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  1. dollparts

    Am in freefall and need help

    I was banded two years ago this may and whilst i had a really good weight loss iniitally too, last year saw a series of band issues that made me step away from my focus quite a bit. i used the issues as an excuse to eat badly. i have been over eating, eating chocolate every day and i have not been exercising. i have put on almost 20kgs since october. im freaking out. i am going to go and get some fill because i have barely any in. but i am also trying to get my head right again. i just dont know how to. maybe the psychologist will help. he wasnt very helpful at the beginning tho. eeeek.
  2. dollparts

    May 2012

    so my weight loss has definately slowed down over the christmas break but i am determined to get back on track with my food choices now. i cant believe how much difference alcohol makes! drinking wines and eating caramel tarts was pretty much my christmas (and it was soooo good!! lol) but as i have read somewhere on here....nothing tastes as good as losing weight! so i am back on here to get myself focussed and motivated for the new year. no more drinks (well no more massive drinking nights or back to back drinking nights) and pay attention to what i am putting in my mouth again! Thank goodness for the band. in christmases of yesterday i would have probably put on 5-10kgs each year. this time im just maintaining (which is freaking me out enough!) so here is to healthy choices and positive attitudes and a mountain of motivation for all of us in 2013! last year was just practice! this year my life really begins! take care all. xx
  3. dollparts


    mudman congrats on your journey so far!! you must feel AMAZING! I started at 166kgs and was banded on the 1st of may this year. to date i have lost 42kgs and i am sitting at 124kgs. i go to gym every day, i sometimes dont eat the best but i cant imagine ever eating the way i used to. this has definately changed and saved my life. dr bowden is my doc too and i dont think i could ever give him enough praise. best thing i have ever done. even with the bad days. (like this morning when i drank my up and go too quickly while i was driving to work on the highway, sigh. gotta get my car detailed now. lol) goodluck with the rest of your journey. i cant wait to get to 100kgs and under. never been there my whole adult life. wooo hooo. cant wait :)
  4. omg. i cant believe i have lost 42kgs this year....so so so amazing. :)

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    2. Gee


      how amazing is that!!!

    3. dondon


      well done :) thats fab!

    4. bikiechick


      amazing , should be thrilled with that and the years not done yet

  5. dollparts

    May 2012

    39kgs! waaaaahoooooo! so close to 40 i can TASTE IT! omg. i never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever could have lost this much without the band. i go to gym 5 days a week and i am full of energy. i may not eat the best food sometimes but im not eating huge amounts. this has been the best thing i have ever ever ever done for myself. hope you are all in good places too. xx bring on my 50kg loss! omg i will be half way then!
  6. dollparts

    Dr Blair Bowden

    i was banded by blair on 1st of may 2012. i havent enough praise for him. he has changed my life. was 166kgs. am currently 129kgs and my quality of life is just getting better and better. still a long way to go but i know i have an awesome support team beside me all the way
  7. day 146....bmi 46.8!! 37kgs down....waaahhooooo :)

    1. Cath1304


      You rock - keep up the fantastic work!!

    2. emgem


      That's so exciting. Well done!

    3. HannahTee
  8. dollparts

    May 2012

    i have been going to gym every morning! i am LOVING it!! not loving the lack of sleep that my darling daughters are giving me and then having to peel myself out of bed at 530am but once im up and exercising, i feel so good!! so much easier than it was 12mths ago. i had a weird and gross experience on friday tho. food poisioning. my body went into convulsions of vomitting but nothing came up. i could feel it. sorry for too much info but i was wondering if anyone has experienced this. it wasnt like pbing. it was way more violent. like really really vomitting but without ANY vomit. i could feel the pressure/blockage. my band, im sure it was my band or around that area or something (???) even made this strained noise similar to the noise from that horror movie, the grudge. lol. :/ am i crazy? but it kinda kicked me into losing again and i have now FINALLY broken 130kgs!! this is significant ppl! this is pre baby territory that im facing now! im feeling AWESOME. tho i still dont know about my whole clothes thing. i wear flowy dresses mostly so i guess its not going to make much of a difference for awhile. which is good cause i can save money for a serious serious shopping spree. hehehe.
  9. dollparts

