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  1. It's just a personal choice and finding I'm eating less red meat and the white meat. But I still love my seafood especially salmon â˜ºï¸ But I know I must replace the meat with protein enriched foods

    I personally think it would be very difficult to go vegan and still be getting the amount of protein that a bandit/sleever needs. Its definitely your own personal choice but id encourage you to consult your dietician and see if they can help you with correct meal plans that can give you everything you need on a vegan diet :)

    I dont understand why anybody would go vegan lol but all the best of luck if thats what you want :)

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  2. Lol i used to make jokes like that too, i think a lot of overweight people do, almost to just let other people know that it hasnt escaped our knowledge that yes, we do actually know we're fat, so you dont need to point it out for us.

    But i think we underestimate how uncomfortable it makes other people because they dont know how to react. I hate when my husband says it about himself, even though i know he has developed a belly since we've been together. Even as a former (and still a bit) fat person, i dont like hearing it either.

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  3. Looks yum! I am too lazy though, grating pumpkin? aint nobody got time for that ahahah

    I need to get a decent food processor!

    Haha im old fashioned :P whilst learning to cook through my teen years, we never had many fancy kitchen appliances so i just learnt to do it all by hand. I still font have a food processor, its on my want list but i think im too lazy to get it out, use and clean after anyway. :P

  4. Haha i'm in again. I will be weighing tomorrow morning to see how much i DIDN'T lose lol. But again, whatever the outcome, I'll be aiming for a 2kg loss for the month of June.

    My 2 year anniversary for banding will be in November. Ive come to accept that i may never get down to my goal of 60kg. I think its probably unrealistic for me to maintain. But I would love to get down to my surgeon's goal of 69 by then if possible. With Winter here, I'm going to have to reeeeeeally want it!!

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  5. Three separate people today have told me I am looking thin,fading away and vanishing. At still over 100kg I don't feel thin, but I'll take the compliments!


    When you've been morbidly obese for many years, one of the hardest things is taking a well-intentioned compliment. :)

    Its an art to master.

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  6. haha dont be scared! unless you have dodgey outlets, there's nothing to worry about. i'll admit, i dont work so i dont leave it on whilst im out ALL day. But i will leave it on while i run a few errands or go shopping. :) just leave it on a bench, in the middle, away from the wall and dont have anything on the bench too close to it. its fiiiiine :)

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  7. That's a pretty thorough list!


    Dreading summer and avoiding hot climates where you will be forced to strip down or worry about where to find air conditioning!


    Online dating. I'm now very happily married but back when I was at my largest, I met my partner online and my biggest fear was "send me a picture" and that day I got off the plane to visit him wondering "what if he doesn't like me anymore when he sees me?".

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