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  1. I'm still here too. I read more than I post now. I think now I'm finding that I've learnt a lot about my body and about what works for me to lose weight, and unfortunately when im not losing or worse, gaining, I know why that is too. Its because I'm not doing the right thing.


    Plus there are a lot of "newbie" questions which aren't really relevant to me any more, so I tend to read the NSV's and the get it off your chest threads. :)

    I try to offer encouragement where I can but I just assume somebody else who knows more than me will help out with those newbie questions. :)

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  2. I made this soup today and it is delicious. Just experimenting in the kitchen I came up with this low cal soup that should be fine on the pre-op diet.

    1 head cauliflower, roughly chopped.

    2 carrots, chopped.

    6 button mushrooms, roughly sliced.

    1 brown onion, roughly diced.

    1 sachet french onion soup mix.

    1 sachet cream of chicken soup mix.

    Just throw it all in a big pot and add enough water to just cover the vegetables. Cover and bring to a boil for 10 minutes, then reduce heat and simmer until all veggies are soft enough the blend together.

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  3. Pre-surgery I wore a size 18/22 - I have lost 15kgs and still wearing the same clothes. A lady at work was very surprised when she asked me if I had dropped 2 sizes because I have lost 15kgs and 10cms on my stomach and I said no not really. But, my clothes are a lot looser. I dont like wearing tight clothes, but at what point do you stop buying (or wearing) baggy clothes?? LOL

    Theres a fine line between "tight" and "fitted". I find i feel more comfortable wearing "fitted" clothing when im layering. Bit of a safety barrier lol. Hard as it can be, i think ditching the really baggy stuff for those more fitted ones are important. You will notice your shape changing much quicker when you can see it. Baggy clothes will only make you look larger. You just have to make the change from covering what you're ashamed of, to showing off what you're now proud of :)

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  4. Hi, I am about 7 weeks banded & have started to have what I can only call "flutters". Similar to the feeling of pregnancy flutters/kicks/movement. It is in my lower abdomen, near my hips & I can only assume lower than the actual band. Has anyone else had this. For the record I am not pregnant :)

    Have you been pregnant before? I do get these, have since my son was born. I assume its just a nerve twitching lol.

  5. Finally went and spent some money on some clothes for myself. Granted i havent even bought a quarter of the things i need, but i made a start.

    Went to savers and bought some "house" clothes, 2 pairs of track pants and a hoodie jacket. Also got two really nice pairs of jeans. All up i think i got about 10 items and spent $66.

    Then i went to Target in search of a nice cardigan. After 2 rounds of the store i finally found what i was after in the maternity section, and that one item cost $50. Im really hating the current fashion, nothing is flattering for my body shape; its all high necklines and horrible.

    but a win for the second-hand jeans. They look brand new and make my butt look awesome

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  6. Just thought I'd share the tattoo i've designed for myself, using bits and pieces of separate tats and incorporating them together.


    The pocketwatch will have my son's time of birth in it. :)


    I'm saving this design for when I reach 70kg and not before. I'm still about 10kg off and I'd like to get there before the end of the year, so I know I need to work hard!


    And I agree about being careful where you get a tattoo BEFORE massive weightloss. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body, if you really want one on your ribs or hips, wait until you have lost the weight and had any reconstructive surgery, THEN get it. Don't "settle" and put a tattoo somewhere else just because its something you can do now. You need to be REALLY SURE about the design and position of a tattoo before getting it. I have one on my forearm that I got when I was 18, and now i think it's the stupidest tattoo and positioning ever. But I got it there because I was a big girl and I wasnt comfortable showing any other part of my body to the tattoo artist. Big mistake. Its not really that bad, just a little tribal butterfly that i get a lot of compliments on. I just wish it was somewhere else.


    Me? I'd love one around my hip area but know that I will need to have a tummy tuck first. I'm not at goal and still a few kids away from a tummy tuck so it will be a long time before I do that. But I'm planning to use a tattoo to cover the scar from a tummy tuck :) and like-wise for arm scars - i want an arm lift and I hate the giant scars so I would probably have a tattoo to cover the scar underneath, provided it's possible to tattoo over scar tissue....


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