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  1. cocosman

    Approx. 60 days.

    Hi Josie, I messed up my photos when uploading. Please see new ones, I hope they came up OK. Regards, Martin.
  2. cocosman

    Approx. 60 days. (take 2)

    Hi All, Not very good at this photo uploading business. Anyway, some before shots taken in the last 6 months,followed by the photos taken this week. Regards, Martin.
  3. cocosman

    Approx. 60 days.

    removed tidying up mistake
  4. cocosman

    Post op preparation!

    Hi Rach871 The most important things will be. Rest, Water (sip it slowly), Rest, Water (sip it slowly), Rest, Water (sip it slowly..... You get the idea, please treat yourself to as much rest as you can possible get. It's as simple (or hard) as that. You sound well prepared, Good luck. Regards, Martin.
  5. cocosman

    Flying with the band

    Hi All, There is a joke in there somewhere but I'm not going to be the one..... Regards, M.
  6. cocosman

    Just Starting Optifast Stage

    Hi All, I just read the title of the topic and wanted to see what was written. Without getting on peoples nerves, can I offer some advice about the optifast phase of the whole process. If you give it as good a crack as possible, you will drop weight before surgery. The trick is to use the product (shakes, bars and soups) as described as closely as you can to the letter. The idea is to reduce your intake and induce a state of Ketosis (hope I've spelt correctly). The Ketosis state sort of tricks your body into believing it is starving but you are actually not. For the first couple of days, it is awful as the others have said but please stick with it as it does get better. If you can survive those first few days your body realises that you are not going to give in and eat junk and it starts burning fat reserves thinking you are starving. This will continue for as long as you can manage, but if you succumb and do cheat, the body says ahah!!, if I wait for junk food it will come!!! This then puts you back to square one with the attempt to get to the Ketosis stage and it will take a few more days as the body start to hold out hoping you will again cheat and feed it junk. A most vicious circle if you ask me. I tried to stick closely to the Optifast and only abused my allowed vegetable content in the evenings. I also found mixing up the shakes with the bars helped heaps. Best of luck to everyone, hope I didn't sound too full of myself. Regards, Martin.
  7. cocosman

    April Bandits

    Hi JemJem and Sue, and everyone, Hope all are well and going great guns!!! Your both very fortunate not to have any PB's. Since first fill, I've had to rethink breakfast, Toast no longer works. I'm having to wait at least an hour before even attempting solidish foods in the morning. Apparently the band takes a while to get vertical in the morning now. I've had quite a few PB's lately, (got to learn sooner or later!) Unfortunately I'm in week 2 of fill 1 and only now dropping weight again. Keep up the good work everyone, Regards, Martin.
  8. cocosman

    Time to put away the before photos....

    Hi Shorty, Apart from those that we choose to reveal our past to with "before Photos" how many people would genuinely know where we come from. I would like to think that we/you/us etc can move forward and be just us. Older acquaintances will always know, family will always know and friends will always know. Do we need to let everyone else know. The answer is HELL NO!!!! We do not need to apologize to any person for what / where we have been on our life journey. It is not up for discussion. What goes on behind our back or behind closed doors we cannot change so why worry. Please celebrate where you / we are right now and get on with living. I sure know its not worth worrying about what anyone else thinks. F--- Em!! We cannot change it anyway according to the studies. Lets not give the A--holes the satisfaction of putting us down even when we have dropped the weight. Regards Martin.
  9. cocosman


    Hi Jason, best of luck with your journey, I hope it gives you what you are looking for. Just a word about a thing you mentioned: "I'm hoping it will stop me from eating a packet of chips and then still having dinner because I am hungry. I know it will be a lot of work but I am prepared to make that change because I know it will eventually lead to a happier and healthier me." The band will not stop you from anything. It is a tool to assist you with your own food moderation. If you put your mind to it you will still be able to eat almost anything, just the speed will vary. In my opinion (for what its worth), the best thing about a band for you will be the strict discipline you will be able to impose upon your cravings. As a former elite athlete, I would imagine it will be fairly easy for you to follow the direction of your dietitian and doctor, once banded. I got the best benefit (and a great headstart) from following the 2 week pre-op diet on optifast to the letter. Regards, martin.
  10. cocosman

    The elephant in the room!

    Hi Riverliver, You said it yourself, 22 Kg down makes no difference you can see. Well believe me that is not what others will be seeing. 22Kg down is great in anyones language, WELL DONE!!! Remember, any decent person will be waiting to make sure they do not cause offence by commenting too soon. I, as a bloke, am very careful making a comment about someones weight just in case I say the wrong thing. It doesn't mean I've not noticed. (I'm very good at foot in mouth!!!). Ultimately it is not about others and what they think, it's all about you and your loved ones. Keep up the great work, I love following everyones progress. It inspires me to do better. Regards, Martin.
  11. cocosman

    Is this a stuck moment?

    Hi Foodie2012, Trust me when I say that you will know exactly when you have a stuck moment. It sounds like you had more of a delay/back up than a stuck moment as (from my experience), you cannot continue eating while having a stuck moment. With my stuck moments, it starts with the copious amounts of saliva and ends with either a discrete regurgitation or a larger "look everyone, I've vomited" moment. Sorry for TMI, but I just had a fill in the last 24hrs and things have tightened up noticeably. Regards, Martin.
  12. cocosman


    Hi Coffee61, Could I suggest you have a look at the information on the OClinic website. They have put up some guides that cover the various stages, pre op Optifast, 1st week liquids, 2nd -3rd week etc. I will come clean and say that Oclinic is my clinic but I have found these guides invaluable especially when my wife could use them as a cross reference to what she should be watching out for as we progressed. They say 2 cups of veggies selected from the approved list can be added each day. My experience was 2-3 days of feeling very ordinary followed by 2 weeks of radical weight loss. I believe they call it Ketosis. Good luck with the preop stuff and heres hoping you have a great time as a bandit. Regards, Martin.
  13. cocosman

    I could eat my leg

    Hi JodieC, From experience, hanging tough with the Optifast will be one of the best decision you can make. I'm now just on 5 weeks post surgery and I am very thankful for the 2 weeks optifast. I was able to drop a bit of weight and reduce the hunger a bit. This puts you into a good frame of mind for the first week post surgery. Believe me, food will be the last thing you will crave. I couldn't get enough rest and sleep. Try and keep to your Optifast because, as you said , you are so close. Best of luck with the next few days. P.S. If you must eat your leg, don't forget to season it properly first. Regards, Martin.
  14. cocosman


    Haven't you all heard, There is a new sport at the olympics. With the way I'm going I'm sure I could qualify..... If I keep it up I could soon be farting for Australia...... Gold....Gold.....Gold.....
  15. cocosman

    What To Tell People about Surgery?

    If people ask, I tell them. I do not shout it from the rooftops (just yet) I am totally honest when asked. My reason is I didn't want to die young and miss my kids growing up. There has not been a single word said negative, but I'm still a big imposing sort of a fellow if you don't know me too well (LOL). I respect everyone decision to tell or not tell. It is up to you. It's your life, no one elses. Anyway best of luck to those about to join the bandits and keep up the great work to all those already in the club. Regards, Martin.