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  1. You look beautiful summer lovin :)

    There is nothing more motivating than fitting into your wedding gown. Rest assured that hopefully you can have the dress alterred a little if it doesnt fit properly. I actually lost too much weight after ordering my dress and it had to be taken in which is never cheap lol

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  2. Havent started the job yet, starting monday :)

    Today i made some healthy slices to put in my sons lunch boxes. Its got oats, carrot, dates, applesauce and wholemeal flour instead of the usual butter, sugar and white flour. Im pretty happy with it. :) its not really "sweet" but the fruit gives just enough sweetness for it to be yummy.

    I think im going to make a zucchini slice to freeze and take to work to start with.

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  3. Sounds like typical sibling rivalry to me. Deep down you love each other and want each other to be happy, but a bit closer to the surface, you secretly want to do better than them.

    My advice is to accept the help with the intention (and action) of paying your parents back, and do what you need for your health. Shes your sister, she'll be pissed off for a while and then get over it when her turn comes.

    She is just jealous and probably suffering low self esteem at this time as well so try not to take the hurtful things she says to heart. Instead be sympathetic to her situation, take the moral high ground and offer her your support.

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  4. Congrats on the job.....

    I have a feeling that I saw that you were trying for a baby...

    I bet now you have a job .. bang you will get pregnant.

    Happened to me.

    After months and months of interviews and applications I feel pregnant :)


    Haha yes we were and that's been put on hold for now. I felt stupid buying condoms today to use until i can get a pill prescription. Ive only ever used them twice and hated them. Hubby isnt impressed haha. Im going to try and wait at LEAST 6-8 months until we start trying again. I think i owe my new employer that much, especially since i said i was looking for a long-term position. I dont really want to wait but i dont want to miss out on a job either. *sigh* cant have it all, can i. :P

    As for the lunches i actually have no idea what's in the kitchen, i havent started yet so it will probably be cold chicken and salad til i work that out. I do a garden salad and add chicken, feta and pineapple. The pineapple and feta actually go so nicely together. Salty and sweet :) yumm. Or feta and roast pumpkin is hood too.

    Im looking for ones that are very low carb, so just proteins and veggies. Im going to go without bread and wraps etc again because i find that works best for my weightloss. Im keen on a recipe for like a lentil and vegetable-type casserole? I might have to look in my slow cooker book.

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  5. After 2 years of writing letters and submitting resumes, I've FINALLY been successful in getting a job. Im very excited and I'm hoping it will be just the boost I need to get back to my healthy eating and focus on myself.

    Im after some ideas for healthy low-carb lunches to take to work. I want to try and do my shopping on Saturdays and prepare the week's lunches on Sunday, ready to go. I dont want to have salad every day, especially in winter. Anybody got something creative but fairly easy and cheap?

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  6. Are we looking at this the wrong way?

    If you are using drinks to assist with swallowing the correct food in the correct amount, I don't see an issue (neither does my Surgeon)

    If you are using the drink to help swallow more food or the wrong types of food then you have an issue with what you are putting in your mouth

    This is a good point. Unfortunately the wrong foods all seem to slide through just fine. Ive only ever had to try to wash through a piece of cold chicken other other meat that was a leftover.

    I dont mind listening to what everybody else is saying,its interesting to see how medical advice differs between doctors, but at the end of the day i follow my own doctor's advice as well. I was told no drinking with meals, so I dont. :)

    But like you said, if you are eating the right food, in the right portion, with the right drink....then i dont see why you couldnt drink with a meal.

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  7. Giving your body a shock can help kickstart things again ive read. Maybe change the type, frequency or intensity of your exercise? If you usually walk you could try swimming once as week as well? Or if you use an exercise bike, you can ramp up the intensity at intervals? :)