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    I've been a bit inactive lately, been busy, but not doing the right things. I havent been following a diet of any kind, or exercising at all, and I'm starting to feel and see it.

    After another fill a few weeks ago, my hubby was on holidays, which is when my diet and exercise routine tends to fail a little. We went to a friend's wedding, where I got sick (gastro?) halfway through the night, could barely eat anything and had to come home early. I lost about 2kg being sick that weekend, and although I'm avoiding the scales like the plague, I'm 99% sure ive put that back on. We're moving into our new house this week (just bought our first home), and we've changed our wedding reception venue with 6 months until the big day. Amongst this we've also thrown our son a birthday party and been to a baby shower. He's gone back to work but I havent regained my motivation. Yet..

    Needless to say, I've had a lot on my mind the last couple of weeks and really been neglecting my weight loss journey. I'm starting to feel fat and gross again, and not liking what I see in the mirror, even though I have probably only gained a kilo or two, IF THAT. I think its in my head more than anything. I know that when I'm not exercising, I really lose the motivation to eat healthy and drink water, and I'm hoping that the warming weather will assist me.

    My baby, my son, he turns 2 tomorrow and I know how far I've come since this time last year. 1st October will be the anniversary is the day that I became really serious about improving my health. November 15th is the anniversary of when i received my lap band.

    If I can motivate myself enough to get in the right mind-set, I would really love to lose another 5kg before my 1 year anniversary. I have gone from 108kg, to about 76kg (assuming i have put on a kilo or so). If I could just done to 70kg, or even 69kg (my surgeon's goal), I know I could feel like my banding surgery has been a success. I know it has, dont get me wrong, but I would be ecstatic.

    Just have to get through another week of stress (moving) and then I need to climb back on the horse!

    P.S. Have attached one of the family photos we had taken a few weeks ago.
  2. FreshStart2
    So yesterday was the big day. Sorry if my account is a little hazy or short.

    Thursday night I had my "last supper" with my fiance which was slow cooked herb and garlic lamb shanks, with mashed potato and steamed green vegetables. It was absolutely divine, especially after two weeks of Optifast! We had a beautiful night together and then set the dreaded alarm for the following morning.

    Got up around 5:30 yesterday morning, showered and got the little one ready to get in the car. We got to the Ashford hospital around 6:30am, so glad we were early because after we were done being admitted, the line suddenly got very long and busy at 7. The admissions lady gave me forms to sign, I paid my excess fee of $250, and I was given two wrist-bands with my name and DOB on them. We were then taken into a small interview room to speak with the Anesthetist, who discussed what was going to happen, where I would be going, what could possibly go wrong etc.

    Then a nurse came to collect me, and my fiance, who was still with me at this stage. The nurse got me changed into the sexy gown and painted my tummy with this pink stuff. Fiance was quite pleased that I had to strip naked and walk around nudie under my gown, the pervert Kept trying to poke me in the bum when she wasnt looking. She weighed me, took my vitals, and asked me a lot of medical questions. At this point our son was getting restless so my fiance went home to get him ready for a day at childcare, whilst I waited in a waiting room with a few other ladies, also waiting in sexy gowns.

    Finally it was my turn to be called. A nurse collected my bags from me, and put tags onto them so they didnt get lost. I was walked down a few corridors and was asked to climb into a bed where they rugged me up, put a surgery hat over my hair and asked me two more series of medical questions. They checked all my arm-bands and paper work and my surgeon and assisting doctor came over to say hello and explain would was going to happen. Then they left and the Anesthetist came over for another chat and place some needles into my arms. They wheeled me away into a lift and down lots of corridors and into a room where I was given an injection of some kind. The "gin and tonic" as he called it. The room started going fuzzy and I don't remember anything after that.

    To be honest, I don't even really remember waking up. I remember I was in recovery ward to begin with because they were waiting on a bed. I think it was almost lunchtime when I woke up. A few nurses came to check on me and talk to me, although what was said is a little hazy. Somebody then turned up to take me to the "high dependency unit" with a bunch of other people who were recovering from surgery.

    The nurses there showed me how to adjust the bed, call for them with the red button and access the things I needed. I remember asking one of them to call my fiance and let him know I was out and awake, although just as she was asking for his number, he came around the corner anyway It was about 1:30? I think. He didnt stay long as I was pretty groggy and very tired. My eyelids kept dropping as we were talking and finally he told me to get some sleep and he would come back with our son later so I could say goodnight. I went to sleep for a couple of hours. Instead of the compression stockings on my legs, I had these wrap things that would inflate and massage my legs. It was incredibly hot and itchy under there! and I asked to have a bit of a break from them for 10minutes around tea time.

