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  1. I think we are do focussed on ourselves sometimes that we forget to give others a break. Most people probably just think "she/hes been deprived of goodies for so long, I'm sure they will appreciate a treat now".

    They're not trying to hurt you! Their hearts are usually in the right place.

  2. I honestly think she is just trying to help you celebrate by offering you an indulgent reward.

    or she is giving you chocolate so she can give herself permission to eat some.

    I highly doubt this is anything vindictive. Most saboteurs dont realise they are doing it. Just say thankyou and give them away when she isnt looking. Or "aww thankyou but im still on a strict diet. Ill take them to work to share in the lunch room :)"

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  3. When I was at highschool I would pretty much go without food all day and the second id get home I would eat whatever I could find, have second helpings of dinner etc. I consider bingeing to be when you sit down and eat/drink large quantities of something in a small period of time.

    For people with bands this can be very difficult and dangerous. Sometimes I'll eat when not hungry but I dont consider it "bingeing" unless I eat a stupid amount. For example a few weeks ago when I was having some diet control issues, I would buy a packet of 8 melting moments, and eat them all in one day.

    Im back in control now and doing optifast for a few weeks to kickstart my weightloss. If im just eating for boredom I make it something like a cucumber chunk or a carrot. I know that if im not prepared to eat those, im not really hungry.

    I also have trouble stopping when my food is particularly tasty, wether its a salad, curry or pizza.

  4. Just to make you feel better...

    I am approaching my 1 year banding anniversary. I have gone from 108kg to 74kg. I am fitter, healthier, and most importantly, HAPPIER. Clothes fit me better, my sex life has improved, people treat me better (sad but true), and I enjoy food much more now because I look for quality over quantity.

    Deep breath. You can do this.

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  5. I love the optifast bars. They keep me fuller for longer than the shakes. I like the chocolate best, then cappucino, and berry crunch last (its quite sweet!)

    My fav shake is the coffee one. I buy the mixed flavour boxes so I dont get bored.

    shake for breakfast, bar for lunch and chicken tenderloin and salad for dinner. :) im a year post op btw but have had stalled weightloss for a while now, just needed a kickstart.

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  6. I have trouble eating too quickly too. I think it helps to not eat anything with your hands. If I have a wrap, sandwich or burger I tend to gobble it much quicker than if im eating a salad with a fork. Likewise if it is TOO hot, I tend to swallow it quickly without chewing enough if its really hot. That never ends well.

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  7. I made a yummy chocolate zucchini bread this week. Its a healthy version and incredibly moist. I made it because the health food shop that stocks that brownie mix i mention was out, so i made this as an alternative. Even my hubby will eat a piece with a coffee, and my toddler LOVES it. Recipe:

    1 1/4 cups almond meal

    1/4 cup cacao powder

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    2 large eggs

    2 tablespoons coconut oil

    1/4 cup honey

    1/4 teaspoon of liquid stevia

    1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence

    1 whole zucchini grated

    Combine the 4 dry ingredients in bowl or food processor.

    Add the eggs, honey, stevia, vanilla and combine.

    Stir in grated zucchini last.

    Pour into a prepared (greased and lined) loaf tin and bake at 180 degrees for 40mins.

    MY NOTES: I didnt have coconut oil so I just used rice bran oil in its place. I also added a little bit of rum extract. Give the grated zucchini a squeeze to get the excess water out before adding to the mixture. Remember that it doesnt have sugar but does have honey so still be wary of some calories. Next time im going to get some Agave instead of using honey, which is low GI. Cut it up into small squares and store in an airtight container. :)

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  8. I don't even know what my surgeons goal weight for me is, and I haven't even set my ideal weight as I don't know what size I'll be when I get there. I would like to be a size 12 (10 if I'm lucky), so whatever weight I am when I get there. I'll re-evaluate when things get closer.

    thats how im doing it. I wanted to get into a size 12-14, I told myself id be happy just to get there. Now im here and I still want to lose weight, another 10kg, which im thinking might got me to a size 10-12?

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  9. Well, the proverbial spanner has fallen into the works. My caterer passed away last night from a heart attack. Really feeling for her family and friends!!!!! It won't be too hard to find another caterer for my wedding, but they can't replace he in their lives! :(

    oh no!! Thats terrible

  10. Sorry, tough love response....

    Unfortunately only YOU can stop what you put into your mouth. Make sure you're drinking lots in between, it will help keep you full. Otherwise you just need to use your surgery as motivation. Its a lot of money to blow if he goes in and cant place your band because of an enlarged liver. Its only two weeks of your life, if you cant control yourself for 2 weeks, you're going to struggle afterwards with your long term diet control. Im not trying to be mean, just giving you a kick up the bum :) keep vegetable snacks handy. Im doing opti atm (im 1 year post band but just doing it for a few weeks). Im eatings carrots and hunks of cucumber in between shakes/meals. If you only have shakes, get some bars. They keep me fuller than shakes and its nice to have something to chew on.

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  11. Buy some sugar free chocolate from the health isle at woolies, melt it down and dip some almonds in them. Put them on a tray in the fridge and bag them once theyve set. Chocolate and protein. :)

    Another healthy dessert snack im enjoying atm is chopped strawberries with a small drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup.

    I also get a brownie-mix packet from the local health food shop that is sugar and gluten free. Im not sure about the calories, but I doubt they would be too high. A small piece of this satisfies my chocolate craving, but without all the sugar, it doesnt trigger my sugar addiction and 1 or 2 is enough.

    otherwise you could buy chocolate optifast bars, cut one up into little pieces and put in a ziplock bag for snacking? Im doing optifast atm and im really loving the chocolate ones!! :)

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  12. My confession is I ate a Sara Lee frozen cheese cake in 2 days by myself until I felt sick each time ...why...because I bought it and kept thinking about it until it was all gone !....learnt a lesson that I just can't have that stuff in the house no more I was home alone and have no self control over cheese cake ... Haha :-)


    my other weakness is the chocolate bavarians! (or those cheesecakes). i'm ashamed to say that if i space it out and eat nothing else, i can (and have in the past) eaten a whole one in a day. I havent bought one for a long time, and i dont intend to. unless my hubby is home, because i dont do these disgusting things when he is around.

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  13. Clothes is at the top of my list atm. I have 1 bra. Yes...1. I just bought some op shop clothes because I just literally had NOTHING to wear.

    reward yourself with an experience you havent had in a long time, or ever. For my birthday this year, my hubby booked me to go horse riding :) it was technically a birthday gift but it was on my reward list cuz I havent had the courage to get on a horse in years.

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