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  1. AJ.


    Lol Thanks for the info I may get the extra padding out of fear No one there knows I am banded so I will just look like a sook getting the extra padding Oh well Thanks.
  2. AJ.


    This may sound silly But am thinking of going to play paintball in a few weeks. What if I get hit in the port? Can this cause damage? Has anyone done this post surgery? Thanks for anyone's input here Thanks
  3. AJ.

    western suburbs

    HI Everyone I am from Williamstown 17 weeks banded today, almost half my excess weight lost best thing i ever did
  4. AJ.

    Who was your surgeon (Melb)

    I was banded by Dr Andrew Smith at the avenue, have no private health so paid full price myself I have no complaints about him at all and would recommend
  5. AJ.

    Bulk Billed Fills..

    hi my first post but thought this may help i go to Dr Anna Korin @ Sunshin Health and Dental Super Clinic 429 Ballarat Road (western Highway) Sunshine VIC all appointments are free / bulk billed I got banded April 12th BY Dr Andrew Smith at CBS hope this helps as is close to you, I am also from the western suburbs