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  1. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    Hi everyone, Welcome, Bullichic!! I'm a bit like you at the moment, been up and down same spot for a few months... Just the last 3 weeks with a broken my leg, what makes exercising a bit hard, and i'm the type that is all in or all out can't do in between...ahaha Traveling at the moment, so trying to keep in check of my food so I don't loose control. After this trip the plan in get in line and the sunning season starts so I gotta get back in shape.. Like you I still have 20kg to loose but am targeting to do in 2 years, slowly but always so I can adapt to normal life... Yesterday went to a MS Support walk in Miami Florida with my grandfather, who is turning 90yo this week, and I was so emotional, because i could do that with him, wasn't a long walk for all means but was great knowing that I was fit enough to spend that time with him... And off course very proud he was able to make it at his age 6km... Just a few day to bandaniversary!!!! yeep!!!
  2. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    Hi Everyone... how is everyone going? sue, congrats on getting to the 80s. I'm not too good, diet wise, since I stopped working looking for a new job all my structure seams to have been destroyed so choosing wrong foods, not exercising as much etc.. Last week had a doctor and I gain 1.5kg in 3 months, had a fill that seams to have done the trick and make me feel more in control. But all in all doctor still happy I'm still on target but I feel better if the band is a bit tighter. But have you realised that soon it will make a year since surgery? Wow is amazing how much has changed in my life!! I will be in Paris for my band anniversary so have to plan something to celebrate. hope everyone is good... xoxo
  3. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    Hi All... Great to hear u swimming Garfie I really love swim and been doing 2x a week now, but once I'm on the water don't wanna leave.. Lol... I'm happy Xmas is over and this year is starting, I am self employed now so can prioritize my exercise time and cook. Monday I start my training training for the next triathlon, need to push myself to do. 10km run... last few weeks I eat much more then I expected I could (after surgery) so now need to get back on track... Cheers
  4. pettitpoly

    Parramatta - Exercise Buddy...

    Hi Guys, Anyone around Parramatta looking for a exercise buddy? Cheers Paula
  5. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    Hi Guys, How is everyone going? Has been a while. I've been doing ok. Well ok means the weight is moving slowly now but still moving... As I said to a friend seams that I am running a marathon and the first 34km was flat not I'm on the last km but is the beginning of a hill....But I will conquer... Anyway, can't complain just frustrated some times... In the last month did 2 small triathlons and now training for a full Sprint Triathlon in feb. so health wise I'm improving and my legs are pure muscle. Beside that my position has been made redundant so a bit of insecurity has seem some of my old friends (chocolate, ice-cream ) come for a visit more often. But I have not gain weight since I'm exercising a lot (I loose around 1500cal a day in exercise), so not going to be to hard on myself thru this period. With all the exercise and stress I haven't been here as much as I liked but I finish work next week then I will have more time. Anyway enough about me... How you guys going? Cheers Paula
  6. pettitpoly

    Total banding disasters

    wow... you should ask a explanation form the doctor just so you know... but hopefully will be smooth sailing for here own...
  7. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    Wow Jools that is sensational!!!!
  8. pettitpoly

    O clinic sydney help

    Hi Kylie, Doctor Taylor asked me 2 weeks before surgery... Hope it helps. Cheers
  9. pettitpoly

    Reached my goal today

    Congratulations it is sensational!! Any before and after images?
  10. pettitpoly

    Sydney running festival 2012 photos!

    Congratz good effort... Be Proud!!!
  11. pettitpoly

    Down 12 kilos

    WOW Sue that is sensational!!! You must be feeling great!!! Congrats quite happy for you!!!!
  12. pettitpoly

    April Bandits

    hello everyone... hope everyone is doing good... I am great.... Maybe will feel beter with another fill but still loosing, training a lot, exercise is may middle name at the moment, that's why i have not logged in.. for my 38th birthday I ran (really ran) the 4km Blackmores Family fun run, getting to the other side was really good. Now I'm training for the Pink Triathlon... So I have enrol in a number of events to keep me focus to get better... Im on limbo on clothes size, one store I'm a 20 and next I'm a 14..ahaha go figure... but have tried size 14 from sports girl and fits ok... quite happy... Food wise I only notice I seam to get a bit stuck with salmon for some reason but have to remember next time and try to eat slower and smaller maybe is just because of the texture im eating fast or something, anyone found something like that? Time to go to bed gotta wake up early to train my bike for 58kg... wow.. is so cool!!! Cheers Paula
  13. pettitpoly

    before and after 60 kilos loss

    Wow congrats that's fantastic results!
  14. pettitpoly

    What am I to expect?

    I decided quite quick but that is my nature, but had the same fears and the week before I was ready to give up. But then my shoe lace was undone and I had to take the shoe off because I could not reach...I went to hospital all smiles... That made me got thru with it. Besides my weight I would say I was relative active and "healthy". I follow all the rules Dr. Taylor and team gave me. I was afraid to eat thinks but introduced all back. I still am to find something I can't eat. Fear is normal. But each case is a case, but make sure to have all your questions and fear to ask the doctor and he will explain your fears and him or the psychologist will help you with any doubt. Good luck... I just gotta s
  15. pettitpoly

    Dr Taylor - Crows Nest Sydney

    HI Minnie, I also went in sure on doing the sleeve but a few things he said got me to change my mind but mostly the surgery risk. Also read lots and found other advantages of the band over the sleeve on a long term if you are under 50yo... So I decided to follow his advice and become a bandit, and loveing it... Cheers