    I was on a drip, on morphine as well and didnt have much pain at all. I didnt have any shoulder tip pain or nausea. After a bit of a nap, I sat up in bed and read my book for a while til my fiance got back. He came and went, and I went back to reading my book. During this time the nurses brought me water, soup, tea and this special protein juice to sip on. I got up to go to the toilet on my own and changed into my own clothes. I also had jelly at diner time but my son ate it, then vomited it up in my bed lol. Glad I didnt eat it! I wasnt all that interested in the fluids to be honest. I was starving most of the day, then had a couple sips of juice and soup and wasnt hungry anymore.

    The nurses kept asking how i was going, checking my vitals. I was given this breathing tool with plastic balls that i was supposed to make rise 6 times an hour. The first time I was asking to suck the air in, I started coughing and it was quite painful. It was supposed to inflate my lungs, and doing so caused a bit of strain on my wounds.
    They kept commenting how low my blood pressure was throughout the day and night, and at some point mentioned if it stayed so low they would think about doing a blood transfusion. I was ready for bed about 8pm, I shut my book and went to sleep. I have to say that I wasnt in a great deal of pain unless trying to sit up. They kept me topped up with the good drugs. I remember waking at about 10:30 to people running past my bed, I thought somebody might have needed urgent attention and went back to sleep. An hour later I heard the nurses changing shift, telling each other that "number 6 was gone". When my nurse came in to check my bloody pressure and offer me more morphine, I asked if somebody had passed away and she confirmed it.

    That freaked me out a little bit because it reminded me where I was. In a high dependency ward, post surgery, with low blood pressure. I'd be lying if I said I wasnt a little bit scared after that, and made sure I did the exercises on the breathing thing to inflate my lungs. The nurses woke me up about every hour during the night to check my blood pressure, at once point saying I need to put the oxygen back on as my stats were dropping. That scared me a little bit too. I think it was about 4:30 when they were happy my blood pressure was rising to a more normal rate.

    I think I woke up at about 6:30 this morning. I called the nurse to unhook me from everything so i could go to the toilet and get changed. I was offered a shower but decided to wait and do it at home. I drank my breakfast juice and sipped water whilst sitting up on my bed and reading my book until my fiance came to get me and it was time to be discharged. I spoke with the surgeon who said everything went very well, my liver was fine, he didnt mention anything about any hernia repairs. He also checked my wounds and was pleased that there is very little bruising. He told me to speak to the dietician before leaving, which i did. she basically just re-told me all about the liquid and mushy stages, then i picked up my discharge medications (Endone and Prodeine Fort, and Nutrichew multivitamins) and off home I went!

    As I said, is a lot I dont remember. Besides the pressure in my chest from the gas build up, the pain was and still is quite managable. I went in and out of surgery with no tears. Home now, ive been sipping on V8 vegetable juice, has a small bowl of runny soup for lunch and am trying to sip as much water as I can to keep my fluids up. All in all, the surgery for me was a bit of a breeze and I'm looking forward to recovering properly and getting into a regular meal-plan tomorrow. Its hard because I feel like I'm just drinking ALLLLL DAY!

    Well thats all, I guess Happy to answer any questions if anybody has any. Goodluck to those heading into surgery soon!
  3. FreshStart2
    1 week post op
    Highest Weight: 108kg
    Current Weight: 98kg
    Highest BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 40


    So it's one week since my gastric banding surgery. I saw the clinic GP this afternoon and weighed in at 98kg. So I have lost 10kg since 1st October, 8kg since the beginning of Optifast (in the last 3 weeks). Happy with that!

    Today was the first morning that didnt hurt to get out of bed or bend down for something, so I'm healing well. The GP took out the staples from the incisions, and they are a tiny bit itchy, but it didnt really hurt, it feels like plucking hair out. I didnt get to look at them or take a photo before he put the sticky dressings back on.

    I've still got a pretty impressive bruise from when I was knocked out and in theatre. Jealous?

    Not doing too bad on liquids, not drinking NEARLY as much water as I should be. Have been drinking an optifast for one meal a day, an up'n'go for one meal, and I usually have soup for dinner. In between I'll have V8 juice, some drinking yoghurt or a small milo custard. Soooo looking forward to mushies, but the first week of liquids goes very quickly, and to be honest the first couple days you're so uncomfortable, you aren't that interested in food anyway. Well I wasnt.

