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  1. emgem


    Congratulations! Hopefully, you get reward for your effort.
  2. emgem

    It is amazing a difference a year makes!!!

    Such a huge change. Congratulations!
  3. emgem

    My first pics... almost 11 months on.

    That is so fantastic!
  4. emgem

    The difference 10 months has made

    You look fabulous!
  5. emgem

    Just shy of 30kg/Side by Side comparisons

    Wow, great job. You look terrific.
  6. emgem

    post op meal replacements??

    Up and go make me gag, so I stuck to the optifast.
  7. emgem

    Optifast + Exercise?

    I lost about 8 kilos on optifast but was walking the dog twice a day for at least 90 mins in total.
  8. emgem

    Shoulder tip pain 5+months

    I still suffer it occaisonally, but only when it has been a long time since I last ate and I am starving.
  9. emgem

    Am I being silly

    I started doing boot camp 9 weeks ago, which not surprisingly involves sit ups, with no ill effects. I am now five and a bit months post banding, but my port is higher up on the abdominal wall than some people's. Only a couple of inches below my ribs on the left hand side.
  10. emgem

    Another sad story.

    I'm not even sure why she needs to blend a mars bar. Her band must be way too tight or she is eating way too fast.
  11. emgem

    wedding photos

    You look lovely!
  12. emgem

    Feeling soo much better

    You should be happy. You look wonderful.