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  1. For our bombonnieres, I have ordered 50 engraved pens (for the men) and 50 silk fans (for the ladies). Practical, pretty and easy in a short time frame. Anything particularly time consuming isn't going to work for us because we are both working full time, I am in the middle of reporting and end of year presentation night preparation plus having to move house, then we have family Christmases. Essentially, there will be two weeks between us finishing work and the wedding!

    I think pens and fans would be great. I think its good to give either edible or practical favours like that :)

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  2. I think everyone says wedding favours because bonbonaires are too hard to spell lol. Im doing little glass jars with peronsalised rock candy inside (has our names on them)

    haha yeh I always forget how to spell it :P (at the moment), im planning to bake shortbread in heart shapes, half dipped in chocolate, in cello bags with ribbon etc. Something homemade :) thats the plan anyway. This shortbread is legendary in my family (recipe passed down 2 generations) and I normally only make it at christmas, so it should be good.

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  3. Grab some sugarfree chocolate from the health isle at woolies :) its more expensive so you're less likely to scoff it, and without the sugar, ive noticed I dont have the sane kind of addiction and compulsion to keep eating it :)

    MY addiction: melting moments and lattes. Every time I go shopping, it triggers a desire to stop in a coffee shop for coffee/cake etc. I just love it. Ive been abstaining lately though and the longer I go without it, the easier it is to say no :)

  4. And my weight loss is explained by my healthy eating (rarely would they ever see me eat something not healthy) and my boot camp lol. So I'm certain no one here suspects me.

    so true. I think the easiest way to be a secret bander is just to eat healthy around other people. If they only see eating "treat food" and still losing weight, it would make people suspicious of an eating disorder or something. I only drink water when all my inlaws have softdrink, they dont even offer it to me anymore, and I do my best to eat the salad and vegetables on the table over anything else. As far as they know, im just trying to eat well. :)

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  5. I made up a spreadsheet in excel, everytime I spend money for the wedding, wether its a dress payment, venue fee or just buying the stamps to mail invitations, EVERY expense goes into my spreadsheet and at the end it calculates exactly what has been spent, by who etc..

    Bandetto: my dad had a beautiful wedding in Fiji a year ago, and managed to do it all (flights, accomodation, ceremony) for around $5000? Plus spending money of course. :) destination weddings are great, we almost did it. But you have to be prepared that some people you might REALLY want there, wont be able to go. We werent prepared to have any of our family miss out so we're doing it here.

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  6. We're paying for as much as we can but our parents are contributing. Dad gave us 5, daniels parents around the same, and my mum who has no money wanted to pay for my dress/outfit. We knew that we wouldnt be able to pay for it ourselves, so we simply asked our parents if there was anything that they would like to, or be willing to help with, but that we didnt expect them to pay anything more than they could afford to contribute.

    ive been fat forever. I was too self conscious to go to my school formal, parties and even my highschool graduation (skirt was involved). I didnt have a big 18th or a 21st, I even missed my own baby shower because i was being induced that day! Ive missed out of lots of those important celebrations in my life, so I think I deserve to have one day to wear a pretty dress and really celebrate with everyone I love. I dont mind spending do much money on one day, I couldnt justify, nor afford a $40,000 wedding, but now that I understand more about what things cost, I can understand how it adds up! We're scrimping on a lot of things we want to be able to afford something that will be beautiful and memorable as well as affordable.

  7. Ceremony (set up and venue fee): $600 ish

    Reception (including bar tab): $7000

    Dress (and veil): $1900

    Bridesmaids: $200 (plus accessories)

    Groomsmen: 200 ish? (Paid for their own suits)

    Flowers (fake): $600

    Decor: $1000

    Photographer: $1900

    Videographer: $1000

    Music (ceremony & reception): $700

    Cake: $500

    Makeup (5 people): $150

    Hair (4 people): $250?

    Rings: so far just the cost to resize and dip in white gold. Engagement ring will need replacing though...maybe $1600?

    Invitations (homemade): $150

    Favours: $100? (Homemade & edible)

    A lot of my prices are very modest. SHOP AROUND, have meetings and view their work. I think we've done really well. But there are always lots of little costs and thats where the cost really adds up and surprises you. Gifts, decorations, pre-wedding events.

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  8. After being fitted I only was weighed at the and I haven't weighed myself in a year. For me I exercise hard and the skins getting looser so that all I need to know.

    Hey, whats an OCD person?

    OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Not sure if the people in this thread actually have it or are just using it to describe their repetitive weighing/graphing :)

  9. I found this post really interesting, I haven't counted calories since being banded. My surgeon and dietician both said to eat normal foods and of course much less so now I happily eat nothing lite or diet.

    I started out counting calories but im just too lazy to keep it up. I do tend to stick to skim and lite versions of things, as well as sugarfree if I can. But I think its just common sense, naturally a piece of chocolate cake will have more calories than a handful of strawberries etc. Unfortunately common sense doesnt always win in the daily food battle.

  10. I personally dont think its healthy to weigh more than once a day, but thats just my own opinion. (Please dont take it offensively).

    I usually weigh once a week or atm im doing optifast so I am weighing every morning. I dont really keep a record of my weightloss, just pictures every 8 -10kg or so. Sometimes if I know I have been eating badly I will avoid the scales for a week or two but then I know I need to do it and check the damage before it gets too out of control. I also attribute my massive weight gain to avoiding scales, mirrors, photos. Have to KNOW your weight in order to control it.

    I do think photos are a great way to document progress, but I just rely on knowing my start weight and current weight. Thats enough for me. I also never took any measurements.