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  1. Well then every time I went to see Dr Chan must have been a good day
  2. Hi Leese I was banded by Dr Chan and because I felt so comfortable with him went back to him to have my gallbladder done. I live in Seaford and have been more than happy to travel 1.5 hours each way. Mary Vale Hospital amazing, I did it alone with noone to drive me. I would do it again. By the way the "nurse" at the clinic is Lee his wife ( Lee was very informative) I get the feeling you don't ask all the questions. I have had many ops and not all Medicals communicate as we would like and so it is up to you to elicit the information required. With both my operations with him..hardly any scars and no brusing. This speaks volumes about the respect he showed me. I communicated this to Dr Chan and Lee. He was a bit cat and mouse about how much fill first up but I realize he prefers it this way to start. You know in this life we a number ..and I believe your own attitude and communication can make all the difference. I did enquire about getting fills closer to home and you need to check out the requirements. I would have had to have tests and a barrium swallow to change Doctors and costly. By The Way I am not the easiest of patients. I am having my right hip replaced next week and have given the surgeon a really hard time. So you see for me to get all the answers I wanted I had to push it really hard and forgive his so called bed side manner. All the best with your journey. Lee give the best fills. Quickly and efficiently this is a bonus. Cheers Josie
  3. JosieW

    South East Melbourne Catch Up

    Just a thought how about the Cove at Pattersons Lakes?
  4. JosieW

    South East Melbourne Catch Up

    These meetups take a little time and dedication..I will be happy to wait and catch up..
  5. JosieW

    Which bicycles do you ride

    "thank goodness I've got none of that weird obsessive kind of behavior sometimes glimpsed on this forum"..You and Neddy a match made in heaven...
  6. JosieW

    Merry Christmas Bandits!

    Better late.. Merry Christmas Dave and a Happy New Year..keep up the great work..both personally and here..xx Josie
  7. JosieW

    February Bandits 2012

    Hi Lozza Yes I am still here..have had a bit of a torrid time. So I have gone quiet..without going in to it, Heart and gut problems. A try to get off the cigs..Tried Champix to get off the cigs but combined with new heart meds was doing my head in..weight climbing..so long story short I am smoking again..champix is wierd drug. on the plus side weight has now stabilized because I am now calmer and not wanting to eat everything in sight. I am now working full time.. was not given the choice..part time position made redundant..but offered full time. I did quit but got talked around. I agree it has gone quiet here..and Happy New Year to you and your family (hugs) You sound positive and happy and well done for maintaining your loss.. Sara I have been keeping up with you via facebook..I do hope you had a fab time in NZ..Well done with getting back on track. Columbine..How are you? Are you having second Bub? Hows your journey going. Sweet Lisa..I often think of you and how you are coping..Loving the new puppy and loving the boys with puppy..wonderful. Maryanne..lets keep in touch, Love to hear how you are going.. QB how goes it with the new man? Or not so new now.. Hey Kate..and Kezz.. Happy New Year all..Okies I hope perhaps I have gotten the ol ball rolling.. BTW i am in goods spirits..and working on balancing things..have not lost the plot xx all Josie
  8. JosieW

    The Old Me and the New Me

    Looking fantastic and looking so much younger and slimmer...but mega kudos for the great work and the great slimmer sexy Mumma:))
  9. Gee Eggzy, TishTish made this comment a month ago and can you elaborate on what you really feel about the public system. Personally kudos for the system assisting so many. ps I am not a public patient but do not pay for fills...go figure.
  10. Well done Kasbo. It must make it so hard with a smoker at home, More strength to you. xx
  11. I agree spend the profits. Today is 3 weeks for me..still having mega bad days.. How our you travelling Kazbo thinking of you..hugs, My weight is still ok..
  12. JosieW

    Optifast soups/bars - SE suburbs

    Thankyou Jenna
  13. JosieW

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I want to add that I am three weeks off the cigs and with extra effort have maintained..It has been a massive hurdle..keep up the great work peeps.xx
  14. JosieW

    Melbourne southern suburbs catch up.

    Yes great to meet new fellow travellers