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  1. Shiraz

    before and half way to goal

    Yep I'm with Jan I know you speak your mind ,so here goes , get some smaller clothes girl you look GREAT you are still dressing like a big girl show that body with pride you have done a great job ,now show us another pic with a smaller top Go buckets I'll be waiting for that photo
  2. Shiraz

    Laughter is the best medician

    Oh god poor girl gives us blondes a bad name ha ha ha
  3. Shiraz

    Before and after photos - 12kg

    Way to go lindy
  4. Shiraz

    My changes to opti...

    Just remember if you do stuff like this before you prob will after . I have tried really hard to cut out all the bad stuff I have gone cold turkey and have still been off sweets and bad stuff for 5 weeks now . I figured I'd had enough of being obese. I didn't have last yummy meal before the opp, I chose to eat healthy .I knew this was it for me . I had to do something drastic. When the sports physiologist weighed me and came up with 50 percent fat. That was it my decision was made , no more cheating ,sneaking, justifying . My surgeon says the people who change before learn to chew slow ,exercise ,eat good will do it after . Be true to yourself
  5. Shiraz

    Rapid weight loss at the start

    Yep I'm the same .Nice to hear I thought I was the only one Seing the doctor next week for the first time
  6. Shiraz

    A great self esteem booster

    Very true
  7. Shiraz

    Lap Band problems

    That's terrible I'm not into suing either but this doesn't sound good I think the doctor is getting off light accident or not I think your being a bit too nice . If you ever need to chat just message
  8. Shiraz

    March Bandits

    No metamucil stretches the band Francesca is right benifibre or prune juice
  9. Keep going it will be worth it . Will be thinking of you
  10. Shiraz


    Wow good on you for making this great move
  11. Shiraz

    Networking - New car promise

    Good car but think hard. Peterol. Check out the huyundi I 30 or I 35. Can't remember but I know a few people with them and they love it . They have really changed the last few years . They used to be a cheap end car but now very good apparently
  12. Shiraz

    Supersize vs superskinny.

    Yes I saw this too shows you how much is actually up to you what you put in your mouth . The most discusting thing ( apart from the revolting bed) ,was the fact that he was pissing in the cups and putting them down the sink grosssssse. How awful you would that alone would give you a lightbulb moment to choose a better way of living. Very very sad
  13. But I thought the port was to the left under one of my scars this is right in middle bit higher under my boobs
  14. Hey guys 2half week banded . Started musheys thurs day today is Sunday .I now am sore like a stitch or feels little bit like pulled muscle . It doesn't feel like heartburn at all, hurts when I take a big breath badly. Dont know if it's from too much walking ,getting used to mushys,or when I tried to put click my stupid lounge seats together . I will ring doc tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this
  15. At no cost WHAaaaaaat do you know what that normally costs wow go for it