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  1. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Happy 2 year anniversary everyone!!! Still here, still banded, still the same weight I was at this time last year. Happy that I've plateaued (so nice not putting on weight) but why oh why have I stopped losing weight? Hang on, let me just get my head out the sand for a sec: Had a very bad reaction to a slight fill in May last year, had to have my band emptied & start fills again. I stopped at 4.5mls when I was previously at 5.8mls. Discovered I could eat again. Exercise?? Oh, so walking to the kitchen in ad breaks doesn't count? I am sure I read somewhere that chocolate was a vegetable & okay to eat. Fills??? What are those? I have really enjoyed being 25kgs less than I was at this time 2yrs ago. My goal this month is to get to the clinic & get myself a tighter band and maybe, just maybe, remind myself what I set out to achieve 2yrs ago. Hope you're well, happy and safe, Jo
  2. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Going to make a comment Sara that could be inappropriate - my intent is not to offend or play down what you are going through but as I lie here in bed looking at my boobs sliding down under my arms & remembering how full they used to look pre band.....I hope your new boobs look fabulous & relatively perky!
  3. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    My Band & I are arguing at the moment. On a normal work day I am never hungry in the morning (great), I have a smoothie at lunchtime/afternoon tea time (always protein based) & then don't have an appetite until 8-9pmish. Which is easily satisfied with a sensible high protein meal. And I have to take care eating because my band hasn't stretched for the day. Well, then, PARTY TIME! Randy Bandy has stretched for the first time & come 10pm I am looking for anything salty, sweet, tasty....anything. Icecream & cashews are working well at the moment! However, Randy Bandy does like to remind me that he is there (of course he is male when I'm not happy with him) & I find myself pb'ing on water. Am thinking of going & seeing Helen Bauzon - the dietcian recommended through the clinic. I have stopped losing weight (what exercise?! You have got to be kidding!) and I'm clearly not eating properly. I still struggle with knowing the mood Randy Bandy is in - one day I can eat something but the next day - forget it! Has anyone here seen Helen one on one?
  4. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Bah humbug. Life wasn't meant to be this hard was it?? I want to live in the fairytales I grew up on.
  5. As your referral was addressed to Dr Skinner, any dr at CBS & their regional centres can see you. Its a Medicare rule - the referral has to be addressed to a dr, then any associates of that dr at the same clinic can review you under that referral.
  6. Medicare requires referrals to be addressed to the dr, not the clinic. I learnt this the hard way when my referral was address to CBS & not Dr Korin (ironic I know!) so I had to get it amended. Luckily......my dr used the same kind of pen that I had in my handbag!
  7. I asked Prof O'Brien why he doesn't have his patients do Optifast & he explained the purpose of doing it is to decrease the size of the liver prior to surgery as they need to lift the liver up to access the stomach. He told me that he isn't worried about this - that he is able to lift the liver even if it is enlarged/fatty. He explained it really came down to surgeon preference & he wasn't fussed about it. Good luck with your op! Make sure you use all the resources the Clinic offers you, they are fantastic.
  8. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Can you remember what you were feeling this time last year? I was in such a heightened state of fear - was I doing the right thing, had I really given myself an honest go at losing weight without surgery? Would I ever be able to eat white bread & butter again? I visited a cousin in hospital today who has had major issues with her band - it had slipped & she'd developed a huge pouch. Prof O'Brien repositioned the band today above the pouch & sitting with her in the hospital, I started reflecting on where I was at this time last year & how far I'd come. Sure, I haven't lost as much as I could have, however, I've lost more than I've ever lost before! Leaving the hospital, I was hungry - hadn't eaten yet today. I drove past a Macca's & thought "why not? I haven't had any food from there for nearly 1yr". Ordered a cheeseburger, there was no way I could eat that sticky bun, so I ate the processed meat. Wow. How easily I used to scoff one of those down. And how yummy they used to be. Amazing what happens when you have to slow down your eating & actually taste the food. Needless to say, I didn't finish the meat & don't think I'll be doing that again! I weighed myself on the scales at the hospital - the same ones I stood on on the morning of my surgery. So proud of my loss. So proud that I survived Christmas & New Year without over eating & NOT GAINING ANY WEIGHT for the first time I can ever remember! Normally the festive season is when I always put on weight - what a foreign experience not to have done so this year. So to all my fellow Feb bandits, as we approach our anniversaries, congratulations to everyone on surviving & may we keep on thriving! The support I have found in this group is extraordinary - and you don't even know you're doing it. Just by being open & sharing your lives, I have felt less isolated in this journey and inspired by so many of the challenges we have all faced. Happy Bandiversaries Everyone! xx
  9. Jomal