    I've had vegetable and lentil soup, my cajun vegetable soup, homemade pumpkin soup, and tomorrow I'm making the potato and leek soup from the "Knife, Fork & Band" book.
  4. FreshStart2
    Yay! Finally, after 5 rejections, we've finally been accepted for a rental. I'm ecstatic!
    As of Monday the 6th Aug, we move into our new house and away from the in-laws! I'm beginning my new healthy eating plan in preparation for my banding im looking forward to doing my own shopping and preparing beautiful healthy meals, trying out some new recipes.
  5. FreshStart2
    Hi everybody.
    We're all moved into our own place, which has been great. But i seem to be having a bad run with my health. In the last month, my son got conjunctivitus, which I then caught. Then I got food poisoning one night from defrosted frozen leftovers. Then I developed the (probable) Carpal Tunnel. And this week my flu-like symptoms and gunky eye have returned for an encore of Conjunctivitus. Im going to my surgeon on Monday to get a date for my banding surgery, so Im really anxious for everything to settle down beforehand. I dont want my surgery postponed If I get sick right before
  6. FreshStart2

    I did my first Zumba class this evening and I'm so glad I did!! I just loved every minute of it.
    Sweat pouring down your face, the burning in your extremities, getting the moves wrong and feeling like an idiot. It was all good.

    The room was dark. Just coloured laser lights, with no mirrors. Mostly older ladies or a couple of what looked like 13 year olds. There was nobody else my age in the beginner class so I wasnt embarrassed at all lol. We all looked silly together
    I guess the real test will be when I move up and try out the normal Zumba class, but I wont be doing that for a while. I'll stick with beginner for now, and up until after my surgery recovery of course. Maybe next year I'll work up the fitness to do the next level.

    So thats my new Thursday night fun fitness. I guess I can always use the same songs and practise the moves on my own at home for now. They can be a bit tricky at first, some of them, particularly swapping legs or directions etc quickly. But I guess as I learn the routine, it will become more natural.

    Anyway I really recommend it as a fitness possibility, and don't wait until you lose weight! Do it now. I was going to wait and I'm so glad I didnt. I cant wait to be a size 14 so I can buy some of the cool Zumba clothes!

    TTFN xx
  7. FreshStart2
    1 month post op
    Highest Weight: 108kg
    Current Weight: 95kg
    Total Loss: 13kg
    Highest BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 39

    Still stuck. Haven't lost anything in the last week or so. Very disappointed. If anything, I have put only 500g or so. Can only eat right and exercise (when it's not 38 degrees outside!) and hope that it will shift eventually. If I can't move at LEAST another kilo by Christmas I'll be really upset. Just 2 more kilos, I just want to move 2 kg by the end of the year, and I will be happy. At the moment I'm panicking a little on the inside, thinking that I'm going to fail at this. Maybe I'll just be one of those slow losers, or one that has to do 3 hours a day of excercise (god i hope not).
  8. FreshStart2
    So we had a rough couple of days. My 14month old has either Scarlett Fever (says doctor), or Hand, Foot & Mouth (went around last week at his daycare). So he's been a very upset and cranky little person, not sleeping, not really eating and crying basically all day.

    He seems much better today, except for the spots and rash, seem to still have spread a bit further. But I'm just hoping, now PRAYING that I'm not going to come down with any symptoms in the next few days. I'm so close to getting my band, its all paid for. If they postpone it now, I will be devastated. I'll have to wait til January because I'm not prepared to have it done any sooner to Christmas.
  9. FreshStart2

    My hubby comes home from work tonight, and it's my last night before starting Optifast in the morning.
    I'm also seeing the dietician tomorrow so I guess its kind of a celebration, about my fresh start

    So we're going to have yummy San Choi Bow for dinner, put the little one to bed, get drunk on rum while we put on a movie and not watch it
  10. FreshStart2
    So its the third day after the operation and my pain is becoming more manageable, I learnt quickly to keep taking my drugs. I have 2xprodeine fort and 2 de gas tablets at breakfast, lunch and before bed. They seem to help a lot with the gas pain during the day. Been able to more a bit more. The incisions are becoming a little itchy which is a good sign that they are healing. I'm running out of prodeine fort, however, so i will soon have to get onto the packet of Endone they also gave me. I'd been avoiding it because some people said it made them feel sick. But if I need it, I need it.

