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  1. Hi, I am pleased that I found this thread. I have the support of the friends that I have told, but my family and my partner are dead against it. They say they will support me though, but in the mean time they are hell bent on convincing me otherwise!!!


    My mother said to me that if I go back to weight watchers that her and Dad will pay for me to have cosmetic surgery afterwards. How is that for being in the grieving stage - bargaining!!!


    My partner, bless him, is I think having thoughts about himself and his own weight issues and wants me to just give it one more go. I am not in that place anymore, I am at the place where this is the 'one more go'.


    It is so upsetting. Ever since I have told my family I done nothing but cry everytime I speak to them, because they try to talk me out of it! As if it didn't take  a hell of a lot of courage to make a decision like this.


    I am due to be sleeved in July sometime.




    if this is the situation, i would say to them that you don't want to discuss it with them anymore because you aren't getting the support you need. Be firm and final about it. "I appreciate your concern, but I am doing this on this date. If you don't want to be supportive about it, then I'm not discussing it with you any more."

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  2. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for his advice, but it is just that. Advice. If you really think you want all the fill removed, have it removed.


    If it was me, I would start with removing half the fill. :) But if you've hit a wall and you cant get past it, and you're throwing up all the time, starting over sounds like a good idea to me. What does your doctor say when you tell him you're so restricted you cant eat solids and you're regurgitating everything. this is not what the band is designed for and HE should recognise that you need to have fill removed.

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  3. I just want that feeling of seeing the scales go down every week. i dont care if its 200g or 2kg....just down again. I miss when I was newly banded and the weight dropped off so easily. :(


    I know that it's up to me now to do the rest of the work and after such a long break from "maintaing" for my wedding, eating whatever I wanted, its really hard to get back into my weightloss plan. But I'm trying! This week's challenge will be to keep it up whilst my hubby is home. I tend to show my love with food lol, and I tend to want to cook him something spectacular. Need some spectacularly healthy meal plans!

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  4. Sometimes it does. I have a point on the scales that is my 'trigger' to become vigilant again so I don't slowly regain weight. I'm finding I fall within about a two kilo buffer range and I am happy with that.

    Having said that I have found it very easy to slip back into old bad habits. I will always have to watch my weight, always.

    I met my scale trigger the other day. Actually i was 2kg over my trigger weight lol. So it was the push i needed to be focussing on my body again.

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  5. Im far from my ideal weight but i would assume that if you take your band out ehen you reach goal, you are going to regain your weight.

    Remember the band isnt just about teaching you to eat smaller portions. It actually tricks your brain into thinking you arent hungry. If this comes out, you will feel hungry and eat more again.

    If i ever reach my goal, i'll be leaving my band as it is for a while until i know i can maintain it for a year

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  6. I was doing so well until last night. Made myself steamed fish and vegetables for dinner, but knowing my fussy toddler wouldnt eat that i made him some fish fingers and mac'n'cheese. Needless to say i ended up eating mac'n'cheese as well and then we shared an easter egg lol. FAIL. This is what happens when you dont plan meals ahead.

    Anyhoooo. Minor setback. Have taken all the chocolate from the pantry and put it away in spare room out of site. Will extend my walk this morning and get on the exercise bike later to help burn off some of those extra calories consumed.

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  7. Already just from making a few changes in 2 days I've gone from 80.6kg to 78.9kg which is great. I know its probably just water weight but its still the encouragement I need to persevere. Theres nothing more disheartening than killing yourself trying, to see no results.

    Just enjoying a hot soy coffee before i get dressed and get out in the cold for a walk.

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  8. Both my dietitian and surgeon told me we are not to eat the slim foods because we are no longer dieting.

    I just eat the every day normal healthy foods and of course a lot less so why would we need the slim.diet foods.

    That's fine for you. Some of us ARE still dieting. Until i reach a weight I'm happy with, and learn how to maintain it, I will always be "dieting" or watching my carb intake at the very least.

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  9. Sitting on the floor at work today and realised I am sitting cross legged. Last couple of years I've had to sit with my legs straight out in a V shape... and I can cross them if I am lounging back in a chair. Never been able to cross them in a chair...


    i was so happy when i could finally cross my legs in a chair! Except my chiropractor has been telling me off for doing it, because it's something that triggers my lower back pain. its soooo comfortable to sit with my legs crossed like that, but it really does affect my back later on.. :(


    that and my (low) heeled boots. Need to buy some flat ones for winter.

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  10. I'm starting the day off with a BIG glass of water and a walk :)


    Then I'm off to do the food shopping and stock up on chicken tenderloins, steamfresh fish portions and lots of vegetables.


    I really do need to get some coffee protein shakes for breakfasts though because i'm not keen on having to cook protein all the time first thing in the morning and baked beans get old after a week or so lol.

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  11. RIGHT...


    I haven't seen any challenges of late, and I'm in desperate need of a post-easter challenge.


    A few months ago, I had made it to 75kg. After my wedding, and Easter, I'm back up to 80kg!


    This is just not good enough. I know I've been eating anything and everything (within my band's limits). My portions have grow a bit, I've stopped exercising (yep its gettin cold again..)


    I'm going to set myself a challenge for the month of May to get back down to 77kg. That's 3kg to lose by the end of May. I don't think that's unrealistic, and if I do lose more, then that's great. As it's not actually May yet, I'm just starting early, no point leaving it til May to gain even more weight.


    Starting Today:

    - I went for a walk down at the beach. Wasn't long, but it is a start.

    - Have gone back to lowering my carb intake, little to no milk (or almond milk) in coffees, stevia instead of sugar, veggies and protein only after 10am.

    - Organised a friend to watch my son so I can go to Zumba tomorrow night.

    - Put all the Easter chocolate away out of sight!!

    - Lots of water, and no snacking.

    - Portioning and tracking my food again with measuring cups.

    - Bringing my exercise bike back inside to get on every night for at LEAST 20mins (slowly increasing time).


    Who's with me? What's your challenge and what are you doing to help you get there?

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