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  1. Time to update my pic 😃

  2. Belsie

    A few pics from Golfer

    Awesome! You must be so proud
  3. Belsie

    App for recording exercise

    MyFitnessPal , get a Fitbit and use the tracking of exercise, IBiker Runkeeper All are excellent at tracking exercise
  4. Belsie


    You're drinking a shake? I had clear fluids for 3 days lots of sips.....I didn't even have a milky coffee or tea. Best of luck
  5. 89kgs, feeling fantastic 😃

  6. Belsie

    Book- I Quit Sugar!

    Anyone tried these from Coles, I Quit Sugar?
  7. Belsie

    Soft Drink = Def a No No :/

    Wow my dietician said no way for fizzy drinks, it expands in your stomach making small pockets which can turn into larger pockets. This scared the bubbles out of me and I don't touch it. I would hate to stretch my stomach.
  8. adult chewable gummies, ( like the kids ones) I have 3 a day. I sit them next to the kettle so when I make my morning coffee I take them.
  9. Belsie

    Band removal recovery

    Mine was a walk in the park too From band out to sleeve being done was about 6 months, reflux came back with a vengeance. Then after my sleeve, I get reflux every so often but I do have tablets but I don't take them every day. Why take something when you don't need it. Good luck with your journey too
  10. Belsie

    Book- I Quit Sugar!

    Haha Sarah makes a cracker biscuit very similar to these.