    I still can't tell whether I am starving hungry, or just have the gas pain? They are quite similar feelings. I'm also having some of those "what the hell have I done" moments. I have fleeting moments where I wonder if this is going to be one of ways I fail to lose weight again, but mostly I'm just sitting looking at the leftover spaghetti bolognese or lamb shanks my family is eating, and look to my up'n'go, and can't help thinking i got the raw end of the deal lol. I am currently sucking on a roast carrot from my hubby's plate, which i will spit into the bin when im done with it haha.

    All in all, I think I am recovering quicker than I expected, although I HATE feeling and being treated like a person who can't do anything. They wont let me lift or push or pull anything heavier than a bottle of water lol. I guess I just need to learn to relax and let them do it for now, because its not often I get to sit on my butt and do nothing.
  11. FreshStart2
    I learnt my first lesson today about how important it is to sip water constantly throughout the day, particularly during the recovery immediately after surgery.

    The last two days i hadnt been feeling great, not really hungry or interested in having drinks, not even a cup of tea or diet cordial. My energy level today has just been so low, i had to go back to bed when my son went down for a nap. This afternoon i just started feeling dizzy, i picked up my son which i shouldnt have any, and i had to put him down immediately. I felt queasy, my face started to tingle and i knew that the blood was draining from my face. I was going to pass out, my stepmum told me id gone pale and she got me a cold flannel for my face and made me lay down on the couch. I spent the next hour eating hydrolyte icy poles and sipping water.

    The nurse who discharged me at the hospital warned me I'd be back if I didnt drink enough water and I finally believe her. Please, please, please, carry a water bottle with you always, and DRINK!
  12. FreshStart2

    I thought it was time for another entry.
    Its the 1st of April, I have 18 weeks until my appointment to give my measurements for my wedding dress. I'm setting myself a goal to lose 12kg by then. That's about 0.6-0.7kg A WEEK. I think its a reasonable and achievable goal. I would be happy with ten though, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself if I don't make 12.

    I have just bought myself a portion perfection bowl and plate, cuz ive been worried about my portions increasing. I have to have all my fill removed soon the have my wisdom teeth out under a general anesthetic. So in the meantime, I'm re-focussing on what im putting on my plate.

    Its been just over 4 month since my surgery.

    My start weight: 108 kg
    Surgery Weight:100.5 kg
    Current Weight: 81.7 kg
    Goal Weight: 60 kg

    My Start BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 33

    Overall I am so happy with my results so far. I feel much healthier, more confident in myself, and more attractive. So I've included some pictures of myself taken recently, just because I'm proud.
  13. FreshStart2
    And when I say deflated....I mean I look like a deflated balloon.

    I'm really having issues with the loose skin drooping from my arms, thighs and belly. oh and of course..the boobs! I'm so happy to be losing weight but when I look in the mirror or have bare arms/legs, I cant help getting a little sad about the way my body looks. And I can't help thinking how much less I would weigh if the loose skin was gone.And how many dress sizes would I go down if it was removed. I can stand topless in front of the mirror, and pull the skin up and away from myself and see a nicely shaped little body underneath all that horrible skin (and some fat still).

    I really thought that losing all the weight would make me feel fantastic about myself but I guess there are still hurdles to jump through. I haven't lost as much as some other people on here, just 30kg, and I still have 18kg to go, so it will be interesting to see how I look at the end.

    I admit, I havent done as much toning as I could be, but I honestly don't believe that it would fix the problem anyway (maybe a slight improvement). And I cant afford to have the skin removed. With a wedding next year, trying to save for a house deposit and wanting to have another baby in the next year or two, I just cant see cosmetic surgery as a viable option in the near future.

    Having a lot of trouble this week with motivation. Ive been slacking on exercise cuz I just can't find it.

    Not really looking for any solutions here, just need to put my feelings in print and get it all out off my chest.
  14. FreshStart2
    My name is Leanne and I'm a 21 year old (new) mother of a 6 month old baby boy. I've struggled with my weight my whole life, and hadn't been under 100kg for at least 3-4 years. I met my fiance about 3 years ago and started immediately on a weight loss regime, determined to look good for him and feel more confident about myself. It worked! For a while... I'd lost about 10kg going to Healthy Inspirations, exercising in their gym and having diet consultations.

    Then around Christmas 2010, I fell pregnant. That combined with all the yummy treats of Christmas, there went all my hard work. I stopped going to the gym for fear of over-doing it, I gave into pregnancy cravings and put all the weight back on. After the birth of my son six months ago, I had Implanon inserted into my arm, to avoid any more "lovely, surprise" pregnancies.

