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  1. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Hello all, Hope this finds you all in good health. I haven't been on here for a while, not from lack of interest on the contrary. I had my gastric sleeving surgery in March then a month latter I was offered a new job and have since changed jobs to something I like very much. So no beating around the bush here. When I started this journey very late last year I weighed 180kg. By the time I got the operation on the 1st of March 2017 I was at exactly 160kg. This morning I reached another milestone. I weigh as of today 119.1kg. I have not been this weight in over twenty years!! I wouldn't say the journey has been a walk in the park, it is a totally new way of living. But it has been a damn sight easier than I ever expected and the absolute, 100% best thing I have ever done for myself. My only grumble is having to buy new cloths and that's only cause I am a tight arse. I have so much more energy and love getting out exercising and walking around. I even have got back on Mountain Bike for the first time in twenty years (although I forgot how hard bike seats are on the old fundamental orifice). So if your thinking about it and can't make up your mind then all I can do is say for me it was the best decision ever. I would never kid you that it's easy cause it isn't but if you go in with the right frame of mind you have a damn god chance of success. Anyway all eligible single women please form an orderly queue to the right..........
  2. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Well it is now two months exactly since the operation. I have now lost 35kg all up of which Twenty has been since the operation. I have been really happy with the progress hoping that it continues. I haven't found the new eating to be a problem or really feel like I am missing anything. Exercising ever day is not a chore anymore it is something that I look forward too! So all in all it has been a positive journey so far here's hoping that it continues
  3. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Well the operation is now done and dusted, had it last Wednesday and was let home Friday. Haven't been feeling too bad although am a bit ummmm backed up. My only issue with the whole thing was lack of explanation of the whole hospital process and letting me know what was happening while I was there. I am probably just being very picky
  4. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Tomorrow is the big day the nervous have hit. Just got try and relax I suppose.
  5. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Yeah the optifast hasn't been the chore I thought it would. I am now 5 days from surgery and have droped 10kg since I went on opti fast 11 days ago/
  6. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Well I am no officially on the Optifast journey. Had my hospital appointment last Friday so It is all go for the 1st of March 2017
  7. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Did my usual monday weigh in the scales are the same. Must say I was dissapointed but maybe I am expecting too much before the surgery
  8. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Well the countdown is on one month to go
  9. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Thanks David I do appreciate that mate
  10. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Got the pre admission forms and have been filling them out this afternoon. I just am hoping like I hell I remain strong willed enough to make sure this works
  11. Andrew1974

    Love my sleeve

    You should be really proud of how far you have come
  12. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    I gave up soft drinks in October 2016, Now I dont touch fizzy drink. Never smoked so that isnt a problem. And cutting down on portion sizes, that is a work in progress. Thats a good idea about preparing for the post op faze with meals I really hadn't thought of that yet. I do think as the time gets closer the nerves will get worse but that is only normal I think,
  13. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Things are getting real folks. I have my pre admission thing on the 10th of Feb then only a couple of weeks till the operation.
  14. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    Thank you your are right, well now it is less than two months to go.
  15. Andrew1974

    After false starts here I go

    This waiting bit to get the surgery done is painful. Don't get me wrong I am not a sadist wanting to go into hospital but I am ready to move on with life and this is a piece in that puzzle. I have lost a few kg's in the last couple of months but was hoping for more. Patience is not one of my strong suits.