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  1. Fingerscrossed

    Dr Dolan on Holidays

    I'm thinking about going to bmi joondalup for the bulk billed fills, but kevin did my surgery. Anyone know if it's possible to just ring up and go to them? I'm supposing they'll want medical records etc :-( I need full ASAP, I'm putting weight back in and need a kick!
  2. Fingerscrossed

    February is the new January!

    So, New years came and went, and January happened in a blurry puff of smoke! I had to have most of my fluid removed before Xmas due to a rushed trip to emergency with severe gastric pain. Thank Gideon my band hadn't slipped but it was too tight and everything was inflamed. Anyway my point is that I spent Xmas and new years able to eat ANYTHING! So my new years resolutions start after my appointment with Kevin Dolan today and a re-fill! Hopefully I can find that sweet green zone soon! Anyone else need to make February the new January?
  3. Fingerscrossed

    Dr Dolan (Pre-Surgery Diet)

    Call his office and ask what the current wait time is from first appointment to surgery. I had a 4 week wait last year so I'd find out first so you're not doing it prematurely. You might be lucky and get done a week later but I wasn't :-( I also was not required to do optifast at all. I asked him and he said it wasn't necessary for me (I weighed much more than you). Good luck x
  4. Fingerscrossed

    Knife, Fork & Band Second Hand

    Ok thanks for that! I was wondering if that might be the case!
  5. Fingerscrossed

    Knife, Fork & Band Second Hand

    Thanks Leanne I have p.m'd you. Anyone else have knifefork and band? X
  6. Fingerscrossed

    Dr Dolan

    He's great despite the long waiting times in his rooms for each appointment. He can seem to be rushed but having said that, he answers each and every question thoroughly and is a fantastic surgeon. Great dry sense of humour. Go to him. He's well practised and he really does care and seems proud with each loss. Good luck
  7. Fingerscrossed

    Knife, Fork & Band Second Hand

    If anyone else has knife fork and band going I'm very very interested too! I need more assistance!
  8. Fingerscrossed

    Had to share !!

    I can't wait for that too, only 3.5 to go for me. Well done!
  9. Fingerscrossed

    Confused about full feeling

    I had butterfly feelings at the start, but I'm 95% sure they were excitement butterflies about losing weight! Don't eat unless you feel hungry! You will quickly learn the difference for you. Then you've just got to learn the difference between hunger and head hunger (still struggling occasionally with that one!) All the very best to you x
  10. Fingerscrossed

    What do you do when food gets stuck ?

    I always keep a strong leak proof plastic bag in the car. I've had to use them 3 times (road-side regurg!) Completely my own fault by eating quickly on the run. Old habits die hard :-(
  11. Fingerscrossed

    Bandind Books

    Of course that was meant to say banding not bandind! Bloody autocorrect what were you thinking?!
  12. Fingerscrossed

    Bandind Books

    Can you please tell me which Banding related books you have purchased and if it was really worth buying? Thanks in advance!
  13. Fingerscrossed

    words of wisdom and motivation PLEASE!!

    Thanks so much everyone. I think part of the problem was that I changed phones and didn't visit this site often enough! (Because I couldn't work the phone out!) Anyway I've been for a fill and alreadyfalreadyfeelsl better! Hunger is really diminished just working in the willpower again! Thanks again x
  14. Well I've fallen completely off the wagon. I'm eating way too much and am hungry between meals. Having lots of stuck moments with good food, so being a very busy working mum to toddlers I'm taking the easy way out and eating 'fast' food and by that I mean 'slider' food that I know wont get stuck and will go straight to my bot instead :-( Starting to get down in myself and talking into the old trap of 'I'll be good starting tomorrow' but tomorrow never comes. Any words of motivation or tips for me would be greatly appreciated! I was banded in march, have lost 24kg (but have regained 2 in 4 weeks). Another 25 to go so I need some encouragement! Thanks
  15. Fingerscrossed

    Your 'Ah Ha' moment

    We had just moved to Perth and a new friend was asking about my husband. I showed her some wedding pics and she was blown away by the (30kg) difference in me. She said plainly and truthfully 'what happened? You have to lose that weight again'. She wasn't being nasty or vindictive, she was telling me something I had knew but was in denial about. Also the same as a few of the rest of you-my husband once said he knew how desperately unhappy I was about my weight and said I could have the band done if I wanted. I cried and cried of relief and excitement. After 32years of being overweight, I wish I'd done it sooner. 23kg down, 23 to go to get to Surgeon's goal!