    Six months later, I am heavier than I was when I was 9 months pregnant. It's a horrible feeling to get on the scale and see that. I've thought about Lap Band surgery in the past, but thought it was too far out of my reach financially, not to mention I was embarrassed and didnt think I was 'there yet'. I think when you become a mum, you spend so much time taking care of everyone else, that you forget to look after yourself, and now that I'm over that 100kg mark yet again, I need to take action now and prevent it from becoming something I put off whilst I raise my son.

    So this weekend, I made the decision to enquire about it and spoke to my partner (hesitantly), hoping for his support. He was fantastic, told me he loved me how I was but he could see that this is something I needed to do for myself, for our relationship, and for our son. So, tomorrow I begin my phone calls to get an appointment at an Obesity Clinic nearby. Wish me luck!
  15. FreshStart2
    This is just a quick one to help motivate myself. Last week after getting home from our trip to Brisbane, I committed myself to "clean eating" and excercise for the next months, until I begin Optifast. Over the weekend, I've forced myself to do a minimum of 30 minutes excercise every day. I'm no longer using my son as an excuse not to go to the gym or whatever, I bundled him up in the pram and we went for a nice walk. I've been forcing myself to drink more water. I've put up inspirational posters on the walls and fridge to keep my mind on track.

    There are several around the house and they say:
    "Do not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog" and has a picture of a puppy eating.
    "Losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is hard, staying fat is hard. Choose your hard".
    "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" has a girl in a bikini on it.
    "Just 30 minutes each day", has a picture of a girl running on a sunset beach.
    There's a picture of a slim girl in underwear with an apple, standing next to a fat girl in underwear holding a huge block of chocolate.
    Another has a picture of a glass of water and says "6 glasses" to remind myself to drink water.
    and my favourite one is all words, it's by the front door and says
    "It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to it's max. There will be temptation. But I promise you, when you reach your goal, it's WORTH IT".

    Whether you agree with these quotes or images or not, they seem to be helping keep my mind in the game and pushing me to do those things that I struggle to do. Im not a water-drinker, and I do find excuses not to excercise. Its good to have the visual reminders around the house where I can see them every day. Hopefully they'll inspire something in others.
  16. FreshStart2
    I have finally reached the 15kg (30%) lost mark and I'm keen to lose the next 5.

    I'm going to set myself the goal of losing that 5kg by the end of January. That is 6 weeks, so I think it is a healthy and achievable goal. If i reach the goal, I'm going to reward myself by booking myself in for either a full body massage, or my first bikini wax! lol. I'll also take some progress photos and post. If I don't reach it, I'll get it done anyway.

    I'm going to try to ensure i get my 30mins of exercise a day, which I often put off due to weather, I don't like taking my son out in the pram if it's too hot or raining obviously. I want to try and use our exercise bike more often, though I find it easier to go for a walk. The bike gets the burning in my legs going long before i can build up my heart rate, and im forced to stop much quicker than I would like. I can managed 5mins at a time before needing a break, where I can walk for 45mins on flat, uphill and downhill terrain. I'm thinking about investing in Zumba DVDS, that i can do at home whilst the baby is asleep. I love Zumba and would love to do it more than once a week.

    Wondering if anybody else has reached a milestone and would like to share their next mini goal?
  17. FreshStart2
    3 months post op
    Highest Weight: 108kg
    Current Weight: 86kg
    Total Loss: 22kg
    Highest BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 35
    Clothing Size: 14-16 (but still wearing old 18 clothes, weightloss isnt cheap!)

    I'm nearly halfway there! Just 2 more kg and I will be at 50% lost. This is my first blog entry as a "Yummy Mummy" instead of the not so yummy mummy I was before. I feel like I am well on my way to feeling like a new, attractive and fitter woman, and I feel like I'm earning that title, whether other people think I'm yummy or not. My hubby does so thats the main thing.

    I've just done 7.5km on the exercise bike after a few days of slacking off. I've got Zumba tonight so I'm nice and energised for that now. I dont have a lot to say other than I am very happy with my progress so far and even though I often lose motivation when my hubby is home or I plateau, I get right back on the horse and get on with it. Everyday is a new day to try and do better than I did the day before.

