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  1. Thanks everyone. I also see a councillor. I've tried all the anxiety medication, unfortunately too many side effects. I struggle with the thoughts on the band daily. I seem it blame it. Also I know taking it out might not fix my problem... Anxiety is terrible
  2. Blossom42

    Recovery time for removal

    Hi did you end up getting band out. How did you go, as I'm thinking of getting mine out
  3. Hi guys Hope everyone is well my journey hasn't been to good. Firstly when I had the band put in I had an anxiety attack in hospital just over a year ago. I've never had one before. I started loosing weight after that but had anxiety since on and off. Then Iast November I had a fill and whilst driving home I felt I couldn't breathe and ended up having a major panic attack and ended in hospital. Went to clinic and they removed all the fill. Since then I've been suffering with anxiety, every little change in my body I notice and stress about. I can't help but relate it the band, although I know it's not the only reason. This has changed my life completely... Now thinking of having my band removed, but that also makes me anxious. Anyone had it out and how did it go.. What's the recovery time, is it easier to have it out than in? Any help will be grateful
  4. Blossom42

    HELP NEEDED - lost my way

    THANK YOU guys. OMG you have both done so well Good on you
  5. Blossom42

    HELP NEEDED - lost my way

    Hi Guys, Well i was banded in March was doing quite well untill i went on holiday in July.. I had lost 15kg, Since then i have put on 3kgs. So now only 12. Disappointed in myself Ive been trying to get focus but finding it hard. Started to re focus today, went back to the gym. I need help with meal plans. Im confused as what to eat. So typical day (when i am being good) is 2 weetbix with skim milk touch of raw sugar for breakfast Piece of fruit for a snack 4 Rivita with tin salmon or chop chop chicken Fruit for afternoon Dinner, usual soup or small version on what my family has. Can one suggest some FILLING foods. That make you feel satifisfied. Thank you guys as i do need your help
  6. Blossom42

    Feeling Hopeless already

    thanks guys, I have an appointment on Tuesday... I was going to ask whether it has slipped or??? Fingers x i can resolve this
  7. Blossom42

    Feeling Hopeless already

    Well, Im writing this hoping to get myself back on track. I was banded 16th March.... Lost 15kg and have now put on 2KGS. Not happy with myself at all, but i never feel satisfied. I think i have 3-5mls not really sure how much in a 10ml band... To be honest - its doesnt even feel like I have a lapband. It feels like im on a diet. Well i know you have to always watch what you eat... I can eat absolutely anything, I have never brought any food up, nor do i get stuck moments. (Not that im complaining), but i thought it would reduce the amount of food I can consume, but it doesnt seem the case. I think my doctor, thinks that im not trying.... He said that people that have that type of restriction have their band too tight. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK _ HOW MUCH FILL IS ENOUGH????????????? Really hoping i can get sorted as seriously ive come to stand still
  8. Blossom42

    March Bandits

    Hi Fingerscrossed. Im did you find that your bank tightened up whilst on the plane. Im going away on 27 June, I have 5mls in a 10ml band... ALTHOUGH I STILL DONT FIND RESTRICTIVE!!! i can eat anything i want... So im have to stop myself like on a diet really. Weight loss has slowed down.... But anyway JUST WONDERING if i should get some taken out before I travel....
  9. Blossom42

    March Bandits

    Hi Guys, I had my second fill today, now up to 5mls... Little bit scared to eat.. Total loss of 12.1, saying that i had a few issues in the beginning so hoping i loose another 3 kilos before 27 June.. So have to watch what i eat lol. Hows everyone coping with eating? I still think im on a diet how is everyone else feeling.. Have a great day xx
  10. Blossom42

    March Bandits

    Thanks guys - I have first Surgeons appointment (after op) is on Friday.... So about 4 weeks is that when i get the fill... As im not sure??/
  11. Blossom42

    WTF have I done moment

    Hi I understand. I also had that moment and still question myself now.... I had a bad time in hospital - ended up staying 3 nights as I think the endom brought on panic attacks... I had them for a week. Luckily its gone and ive had no pain with the band. So i had alot of thoughts going through my head..... I really hope you get better.
  12. Blossom42

    March Bandits

    Hi Rosmay and Miss A, Im not sure when i get my first fill to be honest. I know i have the surgens appointment on this friday and im a bit nervous. How embarrasing if i put on more weight. I have been trying and started walking each day... IT JUST FEELS LIKE Im on a diet - no band... Have i wasted my money???
  13. Blossom42

    March Bandits

    Hi Guys, I was banded on 17th March. Lost 8 kilo - mainly from optifast till end of hospital stay.. Im finding Im hungry and have no restrictions. Went to Dietitian last week and put on 500grms.. I dont understand and am a bit disapointed... I know we have to focus on healing at the moment. But im thinking if i put on 500g during the mushie stage, what will it be like when i can eat soilids, which is tommorrow... It just feels like im on a diet at the moment, i dont get that FULL feeling at all... DOES anyone else feel like that???
  14. Blossom42

    Easter approaching family bbqs. HELP

    Thanks guys i appreciate your feedback
  15. Hi guys, just wanted some advice. Firstly my family doesn't know about my lap band. Only husband, kids mum and dad. We have a Easter BBQ coming up and not sure what to eat. I will be on my final days of mushies. Shall I take a dish I can eat? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks guys. Xxxxx