changing in and out of outfits and then started getting tummy cramps and ended up having to run off in one of my too big outfits to the loo at the shops in the middle of being pinned. Yes another poo story, I have heaps lol. Hope everyone is having a great week.