    My mum is flying over to visit for 3 weeks next month and I'm excited to go and try on wedding dresses. I would have loved to get down to 80kg before doing that, but I think thats a bit out of reach. I wanted to lose 6kg before Easter, I've dropped 2 of those, so just 4 more kg to go

    Bring it on!!
  18. FreshStart2

    I've lost 30kg, and that is fantastic, but I still have 10-18kg that I want to loose to get to a healthy weight.
    Whilst I have been doing exercise and changed my eating habits dramatically to lose this weight, I don't think that I have probably put 100% in, and still managed to lose.

    I think I've now reached the point where I will have to really work my butt off exercising to shift the rest of the weight, and the notion of that is pretty daunting. As a stay at home mum, I can do workouts when my son goes for his nap, but it can be hard for me to remain "active" throughout the whole day. There's only so much washing and cleaning and playing you can do before you just sit down and watch Peppa Pig on TV. And if you do managed to get in one whole "active" day....you have nothing to do for the rest of the week. Especially with the weather being quite cold and often wet.

    I've been doing LCHF for weeks and weeks now and only lost 2kg in the first week.

    I think I have to start counting calories....yuck.
  19. FreshStart2
    We've finally reached where we've been trying to get for over 2 years. We've got a deposit and been pre-approved for a loan. The hard part is now actually finding the house!

    We put an offer on a house yesterday and after a long day of head games and trying to outbid another buyer, we finally drew our line and lost. We've emailed through an offer for another house we liked now, and will hopefully hear back about that today. Unfortunately we aren't as confident about getting this one as he wants a bit more for it. If the game is going to be played like yesterday, we just dont have very far to move this time.

    Trying not to get my hopes up but cross your fingers for us!
  20. FreshStart2
    Hi All,
     I haven't actually logged onto this site for god knows how long. Years.
    Once upon a time...I was 112kg at my heaviest. Size 18..almost 20 if I'm 100% honest. It was 12months after my first child was born, and I was heavier than when I was pregnant with him! I underwent the gastric banding in Nov 2012. I stuck to the rules, ate the right foods, in the right portions, and did the right exercise. I managed to shed 37kg over the next 18months, to my lowest ever weight of 75kg (size 12), and I couldn't have been happier. I couldn't seem to get under that to reach my goal weight of 65kg but I was happy anyway.
    Unfortunately when I went back to fulltime work, an admin role, the weight started to creep back up. Juggling working fulltime as a FIFO mum was exhausting and I was become much less active. Sitting at a desk all day, indulging in the staff birthday cakes or treat lunches. I became complacent and put on about 10kg the first year I was there. Fast forward to Oct 2016 - I gave birth to my second child, and began a year-long battle with severe post-natal depression. Unfortuntely this resulted in the breakdown of my marriage as well, another reason for me to comfort-eat and not wanting to get out of bed. Between my depressive symptoms, having fill taken out (and not put back in) for my pregnancy, and various medications I was on, I piled the weight back on and I've found myself more or less back where I started.
    It's been a really rough 12 months. My youngest is now 18months old. Unfortunately I am separated (although not giving up hope), and I'm learning how to put myself first for a change.
    I joined a gym close to work late last year, and I go (amlmost) every lunchbreak for an hour during the week.
    I joined ParkRun - a 5km run (or walk) every Saturday morning, and I want to start learning how to run! My goal is to just beat my time every week, even if it's only by a minute.
    I applied and enrolled into university, something I never got to do after highschool, and come July, I will be starting a bachelor degree in Psychology. I'm so excited about this and see it as an investment in my future.
    I also am considering moving back to my home-state (WA) to be with my family again, after 7 years of living in Adelaide with my husband. I am hoping we will work things out and he'll come with me, but I'm preparing to go on my own (with the kids) if he won't.
    All of the above sounds like a lot to handle at once but I'm determined to make it happen. It's going to be the year of ME, and I'm trying to find myself again. I'm following my heart, feeding my mind and trying my hardest to regain my fitness. I'm starting over today on Optifast, 3x a day for 12 weeks for that kickstart I so desperately need. I'm also planning to make an appointment and reconnect with my banding doctor, have a bit more fill put in and work with him to lose the weight again.
    Most importantly, I've rejoined this community to find the support and encouragement I've been missing he last few years as I struggled to control my weight on my own.
    This is Day 1....107kg, size 18
  21. FreshStart2
    Okay. I'm doing it. Next week so I don't chicken out. I'm after new, reasonably cheap ways to exercise to keep myself from getting bored and losing motivation.
    Monday when my son goes to daycare, after my morning walk, I AM, I WILL go home, have a quick shower, grab my bathers and head to the leisure centre to do some laps in the pool. I've never done it before but it will be a nice change. I love being in the water, I just hate being in bathers. Hopefully there wont be too many people there on a Monday morning!

