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Status Updates posted by FreshStart2

  1. Posted one of my wedding photos :)

    1. Caughtbetween


      How lovely you look, thank you for sharing.

  2. Made some protein balls to snack on post-workout. Recipe needs some revision..

    1. Shorty


      The idea is great but they just don't have you coming back for more do they??

    2. FreshStart2


      yeh but i think thats the good part, i just have 2 after a workout and then i dont want any more lol

    3. Shorty
  3. We bought a house today! Our first home :)

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    2. Sara M
    3. tryingagain2013


      Congrats, such an exciting time purchasing your first home, enjoy :)

    4. hair band

      hair band

      May it be filled with lots of love and laughter.... Big congratulations. XX

  4. Happy to say that my carb-bingeing over the last two weeks hasnt resulted in any weight gain. Yippee!

  5. another new picture in the gallery!

  6. given up on LCHF. not working for me. just back to more veggies and some protein. exercise twice a day if possible. that my current goal. dunno how long it will last!

  7. new picture in the gallery!

    1. amyg1988


      Looking great!!! I've felt exactly the same about leather jackets...can't wait to finally wear one one day!

    2. k8staar


      You're looking fab! Well done :)

    3. dafleece


      Your looking amazing, love the jacket!

  8. I know I shouldnt check the scales all the time. But I just snuck on, and saw 79.6!! I've cracked the 70s!

  9. Whenever I have a really good day with food and exercise, I always want to treat myself "cuz i deserve it". I will not reward myself with food...I am not a dog...I am not a dog...

    1. tishtish


      You deserve a reward ... just find something that's not food. A magazine, or a long soak in a hot bath, a pedicure ... you get the idea.

  10. Have had SUCH a bad day, food-wise. And cbf going to Zumba. I'm going to force myself into the bike instead

  11. Having a bit of a "relaxed" food day today lol. not super naughty, just not super healthy either

  12. I have a job inteview tomorow! Please everybody cross your fingers for me!

  13. Posted a new photo in the gallery of me in a sexy black dress :)

  14. Bought a new set of scales, digital ones this time. They show me as a kilo heavier than my others. I'm choosing to ignore that extra kilo :P

  15. Refuse to get back on the scales until they start cooperating again! lol although admittedly, I will have to get on the scales in order to check that. Will give it a few more days

    1. Karin


      LOL !! Me too. Im sure mine are just sulking cos I was working them too hard.

    2. Beth


      I'm in the same place. It's so frustrating. It doesn't MOVE!!

  16. I'm having a fat day. I havent put on any weight, im just bored and grumpy and just want to sit on the couch all day and eat. anything.

    1. JMJ


      Just do it Leanne. But don't eat too much as to make yourself sick. It's ok to have an "off" day :)

    2. Caughtbetween


      Sigh...know the feeling.

      Sometimes I just want a day off the band and re-commune with my greedy self.

      It doesn't last though....onwards and upwards! (Or perhaps downwards lol)

    3. FreshStart2


      I am towards the end of my period though, so hopefully it settles down next week.

  17. Having my first spray tan this morning! I better go take a before picture haha

    1. BackinBlack


      Good luck with that, had my first and last one back in July. :P

  18. New mini goal is to lose 6kg by Good Friday. I'm going to write it down and put it on the fridge!

  19. Made it to my goal of 88kg by the end of Jan. New goal is another 4kg by the end of Feb. Slowly working through my mini goals :)

  20. Got a pumpkin and zucchini quiche in the oven for dinner

    1. TLC
    2. .Kylie.


      yum!! can you post the recipe or send to me on Facebook please?

    3. Mrs Miles

      Mrs Miles

      Sounds amazing but i am back on opti til i get to goal :o

  21. Avoiding the Christmas chocolates on top of the fridge, and having a mango instead :)

  22. I think my weight has gone up a kilo and a half, maybe 2kg over christmas lol. But that was at 3pm wearing all my clothes. so I dont think i'm doing too bad.

    1. .Kylie.


      I say, as long as you enjoyed your day with family/friends.. who cares!! You will get it off again. We ARE human!

    2. Caughtbetween


      What are you doing on the scales at 3pm??

      Isn't that illegal? Lol

      Seriously, step away from the scales. Make an appointment with them at 0600 Mon morning , not before.

      This is your mother speaking......lol

    3. FreshStart2


      haha thanks ladies. I couldnt help it..I had to look!! lol. Will definately be leaving the next weigh in til my hubby goes back to work on the 2nd.

  23. FINALLY the scales down down again. so relieved, 15kg down :)

  24. little bit depressed over the soft food plateau. Stuck on 95kg, but its better than 108 which is where I started from. :)

    1. AppleMartini


      Not going up is a win there. I put on weight when I could start eating again. Keep at it.

  25. wish I could take a picture of my own bum....it looks good in these jeans!

    1. pennyj


      go to a store with the mirrors that show your behind in the change rooms... like Jeanswest, and take a photo :P

    2. Cath1304
    3. jen16


      Brilliant status update!