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    Got the sh!ts and blew off breakfast.

    I carry around a zip lock bag for the same reason, figure if I pay for it, it is mine. Otherwise I go out with my mum, she doesn't eat much either and her and I can share and I don't care what they say about it, but geez I have received some feral looks from the wait staff, strangely enough mostly the women staff. I hate paying for meals when I know that I am not going to eat them and if I am forced into buying something, I ususlly go for the cheapest, which is usually the worst food, like wedges and sour cream. My wallet feels lighter but my stomach doesn't.
  2. Yeah I read it as bypass too and if he cannot eat more than 50g it must be because I know I can shovel in more than 50g food
  3. pikachu052

    Tummy tuck Dr Mark Moore

    Mine was in about 2005 and it was about $4400 for the surgeon and $1500 for anesthesiologist and $500 excess for the hospital as I had top cover. So $7000 would have covered it. You also had to pay for this corset thing that held you all together and you needed 2 and they were about $250 each. I also had lipo at the same time, might as well get as rid of as much crap as possible whilst I was sleeping. Would I do it again, hell yeah. It is one of the best things I have done. You can hardly see the scarring, thanks to excellent scar management, and the bottom portion of my tummy has always remained flat, my weight gain goes on the top portion above my belly button. Happy to answer any questions. Actually a funny thing when I had it done was they chuck out your old belly button and give you a new one. I told him now to bother putting one back, as it took longer to reconstruct. I changed my mind as I was married at the time and if freaked out my husband. How funny and what a talking point in the bedroom now being single, would that have been, if I had no belly button.I still wish I had the courage not to have one put in, just to be even odder than I am, haha.
  4. pikachu052

    Not fitting the mould

    Junior you are so right. I just finished reading a book by Leil Lowndes called "How to be a People Magnet" and she delves into the "popular" group and school and it is quite eye opening. I actually wanted to go back in time to smack those bitches up for being snooty and calling me names and not liking me and bashing me up. Then I realised I am who I am for the experiences that I have lived. I have been reasonably successful in life and if you want to have a laugh, like I did, look up those "princesses" on Facebook and see where they are now. The answer 9/10 times is nowhere. Still living in the housing commission estate or with 50 kms of it. Sure I might battle the weight, but otherwise I am healthy and if that is the biggest problem in my life, then I am very very comfortable with that!
  5. pikachu052

    Not fitting the mould

    Looks like we are all crazy because that is me too. I am even less girley girl and don't even own a set of heels and the last dress I bought is what my sister and I call and Osfa dress (One size fits all) from Vanuatu and is really only suited to hanging around the house. I don't fit it and I quite like it that way now that I am older. If people think I am odd, and they do, well good luck to them I couldn't give a toss. I tried at work recently to get with some people and become part of the clique, but i found myself turning into a Mean Girl (from the movie), bitching and gossiping. It and I was awful, so I decided to go back to solo with only being polite at work now. I am a much happier person and I don't have to compete with anyone. Ahhhhh I feel liberated that I don't have to comform or go and do stuff I really don't want to do but felt I had to. I don't think that it is insecurity from being obese, it is just who you are, embrace it as I have and you find yourself a happier person for not having to worry fitting into other peoples sterotypes. AND when you are nice and skinny, wear some kickass slinky dress and some killer heels, with your hair flowing and makeup and thumb your nose at them all, haha
  6. pikachu052

    Scale victories!!!

    Well I know where some of your weight went girls...I found it. I have been extremely good all week and bloody well put on 0.5kg, swore at those stupid scales this morning. I am now wondering if I am not eating enough, does that makes sense?? Anywho, started a food and exercise diary today and will see how I go in the next week. My next appt has been moved from January to November, so now have even less time to shift this (now) 4kgs.
  7. pikachu052

    Tummy tuck Dr Mark Moore

    Hey Nicoleo I had one by Alistair Taylor in Canberra. This was before my band and for another purpose. He is excellent and even today years later you can barely see the scars. If you want to see my before and after pics I am happy to share, but be warned, they are a little explicit. Just send me your email address. BTW this is for Nicoleo only as she has asked, not a general show and tell...sorry
  8. pikachu052

    BMI - thoughts?

    Well I just wanted to say that I think the BMI is a crock. I just did mine and according to it, I need to be 61kgs to be "normal". Geez at 61kgs I could fall through the grate in the gutter. Pffftttt. I would just be happy to be under 70kgs (69.9kg would be juuuust fine)
  9. pikachu052

    Getting Down

    I am in the same boat, so I hear you. I feel like the Hungry Hungry Hippo, lol I am going through a hungry thingo tonight and almost hit the 1 kilo box of Roses I have in the pantry. Yeah yeah I shouldn't even have it there but if it remains unopened it is all good. Instead of that I went for a skim milk warm milo and not only did I get my choc fix I also feel fuller from the warm milk, Might go to bed early too as the bedroom is the furthest room from the kitchen
  10. I am flying down to Canberra for my birthday at the end of November, it sure would be nice to be able to SLIIIIIIDE into my seat on the place. In my walk in robe, I have a top that I bought which when I got home was too small and I was too embarrassed to return. I have it hanging up as the first thing I see when I walk in. On this top I have pinned some notes saying: "I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday", "If it's to be, it's up to me!" and my favourite, "The greatest thing I have is the next 24 hours, The past is gone; the future is distant. Today you CAN succeed, set a goal I can can achieve in the next 24 hours". Sounds corny, but as my eyes flick even briefly at it, I know what it means and subconsciously keeps me going. I defo want to wear that top to Canberra, without the notes pinned to it, that would just look plain silly,
  11. pikachu052

    I Want...

    Sorry, 1 more I want * to know when to stop eating, to understand when I am full. I am yet to master this one. BTW, since getting back and reading, particularly a thread by Mark (something), I have changed the way I eat. Taking smaller bites, chewing longer, making better choices. You know, all the stuff I was SUPPOSED to be doing and forgot. Well I have dropped 2.5kg in the last 3 weeks, so a big round of applause for ME!! I know it isn't much but since I have been stalled for the last year, any move downward is a good one and one enough to want me to keep going. I even bought fruit this week....FRUIT, something which rarely sees the inside of my fridge, haha.
  12. pikachu052

    I Want...

    I want: * to get back on track, I have seriously lost my way * to love myself so someone else can fall in love with me * to not sit in the bath and look like Buddha * to walk with confidence not eyes downcast * to have a local band buddie (I am in Coffs Harbour) * for my Dr to be proud of me at my next visit (January), will need to drop 4kgs to achieve this * to hit my goal for my 50th birthday in November next year, 9kgs (and stay there!!)