    Thursday night, I am going to leave my son with my hubby for an hour and go and check out my first Zumba class! I'm excited but nervous. I am glad that it's only going to cost me $10 a week. I don't know how much people pay for their gym memberships, but at least this way I can just pay as I go, and I'm not locked into a contract or anything with a gym.

    I might need some encouragement and motivation when it gets closer lol or I might chicken out. I have to tell my hubby (and you all) to keep myself accountable.
  22. FreshStart2
    Hello All,

    I start Optifast next Thursday so I have been enjoying getting in the kitchen and cooking the last few days. Now I havent been scoffing down maccas and chocolate. But I have made a yummy vegetable pizza, and tonight a yummy vegie quiche. I even treated myself to some stickydate pudding and custard the other night. I guess these are my last meals. Not that I cant have them later, but...well...we'll see i s'pose.

    I've started stocking up on things I'll need post-op. I got some V8 juice boxes, some benefibre and some up'n'go vive (thanks to whoever told me about the lower calorie version).

    I'm going to start making soup during week two of Opti and freeze them. I still have to buy some de-gas and a chewable vitamin. and maybe some liquid nurofen. I've got enough Opti for the two weeks (i think) but i guess I should get some more for after the surgery. Anything else I need?

    One thing I do need is to send in my hospital forms!! I will fill them out tonight and send them tomorrow! I will, I will.

    I am getting incredibly excited. Its nearly here. I'm not really looking forward to the actual Optifast, but more so about the period of weightloss from then until....well for the foreseeable future. I found some size 16 black jeans that I bought and never fit into, so I'm hoping to be able to fit them by christmas. I'm an 18 now so I dont think thats too much to ask. I'm also really looking forward to buying some new underwear, ive noticed mine getting looser lately. Bring on the new wardrobe!

    EDITED: I forgot to mention I took some selfies in the mirror last night, wearing my underwear. Front and side views, I cant do back and I dont want my hubby to take them lol. I don't know how much weight I'll have to lose before I'm happy with look at my body like that, but I know a few areas that particularly annoy me. The fat rolls underneath my bra. My lovehandles and tummy, and my upper arms. Now obviously everything could shrink a little bit, but these are my problem areas. I think I'll be reasonable happy with my legs and bum after about 15-20kg lost To be honest there isnt much bum there, so I wouldnt mind learning some exercises to help shape that a bit.
  23. FreshStart2
    I snuck onto the scales this morning before getting in the shower and I'm under 100! Only just, but just under is better than Just over. So to date my weight loss is:

    108kg: Final Surgeon appointment.
    106kg: Start of Optifast
    100.9kg: Surgery Day

    I'm not really scale-watching right now, I'm just focussing on healing anyway, but I am glad to have cracked the double digits!
    The pain isnt too bad today. I didn't need any pain meds before bed last night, and the only reason I took them this morning is because we were going to walk around a little at the shops, so I took my prodeine fort and de gas. The gas pain has decreased considerably, but it still hurts to laugh a lot, cough or sneeze, so I usually try to hold my tummy during that. ive been able to sleep a little on my side too, instead of just my back, so thats a good sign.
    My son is at daycare today so my step-mum and I went to the shops and we had "deluxe paraffin pedicures" so for an hour we sat in massage chairs and had some pampering It was quite nice to relax. And I bought some size 16 (yay!) three-quarter jeans, and a new singlet and shorts for bed.
    Still can't really lift anything too heavy, or push a trolley, but I have about a week before I need to. I'm not really loving the liquid diet whilst everybody is eating yummy food, I'll be happy to get onto mushies, but at least its not just optifast.
  24. FreshStart2
    12 days post op
    Highest Weight: 108kg
    Current Weight: 96.5kg
    Highest BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 39

    Hello, Just checking in

    So its only a few more days til I reach the 2 week mark. My weight fluctuates slightly every time I check, but I'm approaching 96kg! Probably 96.5, really need to get digital scales so I can see the grams and stop guessing.

    My BMI is now under 40, yay! and I am now OBESE and not MORBIDLY OBESE. Double yay! Never thought I would be so happy to be called obese lol. The size 16 jeans I bought just last week are even becoming a little loose around the legs, although I have been wearing them for a few days now so maybe they are just stretched and need a wash to shrink them back I love my 3/4 jeans. I'm going to go back to Big W and get some more.

