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  1. Im a sugar addict too. Ive been indulging in the lead up to my wedding and now that its over, im trying to reign it back in and get back to my healthy regime, which is failing with Easter being this week. Chocolate and hot cross buns have been sneaking in. once easter is over with, i will be getting rid of any leftover chocolate and re-starting my exercise. My new goal for this year is to fall pregnant with our 2nd baby and I want to be as healthy as possible. So before i put something into my mouth (food, caffeine, alcohol), im asking myself (is this going to help my chances of conceiving?).

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  2. WE DID IT! We survived the day. :) Had a few hiccups at the ceremony and the DJ was a little clumsy with the MC duties, but it wasnt enough to dampen my day. I had an amazing time and was sad on Sunday when it was all over. I will post some photos when i get them back :)

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  3. So getting married saturday (tomorrow now as its just after midnight). I have been super stressed to the max, very emotional and run off my feet from 7am to late every night. Im laying in bed waiting for my hubby to stumble in after his buck's party. Hes been out all day and i know hes very very drunk so im a little nervous about what condition he"ll be in as we have a lot to do in the morning.

    No matter how organised you are, there are always last minute jobs that keep you super busy!!

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  4. Ive been banded for over a year and i still struggle! Today we had subway for the first time in...well since my banding! And i was starving so of course took the biggest first bite, barely chewed at all and swallowed a huge lump of bread, salad and meatball! I spent the next 5 minutes trying not to throw it all back up at the table and had to go home to attempt any more. Once i slowed down and chewed properly it was fine, no more stuck moments. 1 strategy is not to eat with your hands...anything you can pick up, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizza etc....i always tend to eat much faster. So i try to eat things with cutlery.

  5. 1 more week until my wedding!! My mum has arrived in town and we've been running around non stop for 2 days. im already exhausted. she keeps trying to think about new things to add to the decor and im like...enough mum, im happy with it how it is!! I think sometimes the mums get so caught up with the picture that THEY have for their daughter's wedding that they don't stop to actually think about what THE DAUGHTER might have envisioned for their own wedding. our ideas of "pretty" and "elegant" are quite different.


    anyway, we've not been without a few dramas but im beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. if my mum can just calm the heck down and stop wanting to spend more money i think we'll all be fine.

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  6. I font feel hungry but i do try to eat as soon as possible after waking, when i feed my toddler. Just to get that metabolism started. I also find it helps me drink more water in the morning too and im just trying to introducing drinking a glass of water before allowing myself a cuppa. Otherwise ill drink coffe, tea etc and mot plain water during the day

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  7. I havent read the article but i love my band. theres no way i would have been able to keep off 30kg in the past, let alone lose it in the first place.

    I dont have any issues with my band unless i eat too fast.Some foods that are particularly doughy or sticky like pasta and cake sometimes cause a problem but ONLY if im eating too quickly. It really is an art to eat slowly and carefully after a lifetime if inhaling food.

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  8. When i catch myself being judgemental about other big people (their food choices, clothing or exercise habits), or when i wonder why they havent thought about a lap band..... i remind myself that "they're just not ready yet".

    It took a long time of being judged by others and more importantly, by myself, before i was ready to make the commitment to bettering my health and appearance. Other people may choose to pursue that, they may not. But they have to be ready. Some people simply arent ready yet. One of the hardest things to do is to admit you need help.

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    the lasered CD favor




    We did them ourselves! My husband went out and bought a Lightscribe external drive. It cost about $70/$80 at Officeworks but maybe could find one on gumtree/ebay? I can't vouch for how easy the software is but it took him one or two evenings to burn all the songs onto them, design the image and then laser etch them with the image. The CDs were just cheap normal ones and I ordered purple CD sleeves online.



    We have decided that we want to send out CDs with songs from our wedding as our Thankyous. We will use our wedding photos for the CD cover but I would really love to have one photo lasered onto the discs like this? Does anybody know where I can pay to have this done or do I really need to buy the drive and do it myself lol....which im open to doing if I have to. But I'd rather just pay for them to get done elsewhere. :)

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  10. In the last week ive had a bridesmaid and our MC drop a month out from our wedding.

    Luckily they were both able to be replaced quickly but it hasnt been without a little stress. Shopping for wedding items with my hubby is a nightmare as he is so indecisive and things get done so much quicker if i just do it myself lol. A tad worried we are going to struggle to pay all our vendor balances but i know our parents will help more if necessary.

    Needless to say, the last month sucks.

  11. I didnt procrastinate about my banding. I wanted it done asap. I know how you feel about food but let me tell you that when you lose that weight, food will no longer be the only thing that you enjoy. Being thinner does not solve all your problems, but it certainly has made me much happier, more energetic and helped me participate in LIFE more. I still love food. I will always love food. But i now also love clothes shopping, exercising, going out, summer!

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  12. My portion sizes were simply too big, although I didnt feel like they were that unhealthy. Although looking back now, I did (and still do) have a tendancy to want carbohydrates. I loved pasta, bread, potatoes etc.


    I'm more than a year banded and I have fallen into old habits with the stress of my pending wedding. I have regained about 3-4kg. Not much in the big scheme of things, but im incredibly frustrated with myself. this will always be a battle for me, headwise. My portion sizes have changed dramatically, but i'll always be watching what i put into my mouth.

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  13. ive just been walking. i did an hour walk pushing my toddler in the pram this morning. i also have an exercise bike i can park in front of the tv if the weather is crap :) watching tv while you do it makes the time go much quicker, especially if you try to last the duration of a half hour episode :)