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  1. bonnie210

    looking for advice

    Hi there - I went with Chris Couch who operates out of Waikiki, once you see him the wait is only about 6 weeks if you have private health cover. Costs vary but there is an approx. price on his website - Perth Obesity Surgery
  2. bonnie210

    Band adjustment Perth CBD

    Hi Anne thanks for your reply. Found Dr Van Rooyen can do adjustments in Mandurah and he is rostered on every second Saturday which is perfect for me.
  3. bonnie210

    Band adjustment Perth CBD

    Hi, I have just started a new job in west Perth and wondering where I can get adjustment if I have any issues. Used to get adjusted south of river. Appreciate any advice!
  4. bonnie210

    Easy Lunch ideas

    Hiya - I always carry Up and Go with me in my handbag - strawberry is my current favourite.
  5. bonnie210

    Is a slipped band fixable

    Hello all, I have just had all the fill taken out as they think mine may have "slipped" also. Question about the cost and if I will be covered by PHI if I need another op/replacement as I am no longer overweight and have been at goal for about 18 months. Would I be eligible for a new band or even sleeving? Any thoughts would be very welcome:) Cheers Bonnie
  6. bonnie210

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Went furniture shopping with my hubby yesterday and started looking at mirror's. Then actually looked at my reflection which I would NEVER EVER have done before and the woman reflected looked pretty damn good. Hair was a mess , but the body looked ok
  7. bonnie210

    has my band slipped... or something else?

    Glad you have an appt tomorrow, hope all goes OK. I recently had similar symptoms with the coughing, dr took all the fill out, before putting most if it back in and it seems to have sorted the issue. Cheers
  8. bonnie210

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Best wishes to you soon to be not so chunky a duck
  9. bonnie210

    Day after Op

    Totally normal, just rest up, take it easy, honestly there is no rush to go back to see the surgeon as you need time to heal
  10. bonnie210


    whatever I lost taking Duromine I put back on plus much more
  11. bonnie210

    2 sleeps to Op day

    Hi Nisey, hope all went well yesterday and you are not too sore. Rest up and take it easy.
  12. bonnie210

    success for smaller weighloss

    Hi MollyRotten, I am 5ft 2in and started at 83kg, and am type 1 diabetic so was considered to be a candidate. My weight loss was pretty slow for the first 12 - 18 months as went really slow on my fills. Have now lost 20kg so surgeon is really happy as he only predicted a 10-12 kg loss overall. I am really happy with my band and wish you every success. It is a different journey for everyone and definitely not easy!
  13. bonnie210

    Can you see the port when you are thinner?

    Yep definitely can see mine, bit like a small plum sitting under the skin. Cannot see any tubes
  14. bonnie210

    Can you feel the band?

    Hi Lou, You will certainly know all about it if your band is too tight, best to avoid it by just going slow and steady with the fills. I can also feel my port and now that my weight is almost at goal weight can even see the lump of it on my stomach. Bit like a small plum sitting under the skin. Not really that noticeable Good luck with your op on the 5th June - exciting times.
  15. bonnie210

    Very tight band last few days

    Hi, This has also recently happened to me. Bit of a shock after having no real problems all this time. Had a small fill in March and was sort of OK for first couple of weeks and then BAM way too tight. Went back after another couple of weeks of struggling and had the fill removed. No change, took me another week to get an appointment and was seriously struggling - couldn't hardly eat or drink anything, up coughing all night. Finally got appointment yesterday and the Dr removed all the fill, got me to skull two glasses of water (anyone remember what skulling a drink fills like?) and then put most of the fill back in. Fixed Dr thinks that maybe the band had slipped a bit. Personally I think that was an understatement, something was definitely not right. Unfilling and then refilling has hopefully allowed the band to settle back into the correct position. Anyway today is a good day, still early but maybe I can eat breakfast for the first time in over a month. Even after two years it is still a learning curve. My advice is that slow weight loss is the aim and not to push it too fast.