    I'm surviving just fine on the liquid phase, a normal menu for me at the moment would be:
    - Breakfast: cup of tea, then Optifast or Up'N'Go about an hour later
    - Lunch: Optifast, or Up'N'Go (alternating what I had for breakfast)
    - Dinner: 1/2 cup soup (this satisfies me just fine. I'm not needing more at this stage.
    - Snack: "Go Ghurt". Home-made icy pole from diet cordial or V8 juice.
    - Drinks: sipping water frequently. sometimes a diet cordial or cup of tea with skim milk and no sugar.

    It's a little bit weird to only be eating half cups at a time, but i'm using my toddler's bowls, so it looks like a normal serve
    I'm am looking forward to starting mushies in a couple of days, I'm going to make some Tuna Mornay for Wednesday night.

    I know what head hunger is now. Whenever I feel myself thinking about a sandwich or pasta for dinner, I make myself listen really hard to my body to see if the craving is coming from my tummy or my head. If I am genuinely feeling hungry between meals at the moment, a cup of tea or a little bit of yoghurt is satisfying enough, and all cravings disappear. I can also usually ignore them buy keeping busy, doing chores, reading a book etc.

    I was going to begin my walking again this morning, although as my son is in daycare, I've decided to take advantage of the quiet and clean house, and just relax with my book today. It feel really good. I think I'll go to Zumba this week, but just take it easy, maybe skip a few of the more taxing moves. Just to get back into things. I don't want to overdo it but I feel the sooner I get back into a bit of exercise the better

    I still have my period, one that has lasted since I began the pre-op Optifast diet. Nearing its fourth week. Its really annoying, wish it would just disappear. I'm attributing it to the body shock and sudden weightloss. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon, otherwise I may take a trip to the GP to discuss it. I forgot to mention it at my 1 week checkup, but he's a man...just don't feel comfortable.
  25. FreshStart2
    6-7 weeks post op
    Highest Weight: 108kg
    Current Weight: 92kg
    Total Loss: 16kg
    Highest BMI: 44.5
    Current BMI: 37
    Clothing Size: 16-18 and getting loose!

    Happy New Year everybody!! Well I just had the best New Year I've ever had. (Except the one when I met my fiance and lost my virginity...sssh!).

    We spent two nights down in Victor Harbour with friends who were visiting from Darwin and Perth. They have a pool, hot tub, sauna and tennis court at their place, so lets just say a fun time was had by all. There was cheese platters BBQs and LOTS of alcohol.

    Since I was fairly "good" over Christmas, I decided to let myself go for NYE, being good during the day (I had a pumpkin and feta salad for lunch), I indulged in the cheese and crackers, creamy pina coladas and a couple of handfuls of jelly shots! We left our son with his grandparents for the night so we could relax and have our first real night off as parents.

    We all dressed up in a "Bad Taste" theme, scouring the op shops for some terrible outfits. Had a lot of fun taking the piss and snapping funny photos. At some point during the evening we all ended up in the pool, I was so proud to wear my bathers this year, I'm a long way from a bikini body, but I didnt feel too self-conscious (may have been the alchohol) and my board shorts are way too big, they almost came off in the pool. We managed to squeeze 7 of us (two girls and 5 guys) into the small hot tub....and there were lots of roaming hands, which made for a laugh (nothing dirty). At some point during the evening, people were taking photos of the tower of jelly shots i had balanced between my boobs.

    So anyway, I really enjoyed myself. Probably a little too much.

    I'm avoiding the scales for a week, but I was 92kg yesterday morning, so I'm sticking with that for now. I had another pumpkin and feta salad for dinner last night, and baked beans this morning. Back on the bandwagon immediately and hopefully I can get off whatever I put on NYE in the next week before I weigh again. My next two mini goals:

    Crack the 80's in 3 weeks.
    Lose 4kg by the end of Jan so I can tick off 20kg lost.

    I am getting a fill to help me achieve this next Tuesday (as I realised exactly how much i CAN eat if I choose to). I think another ml or 2 could help. I'm going to get back to my morning walks, and try my hardest to be active during the day. I'd like to buy the dumbbells ive been wanting for weeks and start toning exercises for my arms. And Zumba start up again next week, which I'm really looking forward to.

    I also have to make appointments with employment agencies and hope that they can help me get a job ASAP. We have a wedding to plan this year and want to get our deposit together and start building our house.
    Busy year ahead. Goodluck everybody! xx

    Photo: Me and my fiance dressed up in our bad taste outfits.