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  1. Hi Girls! :) I remember you both as well!

    I also went back to my doctor with my tail between my legs and had some more fluid put in. I'm determined to keep seeing him regularly again for accountability and to use my band as a tool again to get where I want to be. I'd just about forgotten I even had a band! So having that little hand-brake back with some more fill will hopefulyl remind me to watch what im eating.


    Optfast is going well, the worst time for me is at night after the kids go to bed. Cravvviiings!

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  2. Thanks Ladies. I have actually made some progress on my road yo self-discovery. Ive been offered a job today. :) im very excited about doing this for myself and im keen to do all my food prep on Sundays ready to take healthy meals to work. Im sure that fulltime work will consume my attention instead of thinking about food all day. im hopeful that I will start to see the scales go down again. :)

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  3. I can relate. I'm plateaued at 75kg, have been for months (which is okay because im trying to maintain my weight for my wedding dress, just 3 more weeks!). But I certainly am back in the mindset where I'm not happy anymore at this size and do want to lose more weight and at least get to my surgeon's goal of 69kg. I miss how easy the weight came off at the beginning and I know how hard it's going to be from here on out. Its just utterly exhausting thinking about this constant dieting to get to where I want to be and I worry that when I get there, I wont be able to maintain it.

  4. I would highly recommend finding some help at least for the first week. I had a 1 year old and theres no way I could have managed for the first few days without the help I had. Even by the time I thought I was okay to lift him, I soon discovered that it was still too much and I was very sore after.

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  5. I think you're putting a lot of pressure on him to get down to a healthy BMI. Realistically, it is possible, but much better to aim for a BMI of around 30 or 35 to start with. He may never get to a "healthy" weight and you need to be okay with that, and just be proud he's achieved what he has so far. Even if he gets to the weight you want him to be, he may find it extremely difficult to maintain

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  6. Sounds like your partner needs the kick up the bum, not you! What about joining a walking group, or a Zumba class! I love going to Zumba once a week for some ME time.

    I think you need to discuss these feelings with your partner and tell him that you're feeling bored with life at the moment and you'd like to work on it together with some activities. Maybe you could go fishing together or find a mountain nearby to climb? Go to your local information centre and look for new places to visit? Wineries, tourist parks, galleries etc

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  7. Thank you. This is such a great list :) im a year banded and having some trouble maintaining while I wait for my wedding to come and go. I dont want to lose too much more weight so I can fit into my dress without expensive alterations, but i think im subconsciously giving myself permission to eat bad foods. Im really looking for a book to read that will help me with emotional eating and keep me focussed on my long term goal. Any suggestions?

  8. Wow. It just hit it me, reading that. Ive done it this year too. I could have written parts of your post. Every.year since I was about 12 I'd wish to be smaller or set a goal to lose weight but never did anything about it. And now I have. :) that thought is really comforting.

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  9. Big hugs. I know how you feel on the job hunt. I have been searching for over 12 months and I thought my last interview went pretty well but failed to get it. My eating was out of control but ive taken back that control. Its the only thing that I CAN control, what goes in my mouth. I cant force someone to hire me but I can eat salad instead of pasta and just work on improving myself. :)

  10. Great attitude :) I think 85kg is a great goal. Im much shorter than you, 156cm, and my personal goal was 60kg. This JUST puts me at a healthy BMI, the high end of my healthy range. I have lately been feeling that this might be unrealistic for me also. At my last weigh in, I was 74kg. My surgeon wanted me under 70kg (69kg) so I honestly think if I make it to that, I will consider my banding a success. I would still love to get to 60kg, and maybe I will slowly over the next year, but I think I'd be happy anywhere between 65-69kg.

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  11. Thanks everybody. I finally got the courage to weigh this morning and I have gained 3kg. Back up to 78kg, so i doubt I will be getting to 70kg before my anniversary. But I'm glad I did it, because it has given me the reality check that I needed to see what I'm doing to myself again. Better to  have caught it at 3kg than at 10kg.
    I'm not going to put pressure on myself to get to 70kg by Nov 15th, but I am going to put pressure on myself to shed these 3kg that have crept on in the last 2 weeks.

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  12. BiG HUGS!!! I know how it feels to be the big, loud, funny girl at school too. I'm 23, been banded since last november and have lost 32kg. :) I'm desperately trying to lose the last 6kg to get to my surgeon's goal weight....then another 10kg to get to my own goal. Let me know if you ever want to chat :)

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  13. We got the second one! They accepted our offer, contract was signed Wednesday, today we had a building and pest inspection done and ive re-negotiated price based on something that was found during the inspection. All there is to do now is wait for the paperwork to go though the bank and cross our fingers the finance is approved. then we can organise the move! so exciting. :)

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  14. Thanks Kim. :) Im trying not to let it get to me, I just hate playing these games, especially when so much money is on the table. I cant wait to get our own place so I can start decorating. I have always lived in a rental so it will feel good to be able to make significant changes and know that we are improving the value of our own home, instead of someone else's.