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  1. Kaz77

    First Fill today

    I was planning on getting on here straight after my banding but time just seems to be going by so very quickly. I had my first fill today and my total weight loss for 6 weeks is 10.6kg. My doctor was happy but i was hoping for a little better than that though. Everything seems to be going along fine, haven't had any problems other than in the week after my op I got a vomiting bug which was extremely unpleasant, visit to my doc got me sorted out. I had my first scare the other day when something got stuck, talk about scary and painful!!! All good though now, how is everyone elses weight loss going!!!! I think that making the decision to get banded was the best decision i ever made. One question.......is there an ideal weight that you should lose in a certain amount of time after you have been banded??
  2. Kaz77

    Tummy Bug!!!

    I ended up getting onto my Dr that did my surgery and he wanted to see me. So after an hours drive in the pouring rain, a call out fee $$$$$ I am fine gave me some medication for the nausea and some much needed reassurance. Hopefully the throat thing will go away soon.
  3. Kaz77

    Tummy Bug!!!

    thanks.....what about the feeling that something is stuck in my throat?
  4. Kaz77

    Tummy Bug!!!

    I was banded last thursday, so 8 days ago now and I have caught the a horrible tummy bug. WIll this affect my band. I am still on fluid stage but i can't seem to bring anything up. So a few questions A) Is this doing damage to my band? Are you still able to Vomit normally?? It feels like I am gagging and gagging but nothing is really coming up. C) Everytime I swallow it feels like I have something stuck in my throat, it's not pain full but annouying. It feels like if i keep swallowing it will go away but it wont. I thought I might have something stuck but I haven't eaten anything to get stuck. I rung my doctor but he is out of the office today, the receptionist couldn't help and she told me to make an appointment with my local GP. But just wanted some feed back from people that may have been through it. Thanks
  5. Kaz77

    Finally Banded

    Well I had my op on thursday and I am feeling not to bad, bit sore but I feel better than expected. One question though. I keep getting a pain in my shoulder blade and it goes up into the side of my neck, is this normal??? I weighed myself before surgery and I had lost 5.6kg so i am happy with that, not going to weigh myself again until my first fill, just concentrating on eating and drinking all the right stuff. So.......so far so good, fingers crossed it kepps going smoothly, will keep you posted!!
  6. Kaz77

    It's Time

    My last entry before I am banded. It all happens tomorrow at about 10.30!!!! Woooooohoooooo Talk to you then people!!!!! Wish me luck
  7. Kaz77

    A month down the road

    Way to go, awesome work!!!! I go in for my op tomorrow, loving the positive feedback, makes me feel more at ease!!!! Keep up the good work
  8. Kaz77

    Count Down Is On!!

    Ok so today is tuesday, at 12 tomorrow i call the hospital to find out what time I have to be there thursday morning for my surgery. The nerves are setting in now. I can't wait for it to be done but the whole surgery thing is what scares me!!! I think if i can make it through easter doinf optifast I can pretty much do anything lol We had our show here on friday and I always look forward to having a pluto pup/dagwood dog while i'm there, they always taste the best from the show. But i didn't give into temptation, they looked so bloody delicious though. My wonderful hubby went with out too just because i couldn't have one!! I thought that I would have missed softdrink and my normal naughty nibble things but i haven't. Can't wait for the surgery to be over and finally be banded, just hope my nerves can hold out, I have the support of my nearest and dearest so that will get me through!!! Still a bit scary though!!!
  9. Kaz77


    While on optifast it says you can have Clear soup, I may sound a little stupid but......what is clear soup exactly and how do I make it and does it taste any good???
  10. Kaz77

    Really Disappointed!!!!! HELP

    Thanks everyone!!!! Scales have gone!!! Packed them away, not that my husband will like that, he has lost 33kg and likes to jump on the scales every morning. I am going to make my first milestone 10kg and my husband has said for every 10kg i lose he will by me something my first 2 things on the wish list is an Ipad and then a new Spencer Rutherford handbag. I may change my mind to a new exercise bike or gym membership but will decide a bit closer. So as of now I am not going to worry about scales until the doctor does it again. Thanks again!!
  11. Kaz77

    Really Disappointed!!!!! HELP

    So I am being banded on the 19th of this month and I have started my optifast. I was so well behaved over easter. It has been so hard doing my opitifast because we went away for a family holiday over easter. While everyone else was having holiday food and eating out every night. I behaved and stuck to my optifast by the book!!!!!! As soon as we got home today I jumped on the scales excited to see my weight loss, my excitement soon turned to total devastation when all I had lost is 600gm. I was so upset I cried!!!! What sort of weight loss can i expect on the optifast and am I being to hard on myself. I have heard that some people have lost 10kg before they even have the band done just from being on optifast. I am so totally disappointed in myself. Feed back on ohter people's weight loss during the optifast stage leading up to surgery would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  12. Congrats, Keep us posted on how you are going. I know how you feel it's all so exciting. I am being done on the 19th. Good luck and I hope you manage to get some sleep and the time goes by quickly!!!!!
  13. Thanks everyone!!! My first day of optifast and I have kept myself busy all day but have to admit I am starving Miss A, good thinking, I am most definitely going to take your advice there!! I think it is going to be a long 2 weeks, we are leaving to go on holidays on thursday so while everyone else is enjoying the "holiday food" i am going to stay positive with my shakes and salads and veg. and while everyone is enjoying their sleep ins I am going to be out walking enjoying the smell of the ocean. That is going to make my usual morning walk a lot more enjoyable!!!!!
  14. Well my date has finally been set for the 19th of April. I have been waiting so long for this and been so excited but now the date is actually set I can't help but feel nervous and a little scared. I still haven't told anybody too much, just my hubby, my bestie but I since my last post I have told my parents. They are 100% supportive of me having it done thank goodness. My dad actually got pretty emotional about it saying that he was so happy as he has been worried about my weight for a while now, he lost his mother and 2 of his sisters because of them being over weight and he doesn't want to lose his youngest child and only daughter in the same way. My dad isn't an emotional man so it was pretty confronting to hear him say that, as much as it was upsetting I know it's the truth. Haven't told my hubby's parents yet because I feel they won't be as supportive. Going to start my opitfast tomorrow, I hope I can stomach it!!!! I've heard so many people say it's disgusting but this is something i am going to force myself to do. Anyone got any pointers on what to do to make it easy if i don't like the taste??? All of you seem to be doing well!!!! This is going to be a long hard road but I am willing to give it my all, all I have to do is look at my two beautiful sons and that's all the incentive I need. Bring on the 19th!!!!!! PS Still listening to any feed back or suggestions to help me get through this!!!
  15. Kaz77

    Finally Happening!!!!!

    Moral support is what i need!!!! I am having it done in toowoomba and my surgeon is Dr Willingham. He seems really nice and made me feel at ease and explained everything to me.