    Struggling with diet

    Hi Nessa, Like everyone else has said, 40kgs is AMAZING! I've lost half of that & I was banded by the Prof 3mnths before you! My first thoughts when I read your post was that maybe you don't have enough restriction or that you aren't eating enough protein, but I get the sense you are feeling down on yourself because you don't think you've changed your eating habits? My suggestion - speak with Leah - the psychologist at CBS. She is fantastic & has so much knowledge about the issues facing bandits trying to change a lifetime of bad eating habits. I found her soooooo helpful just to challenge some of my thinking that I was sure was correct. PS - I'm sure my weight loss would be much further along if Nutella wasn't so easy to eat. Instead of feeling down on yourself for your food choices, ask yourself "when was the last time I lost 40kgs?". Good luck!
  10. Jomal

    Green to Red

    Kat - I had a similiar problem & found that I just needed a little bit of fill out. I would recommend you speak to your dr rather than trying to ride it out. You don't want to do any damage while waiting to see what happens. The pain you have in your back between your shoulder blades, is it consistent or do you get some respite? The reason I ask is because I have the same thing at the moment & I'm wondering if it may be related to my band....?
  11. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Wow, what a full on bunch we have here!!! Who needs to watch Bold & the Beautiful when you can read the Feb12 Bandits life experiences! I haven't been on the forum for awhile, so reading up on everyone's news has overwhelmed me....my respect to you all, life throws out some challenges which initially seem unsurmountable, however, the resilence you've all displayed is inspiring! My path recently has been somewhat mixed. I've officially hit the double digits (thanks Maryann for your help setting & reaching that goal) and now I'm not really sure what to do.....its like I didn't believe I could really do this, I kept waiting for myself to sabotage my efforts & put weight on. The day I got under 100kgs, I got on & off the scale at least 20times. And then I took a photo. I couldn't believe I'd really done it! Had a backwards step a few weeks ago - had a really really bad stuck moment, then with lots of vomitting over 12hrs & then everything must have become inflammed because I could barely take any liquid, much less food. Keeping in mind Maryann's experience, I went & had some fill taken out. It worked perfectly & I think I may have hit my green zone in terms of ability to eat. However, haven't lost any weight since then.....could that have anything to do with my stubborn refusal to exercise as well as poor dietary choices??? Perhaps! Have committed to staying under 100kg for the silly season & then after holidays, going back to the clinic to see if I need more fill in. I really want to make sure that this is the 1st Christmas I don't add a few kilos to my body. I promise myself that. I came onto the forum tonight to see if anyone has had any issues taken anti-inflam medication? I had a car accident a few wks ago (nothing serious at the time) & have had neck pain since. My dr recommended anti-inflams, but I wasn't sure if they were ok with a band. Anyone have any idea? Happy thoughts to one & all xx
  12. Jomal

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi All, Wow, what a group this turned out to be!!! Sara - your journey is mind blowing. I've not logged in for 2mnths+ so to read all your news.....what a woman you are. I can feel the positive attitude in your words, I am so impressed & inspired. I logged on today to see if there was any info on the forum about slipped bands as my cousin who was banded last August, has just found out her band has slipped too. And then Maryann - to see your news!! How frustrating for you. My cousin saw Prof O'brien today & had all the fill taken out too & has to have another barium swallow in 4wks. If it hasn't repaired itself, then she too will have it restiched. Such a similiar journey to you. I've not been coming on the forum because I'm felt like a bit of a failure - only lost 17kgs & when I see what others have lost, I feel like I must be doing something wrong. But I'm glad I checked back in tonight because I've realised....when was the last time I lost 16kgs? And reading your story Sara has really inspired me to get back into the swing of it & stop eating from the nutella jar! If you can keep a focus on weight loss, then there is no excuse for me! Well done to you all, Jo
  13. Jomal

    Things you can no longer eat!!!

    Roast pumpkin is my foe! Its so strange, but I've tried it 3 times & each time have PB'd. Can't eat fresh bread.....get such food envy when I see I delicious looking sandwich. Dry, overcooked meat is sometimes an issue and anything doughy like cakes etc. Which I guess is a good thing!
  14. I really struggled with my head in those first few days - I wanted to chew or suck on anything that wasn't liquid. My clinic told me to get some chewing gum & chew to my hearts content. I also got some barley sugars (with the dr's blessing) & found that really helped me with head issues. Good luck! It does pass.
  15. Jomal

    Multi Vitamins

    My dietician recommends the Swisse ultivite multivitamin - which is not too big. I have found it impossible to take in the morning when my band is tighter, but no issues taking them at dinner.