    May 2012

    my weightloss has really really slowed down. but this week i have started at gym. i havent been back there since last year in august. they had my records from my goals session last year and my measurements showed that i have lost approx 10cms on every part of my body and 15cms off my hips!!! omg! i was so excited to find that out. :) :) im eating more still and im trying my hardest to eat 'good' food. but its soooooo not like it used to be. im no saint. i have to accept that sometimes im gunna be bad. as long as its sometimes is what counts i guess hope you are all doing well
  10. dollparts

    May 2012

    apparently i am back in the red zone. just. i have been feeling stuck with everything that i have eaten this week. the stuck feeling is going away after a little bit of discomfort but this morning i couldnt keep my up and go down. :/ so i went to my appointment today and doc told me that it looks like im in the red zone. i told him that i was really quite hungry and he told me that is also part of the red zone cause i would be prone to look for softer foods. i admit i have been eating a bit of choc and yogurt this week. even that has been a struggle to keep down if i havent focussed on eating it slowly. we decided to see i can ride it out. i didnt want to have anything taken out in fear that my crazy hunger would return. so i am just going to focus, focus, focus on what/how i am eating. time to return to the dietician me thinks..... lost a kilo this week tho. hoorah. put on maternity clothes that havent fit me since being preggers and they HANG OFF ME!! boo yeah!!! :)
  11. dollparts

    May 2012

    30kgs gone. yeah baby. 4mls in band now. so far so good. hooray.
  12. dollparts

    May 2012

    so i am now back to the fill i was before all the bad stuff happened two weeks ago. went to see doc today. 3.5mls. so far so good. have to go back next week and week after just to be sure things are ok. i feel soooo much better. the last two weeks have been so depressing. obviously my brain is still nowhere near to being 'retrained'. while i had no restriction i ate everything i could whenever i could. :/ i was feeling full instead of 'satisfied' most days. i have put on a couple of kgs but at least im still under 140kgs. now its time to step it up. im so ready. hope all is well with you all.
  13. dollparts

    May 2012

    hi everyone.... i got a question. does your weight go up and down and up and down and up and down and THEN you work out that you have lost some weight? :/ i know i get on the scales too much (at least twice a day *cringe*), but i just seem to have a different result everytime i step on them, which kinda makes me step on them more. is this normal or am i suffering a bit of obsessive compulsive? i have never really used scales. now i over use them. :/
  14. dollparts

    May 2012

    looking for help, i know just what you mean. people keep telling me how much better i am looking. i have lost 30kgs. i feel like i have more energy. but i look in the mirror and i see nothing has changed. and i get upset at the people that try to be nice and tell me how good i am looking. 3 years ago people weren't complimenting me on the fact that i was 135kgs! they didnt tell me i was looking healthy! i feel like they are being insincere because i think it is ridiculous to say that a woman weighing that much could look even slightly 'good or healthy'. but then....i saw myself in some home videos that were taken last year and it really hit home. it was very confronting what changes the weight made to my face, my eyes, my neck. i know i have it in my head that i have to get to 100kgs before i can begin feeling like im making a difference. my whole adult life i have been over 100kgs. 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming' as dory from nemo would say. lol. we have so many demons. mirror demons are the worst, i reckon. have a good week everyone! x
  15. dollparts

    May 2012

    mainy for the first couple of days the band was obviously swollen so it was hard to get anything down. now though, it is like i dont even have a band in. i havent put on weight so far but its getting quite scary. i even had a burger. i felt terrible doing it. and i threw half of it away. but its the first one i have had since the banding. i am eating cereal. i couldnt do that last week. im eating bad bad food. i know its completely my responsibilty as to what food i choose but it is doing my head in. its like the devil on my shoulder has knocked out the angel on the other shoulder and has taken control. 'you can eat that, you have no fill' is all that i hear when i see bad food. i have made an appointment with my doc next friday. one week. omg. it feels forever away. :/