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  1. I try not to look at my weight as a surprise. I have never been teased severely because of my weight because i dont let them get to me. In the past, at school, if somebody ever said i was fat, i just said "yeah? How observant you are?". I dont get deeply insulted because it is a fact. I AM obese, i know that. And if I can see it in the mirror, i expect other people to notice. Dont get me wrong, its not nice, or polite to point it out to somebody but it is reality. But you can be proud of yourself that you've made the choice to change for the better. And as somebody said, you can lose weight, but its a lot harder for people to change their nasty personality flaws

  2. When I tried losing weight with shakes, I was using the Fat Blaster ones. I found that if you pick sweet flavours like banana and strawberry, you get sick of them very quickly. Once I'm banded, or dieting pre-band, I'll have to keep several flavours on hand at once to mix them up. I love coffee flavoured anything. :) I like banana, but got sick of the sweetness very quickly.